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Christina’s Name Day on the Church Calendar — how to celebrate correctly

Angelina Christina’s Day in the Church Calendar

When, according to the church calendar, the name of Christina:

  • August 6 — Christina of Tire, martyr;
  • February 19 — Christina Caesarean, martyr;
  • March 26 — Christina the Persian, martyr.

Christina's Name Day on the Church Calendar - how to celebrate correctly

Characteristics of the birthday of Christina

If we turn to the ancient Greek language, then this name is interpreted as «dedicated to Christ.» This girl is really very kind and gentle, she can not be compared with other children, she absolutely does not like to rage and, if possible, avoids contact with other children. who constantly, in her opinion, allow themselves too much.

She uses the same category for different people, which even stresses psychologists if they work with Christina.

Since childhood, interesting talents have appeared, she draws well, tries to show kindness to almost every creature of God, because any creature is worthy of condescension. Even such a proud person like Christina.

Her talent manifests itself in very early childhood, and the abilities necessary for distributing and receiving profit from talent are manifested. Christina is gradually becoming a very catchy girl, a little impudent, knows where to push.

The psychology of Christina is quite interesting and original, it can become a problem for a person who is trying to get close to the young lady.

She is really friendly with the book, drawing some experience from every book she reads. She recognizes that all experience has long been accumulated in the consciousness of humanity, the invaluable experience recorded in books should not be ignored.

Christina's Name Day on the Church Calendar - how to celebrate correctly

Relationship with people

When Christina finally realizes that only the world’s own efforts cannot be rectified, she will try to create a closed world, a kind of confined space in which her real feelings will be sharpened, and where it’s impossible for people who are constantly trying to hurt other people. Kristya is extremely susceptible to this, as is her patroness.

Christina is one of the most beautiful girls on earth, and she is aware of this magnificent gift. In fact, she always knows perfectly well how to properly prioritize and critical thinking about it.

She may have a lot of fans, but she is not as relaxed as possible, she constantly uses various techniques in order to abstract from these people, who take time and opportunity from her, she constantly goes on the same path.

She is really “dedicated to Christ,” and she knows perfectly well that good fortune always accompanies this girl. For her, it is not so important how people relate to her, she has her own opinion on everything, and if people prefer to treat her in whatever way, then it means there are reasons for this, and you shouldn’t argue with them.

This attitude forms in this girl a very wise worldview.

Christina's Name Day on the Church Calendar - how to celebrate correctly

The girl, as already mentioned, is extremely talented. And she can make a career in this field, because Christine makes excellent workers in the creative field. She knows perfectly well how to work with human feelings, uses various techniques to manipulate, approximately knowing the psychology of those people to whom she directs the impact.

Compromises for the girl are inapplicable, she does not even want to think that everything is not the way she wants, wants only a better life for herself.

Not only about herself, nevertheless, the girl thinks. Mutual understanding is also important for her in the external sphere, he wants all people to live in harmony and for all people to create good living conditions. That is why you should appreciate the birthday girl.

At baptism, of course, it is necessary to choose your patroness, and it is extremely important that the character and behavior of the conditional patron be similar to the behavior of the girl herself, otherwise the harmony will inevitably be disturbed.

Applies here and such a thing as «mutual aid». Christina understands perfectly well that if she does good to other people, she can succeed, in the end she will become a wonderful person in the eyes of this particular subject, and he, in turn, will be able to help her in some matter.

In this regard, Christina manifests the nature of a psychologist, not a simple girl.

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