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Characteristics of the name Ariana — their influence on life and destiny

How can the value of the name Ariana affect the fate and character of a person

The history of the origin of the name begins in ancient Greece. From the ancient Greek language, it translates as «sacred» or «immaculate», but was pronounced as Ariadne.

Suffering from the influence of time and cultures, which happens to almost all names, the name experienced some transformations and is used in our time in Russian as Ariana. The name is honored by both Orthodox and Catholics, for example, in France or in Italy.

In other languages

In European languages, the name is not common, but in the United States of America is very popular. In Italian it will be Arianna, in French — Ariane, in Spanish — Ariana, in Greek — Αριάδνη (Ariadni).

In the passport — ARIANA.

Characteristics of the name Ariana - their influence on life and destiny

All name forms

  • Full name — Ariana.
  • Abbreviated and affectionate forms named — Arianka, Ariannushka, Ariannochka, Ara, Arya, Riana Rina ,.
  • The name of the church calendar — Ariadne.

Character, temperament and fate

Ariana grows agile and briskly merry. She is always surrounded by a large number of friends and girlfriends.

Her upbringing is easy for her parents, because Arianka is an obedient and gentle girl, does not show hysteria and whims to her parents. She generally does not want to be the ringleader in the company, she does not like the role of a leader at all.

She does not like to conflict, and does not know how.

Despite the fact that she does not shine with school success and often escapes from lessons, she will learn basic information well and will not have problems in the future because of this. Ariana’s creativity is her strong point. She uses her rich imagination both at school, and at the university, and at work.

She develops such a fantasy thanks to the love of reading, especially adventure novels. She does not like helping around the house, so she may conflict with her mother because of this.

Even having matured, Arianka remains all the same impractical, in a good way. She devotes a lot of time to self-development. This easy-going girl loves to communicate, so it is easy to find many topics to communicate with others.

Loves to meet new people.

Ari has a strong active life position, which is complemented by cheerfulness and kindness. She wants to try to change people according to her principles. She certainly does not want to be a leader.

Everything in life she does with ease, without strain.

Ariana is touchy. Very worried about the criticism of her, even constructive.

But she is not offended for long and quickly forgets the insult. She prefers to deal with her own problems and does not shift them to others.

Characteristics of the name Ariana - their influence on life and destiny

She is at times overly malevolent and harsh. May laugh at the failure of the person, and close to her. If she does not like someone, she will not hide that she does not like him.

Although in general, she has a light temper. She radiates like a sunbeam a smile and light that can warm all the many friends who are around her.

Good health can she brag. However, due to its frivolity it can often forgive.

You need to be careful with your spine, legs and heart.

Arians work best in the creative profession. Although if her choice is not related to creativity, she will still apply it in her work.

She is very efficient, but she will not be able to sit in one place and do monotonous work. Such activity will bore her immediately.

She can build a good career in the field of educational work, leisure activities, or in the tourism business. In these types of activities can show all your flight of fantasy and craving for adventure.

Also can become a good vet. She loves animals very much and her soul hurts when she sees a lost kitten or a bird with a broken wing.

Family and relationships

To start a family Ariana is in no hurry. Until some time, she does not even imagine herself as an exemplary wife and mother, and she does not like to do household chores. Only when she meets a decent life partner, will she build a strong alliance.

The secret of family happiness Arianochka — mutual love and affection for each other. Such a marriage will endure any misfortune and hardship.

Ariana will be a caring mom for whom her children are the whole universe. She will bring them full personalities.

In the house of Ariana, the atmosphere is cheerful and harmonious.

Astrological characteristics

  • Planet — the sun.
  • Zodiac sign — Leo.
  • Name color — Yellow.
  • Stone — Amber.
  • Angel Day — December 11

Famous Arians

Famous Arians are mostly American celebrities: singers Grande, Rose and Greenbalt

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