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Arthur: the meaning of the name, origin, fate, character, mystery

The origin and meaning of the name Arthur, the character and fate of a man

Arthur is an international name, the first mention of which is found in Welsh sources. In the ranking of male names, popular in Russian families, the name Arthur occupies the 44th position.

It is especially common among the representatives of the Armenian diaspora.

A man has a strong will and shows restraint, self-control and courage in a difficult situation. Thanks to these qualities of character, he successfully overcomes obstacles in his path and achieves his goals in life.

Versions of the origin of the name:

  1. 1. According to the most common version, the name Arthur comes from the Celtic name «Arthur». The meaning of the name in Russian translation is “man-bear”.
  2. 2. There is an opinion that the name has Greek roots and is derived from the name of the star Arcturus, the transcript of the name — “guardian of the bear”.
  3. 3. The third theory says that the name was derived from the Latin word “artus”, its interpretation is “strength”, “power”.

Since there is no single version of the origin of the name, one cannot unambiguously answer the question of what nationality it belongs to. The name Arthur is common both among Christians and in Islam among Muslims living in Russia.

Full name: Arthur.

Forms of the name: Arturuk, Arthurk, Artyusha, Art.

Arthur: the meaning of the name, origin, fate, character, mystery

In childhood, Arthur is an obedient and calm boy. Relatives are very attached to the baby, so they surround him with love and care, which can later lead to the fact that he grows up as a stubborn and selfish person. Arthur is wounded and impressive, it is very easy to upset him.

Relatives should monitor the mood of the child and try not to give him reasons for grief. One of the qualities that most clearly characterize Arthur’s personality is dreaminess.

Therefore, since childhood, he loves to plunge into his fantasies and dream of the future.

For a boy, an important stage in his life is enrollment in school. During this period, his character undergoes changes under the influence of peers and teachers.

Such qualities as quick temper, stubbornness and impulsivity begin to manifest. Such changes are connected with the fact that it is very difficult for him to adapt to his studies and find a common language with his classmates. However, despite the lack of success in school, Arthur is a favorite with many teachers.

He is respected for his intelligence and decency.

With age, the inconsistency in the character of Arthur is becoming increasingly apparent. It combines such features as self-discipline and temper, prudence and impulsivity, good nature and aggressiveness. Only a few manage to accept him as he is, so he has few friends.

He surrounds himself with like-minded people with whom he can share his interests and hobbies.

Positive traitsNegative qualities
  • Resourcefulness;
  • living mind;
  • good intuition;
  • self-discipline
  • Vanity;
  • stealth;
  • selfishness;
  • stubbornness

Arthur: the meaning of the name, origin, fate, character, mystery

In the life of Arthur, love occupies an important place. If he falls in love, he demonstrates loyalty and loyalty to his chosen one. He tenderly cares for the girl she likes and persistently gets her attention.

In adulthood, a man takes his choice of companion very seriously, as he is afraid of experiencing disappointment in love. The basis of a happy relationship for Arthur — trust.

He does not accept lies from the beloved and he will never allow himself to lie to her.

Intimate life is an important part of relationships for a man. In bed, he is a gentle and passionate lover, eager to please his partner.

Arthur chooses a life partner for a long time, because he believes in the institution of marriage and seeks to create a strong and happy family. The young man is attracted by beautiful feminine girls with a strong character. It is also important for him that his chosen one be economic, as he himself tries to avoid housework.

A man is a supporter of equal relations between spouses, so he does not try to take the place of a leader in the family. His wife can be sure that her lover will always listen to her opinion and will never disregard her advice.

Family — the main value in the life of Arthur. His fate will be happy if he can find and keep this gift. A man has a deep affection for his loved ones and does everything to make them happy.

His wife is support and support for a man; he sincerely believes that spouses should not have secrets from each other. Children are a source of happiness and inspiration for him.

Favorable compatibility in relations with:

The least likelihood of a strong relationship with:

Arthur: the meaning of the name, origin, fate, character, mystery

Arthur has good health, so he rarely complains about feeling unwell. In childhood, you may be bothered by colds, so special attention should be paid to the organs of the respiratory system.

It is necessary to avoid drafts and hypothermia.

In adulthood, an unhealthy diet can trigger digestive problems, so a man must give up harmful foods and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Arthur is an interesting versatile person. He is attracted to various activities aimed at the spiritual and physical development of the individual.

Since childhood, the boy has been keen on sports and has not stopped his studies even in adulthood. He likes boxing, martial arts and football.

A young man takes part in sports competitions with pleasure and always strives to improve his skills.

In adulthood, Arthur has a new passion — travel. He can spend hours discussing the tourist route with his family and choosing the sights that must be visited during the trip.

Through travel, a man knows the world around him and expands the horizons of his thinking.

Arthur has a predisposition to different types of activity, therefore, when choosing a future profession, he, as a rule, has difficulties. One of the key criteria for him is the amount of wages, so ultimately he prefers a prestigious profession that will bring high income.

Arthur will become a talented administrator, doctor, scientist, cook or artist.

At work, Arthur is valued for his intelligence, resourcefulness and sociability. He knows how to find a common language with people and easily overcomes the situation, even in the most difficult situations.

To achieve success, a man will have to overcome laziness and stubbornness, learn to treat his work responsibly.

Having your own business is a great opportunity for Arthur to discover his potential and ensure a comfortable life for himself and his family. A man is fortunate in business, so his business will flourish and bring good income.

Famous men named Arthur:

Famous peopleDescription
Arthur Conan DoyleEnglish doctor and writer. During his service as a military doctor during the Anglo-Boer War, Arthur Conan Doyle was knighted. The popularity of the author brought the story "Sign four"written by him in 1890. In the early 90s, collections of stories were published, telling about the adventures of the London detective Sherlock Holmes and his best friend Dr. Watson. Smart, elegant and ironic Sherlock Holmes won the love of readers all over the world and became the favorite literary hero of many generations
Arthur GrigoryanSoviet and Uzbek boxer. In 1991 he became a silver medalist at the World Boxing Championship in Sydney, in 1992 he won the CIS championship, a participant in the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Illustrious boxer awarded the honorary title of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR and Honored Athlete of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Arthur YusupovGerman, formerly Soviet, chess player. Winner of the First World Team Championship in the USSR team (1985). Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1987), Honored Coach of the International Chess Association (2005). Artur Yusupov is one of the founders of the Dvoretsky-Yusupov chess school, from which such famous chess players as Peter Svidler, Sergey Movsesian and Vadim Zvyagintsev

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