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Characteristics of the name: how to properly name your child

Characteristics of the name: learn how to properly name your baby

Can the characterization of the name have a significant impact on a person and his fate, or is it all a self-suggestion? Is it true that the name imposes a serious imprint on its owner / possessor, changing the character and behavior of a person in one direction or another?

You can find answers to these and many other questions from this material.

Characteristics of the name: how to properly name your child

How does a name affect a person’s life?

It’s no secret that the fate of every child is greatly influenced by his parents. In the process of selecting a name for their child, the members of the gens convey a kind of message relating to their future.

Do you know who initiated the selection of your name personally? Were all the relatives satisfied with this choice, or did the father (or, on the contrary, the mother) insist on this decision more?

What other names did your relatives offer? Do you have people in your family who bore your name?

Having found information on these issues, you will be able to reveal for yourself that the selection of your name was not at all accidental and it represents the history of your family clan. And, therefore, has a very strong impact on your destiny.

The choice of the name of the newborn always happens in different ways, but it differs in some common features. Next we will deal with the most common variants of name selection.

For the sake of tradition

It often happens that the parents give their child the name of someone from the family members, even if he has already died long ago. In some situations, this is provoked by the usual coincidence of circumstances, in some others — an agreement between the mother and father, and often — is a long-established and unchanged decision.

How similar option would be acceptable for the baby? Bearing the name of one of his relatives, he will be more acutely feeling his attitude to the family, a specific family.

It will be easier for the baby to accept his future, it will be clearer to him. In addition, he will feel protected from his parents and other relatives, regardless of whether they live or have already died.

The world of the child, who was named after a relative, is an amazing and harmonious place. He will not have to face further the questions: “What is family?”, Because in practice he already understood what “ideal home” is.

Among the shortcomings of this method of naming is a tradition, an adamant canon, when the kid is forced to “resemble” a member of the gens, who lived a prosperous life. In this case, the child in the future will be difficult to self-realize and establish himself as a person.

It is also worth refusing this method when parents and other relatives lack agreement in life. Then the child is shown an example of an unsuccessful family, which is fraught with his own insecurity, adventurism and irresponsibility.


Chaotically, the name for a baby is chosen mainly in those types of families where traditions are not very respected. Then the name is chosen according to the “like or dislike” method. A randomly chosen name will help the child to better self-actualize, but at the same time the child will lack a sense of belonging to the family clan, clan.

Then a person who accidentally chooses a name for him will strongly influence the child.

Name in honor of the parent

There are also cases when parents give their children their own names. Moreover, when there is such a family tradition, the child will inherit the transfer of family values.

But if they do not have any value here, then we can talk about the narcissism of the mother with the father. In this case, the baby will not have the opportunity to self-actualize, he will strive to resemble his parent in everything.

Characteristics of the name: how to properly name your child

Character named person

It’s no secret that the name greatly affects the character and fate of the child. In the modern world, the tradition of giving names with non-Russian origin is popular.

Most of today’s names are the result of various historical intricacies, mixing races and cultures of nations.

Now even Orthodox parents do not hesitate to give Jewish, Catholic, Muslim names to their children, and also actively use pagan, South and East Slavic, Scandinavian and Celtic names. In national names today is much more borrowed than the original.

Of course, few people are interested in the origin and characterization of the name. It is much more important that the name could help a person in life and be pleasant in his pronunciation.

In most cases, the process of selecting a name occurs intuitively, when a person completely trusts the voice of his heart.

There are cases when two people with the same name have many common features of character and even a similar appearance. Of course, heredity, the date of birth and the process of upbringing, greatly influence the character, but the name is also not in last place in the process of personality formation.

Why does the name affect the fate of a person?

Further we will try to explain for what reasons the proper name has such a strong influence on a person’s life.

Thanks to the sound characteristic

The combination of sounds in names has a very important role. If the way your name sounds harmonizes with internal rhythms and will cause various positive emotions in your subconscious, plus you will like it — you have greater chances to achieve happiness and success than when you feel a sense of discomfort, each time saying your name .

That is why psychology experts recommend not to be afraid of paperwork and be sure to engage in changing the name to the one that you like.

Characteristics of the name: how to properly name your child

Thanks to historical roots

Each name has its own personal image, which was formed in the course of history. For example, the names of famous personalities cause people to associate with certain aspirations and achievements.

Knowing that his namesake performed various feats, a person becomes additionally self-confident and that he can do no worse.

After all, it is not by chance in royal families that the same names passed from one generation to another, and now children often receive their name in honor of some successful and famous person.

Due to national characterization

In most cases, when a person obtains his national name, it alone classifies it among the customs and culture of its people. But if you want your baby to be free to determine his national identity, we advise you to call him an international name (for example, Denis, Laura, and so on).

Hopefully, this article has made it a little easier for you to choose a name for your baby. Do not forget that the name will necessarily have a strong influence on the fate of the newborn, as well as on its character, therefore this process should be approached with all seriousness and responsibility.

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