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Angelina: the meaning of the name for the girl, mystery, fate, character

Angelina: name for the girl, the characteristic, destiny and compatibility

The name Angelina is very harmonious, and in pronunciation it is associated with the image of an angel, therefore it has gained wide popularity. However, parents choosing a name for their daughter should not rely on such comparisons. Pop-up associations are far from reality.

The owners of the name are stubborn and irritable, they do not know how to fully open to another person. At the same time, their inner world is saturated with love, tenderness and harmony.

The history of the origin of the name Angelina originates in ancient Greece. The name comes from the Late Latino male Angelus, which, in turn, originates from the Greek "angelos"what means "the messenger" or "messenger"because the angels are the foreshadowing of good events and bring good news.

If you believe the ancient Greek myths, Angelina is one of the epithets that the gods Olympus, Zeus and Artemis called.

Subsequently, the name Angelina was widely used by Europeans, as a result of which such derived female names as Angela, Angelica, Angelina, and Angelina emerged.

In Russia, the name entered into circulation since the baptism of Russia and deciphered as "angel appearance". Later, it began to be translated as "messenger" or "messenger of God"by drawing parallels with the original Greek version.

Angelina is called at Baptism and those girls who at birth were called Angelica.

Some Russian researchers rank Engelin’s name as derived from the one under consideration, although it is most logical to link the origin of the latter with the country’s revolutionary history.

Angelina: the meaning of the name for the girl, mystery, fate, character

Angelina: the meaning of the name for the girl, mystery, fate, character

The patron saint of the name is Angelina Serbian (Brankovich). The saint was born in the Chernojevic dynasty and was married to Stefan Brankovich, famous for his fair character and firm character.

The couple had four children: two girls and two boys.

A lot of trials fell on the life of Angelina Serbian — the persecution of Vera, the death of her husband and the loss of children; but she remained human-loving, faithful to the Lord, and committed. In 1509, the saint accepted the angelic rank, and in 1512, thanks to the help of the Russian ruler Basil the Third, founded a monastery in whose cells she spent the last years of her life.

All members of the Brankovic family are canonized. The relics were kept in the Krushedolsky Monastery, which in 1716 was set on fire by Turkish nationals.

In the fire, only the saint’s brush was saved.

Named days, which are the days of special worship of Angelina Serbian, are established on September 12, December 23, July 14, July 12, August 12, according to the church calendar.

Angelina: the meaning of the name for the girl, mystery, fate, character

Each letter that is present in the name of a person leaves an imprint on the character. Moreover, the stronger the letter to the beginning of the name, the greater the impact on the fate of a person.

Duplicate characters tend to increase their influence in the name.

The table shows the meaning of Angelina by letters:

Letter nameDecryption
BUTHigh working capacity, diligence
HAlertness in communicating with strangers
RSignificant affection for loved ones and relatives
EStrong self-reliance
LDeveloped a sense of compassion, spiritual kindness
ANDThe desire to improve the world around them
H-// —
BUT-// —

Angelina: the meaning of the name for the girl, mystery, fate, character

Angelina has a hard temper and a strong character, but in her life her unwillingness to compromise and obstinacy prevent her from doing so. Ambitiousness forces her to move towards the goal by all means, regardless of the feelings of others and external circumstances.

That is why a woman has almost no close people.

Despite this, Angelina is good at making friends, so a person who has managed to enter her life will remain with her forever. A woman values ​​few friends and appreciates them.

Despite the natural stubbornness, in the course of a strong quarrel, she is the first to take a step towards reconciliation and admits that she was wrong.

Angelina is dependent on receiving new emotions, therefore she is constantly looking for new activities and knowledge. Having gotten involved in needlework, after a while she would risk trying out extreme sports, and then going deeper into cross-stitching.

The owner of the name does not favor frivolity in people, she herself is fickle in habits and attitudes. Behavior is ambiguous and reflects mood. Closed and alert, in some places echoes of sentimentality appear.

In life, he relies only on his own strength, without waiting for help from outside.

Contradictory nature does not prevent easily adapting to loved ones and loved ones, pushing aside the principles and attitudes. Therefore, in most cases, the life of the owner of this name develops safely.

Angelina is extremely trusting. Surrounding people do not believe that trust in people is combined in it with a heavy character.

Angelina herself does not recognize and does not see this in herself.

Calling the girl the bright name Angelina, parents tend to get a child with a sweet temper, but expectations rarely come true. Angelina is capricious, stubborn and heavy in communication.

It is difficult for others to find an approach to a girl, as a result of which many try to exclude her from a close circle. Angelina herself is absolutely not worried about this.

Owners of the name start to walk and talk early, they like to study the world around them, they are curious. But parents must follow the actions of the child in order to avoid injuries and injuries. A girl company Angelina prefers boyish games, getting rid of excess energy.

In the company of girls, she becomes more detached and restrained, which does not contribute to an increase in the number of girlfriends in a child.

Love of power is manifested since childhood — there are often cases when a girl gives commands to other children. Angelina effortlessly imposes her opinion on her peers thanks to her charisma and innate ability to manipulate. The girl loves attention and tries to attract him by any means, in every way opposes the pressure exerted.

It is vindictive and long remembers the injuries inflicted.

The study is given to the girl hard, and this is due precisely to the peculiarities of the school system. Angelina is independent and freedom-loving, an attempt to persuade the child to unconditional obedience and obedience will lead to rebellion and the desire to do everything in spite of.

In her youth, Angelina becomes more balanced and restrained. In relations with peers, shows a hard character and despotic character, because of what has a small circle of friends, but it does not upset her.

Avoids noisy parties and big companies, preferring solitude.

The girl is hard to offend, because Angelina is able to stand up for herself. Do not waste time not finding compromises, diplomacy and negotiations.

He tries to stay away from intrigue and gossip. At heart, vulnerable and trusting, which skillfully hides behind a mask of indifference and alienation.

Adult Angelina is demanding of others and believes that everyone should strive for self-development and self-knowledge. Despite the high standards, the woman herself is far from ideal and lazy, which hinders the rapid advancement of the career ladder.

She is an ideal welcoming hostess, she is hospitable, and she does not like to visit. A woman has a good sense of humor and optimism, people turn to her for support, advice or help.

Angelina does not accept meaningless conversations, punctual and extremely responsible.

The owner of the name is inherent in a heightened sense of justice, which with age appears less and less. Adult Angelina is aware that she is not capable of changing the world, but does not lose hope and continues to make attempts.

Woman has internal throwing and uncertainty about her own actions. On the one hand, she has a desire to open up to the outside world, and on the other, she is afraid of remaining deceived.

It is important to find a middle ground that will give you the opportunity to be yourself, while maintaining maximum friendliness to the outside world.

Depending on the time of birth, the following characteristics are distinguished:

  • Winter Angelina. A woman with a cool character, very stubborn, does not accept compromise. It is impossible to convince her. He has a kind heart, is responsive, but few of the people around him are aware of the presence of these qualities.
  • Spring Angelina. The owner of the name is purposeful and ambitious, resolutely moving towards the intended goal. Carries tenderness and warmth in relations with others, with pleasure shows it in relation to close and dear people. Late in marriage, the man becomes a long time familiar, reliable and confident man.
  • Summer Angelina. The nature is cheerful, trusting, but from this extremely vulnerable. It is easily revealed to people and goes to close contact, subsequently suffers from deception and injustice. The first marriage is under the influence of feelings and most often ends in failure and disappointment.
  • Autumn Angelina. Reasonable, practical and pragmatic. He achieves significant success in a management position, becomes an authoritative leader, has success and respect for subordinates. In her personal life she is inclined to make a choice in favor of male gigolos, which is why stable family relationships do not add up.

Angelina’s cool temper postpones the imprint on love relationships. In sex, a woman is temperamental, in the absence of initiative from a partner, she is not afraid to take everything into her own hands and directly declares to a man that she is not satisfied.

Strives for diversity and prefers experienced men.

If in intimate relationships, such assertiveness excites a partner, then with the creation of a family the situation is different. Men are alarmed by Angelina’s excessive authority and her desire to dominate. Due to inconsistency and inconsistency, a woman often changes partners, which gives rise to numerous marriages and subsequent divorces.

To create strong relationships, she has to learn to exercise patience and restraint.

The ideal partner for marriage is a man who is able to compromise, silent, courageous, confident and financially secure.

Angelina gets married early, knows the future spouse well and will not bond the relationship with the first comer. The first marriage is rarely successful.

In the event of a successful marriage, the woman becomes an exemplary hostess and enjoys housework and loves to receive and treat guests. In this matter, she seeks to show authority and involve family members in this process.

Angelina will be a caring mother, she will take care of and love children.

The owner of the name is characterized by excessive restraint and closeness, so it is difficult for others to recognize what feelings she feels at a certain moment. Inaccessibility pushes people away, because it seems that Angelina does not want to make close contact, is arrogant and arrogant.

Such behavior is a necessary space for maneuver: a woman is trying to figure out whether you can trust a new acquaintance.

Angelina’s health in childhood does not cause significant problems. With age, due to the constant self-control and restraint of emotions, the woman’s body does not withstand the nervous tension and fails.

This leads to malfunctioning of internal organs, the appearance of chronic diseases and frequent visits to doctors. Until a certain time, Angelina treats her health carelessly.

Vulnerabilities — the nervous system and the spine, also pay attention to the work of the pancreas.

Owners of a name are clever, however, prefer not to go deep into reasoning and analysis, which makes possible career growth slow. Angelina are famous for their considerable working capacity and curiosity, they are happy to learn new things and successfully apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

Developed intelligence allows you to easily move forward and freely bypass the rest, to be better.

Intuition is not the strongest feature of Angelina. Failure to listen to the inner voice causes problems that require immediate resolution.

But this does not upset girls bearing this name, innate charisma makes it easy to overcome any obstacles and win in the most hopeless situations.

Angelina tries to do right and live in accordance with the laws of conscience, but to achieve the goal she can deviate from moral principles and principles.

Angelina seeks to receive a variety of emotions, and hobbies give her the opportunity to constantly change the picture before her eyes.

A woman enjoys drawing, music and dancing, while it is difficult to call her an addicting person. She changes her hobbies regularly and is happy to master new knowledge.

In matters of career, the name will bring significant success to the owner. Angelina is able-bodied, delves deep into the essence of the chosen case, is very energetic.

But due to the nature of her character, relationships with colleagues do not add up.

An ardent dislike for foreign domination determines professional choice. She can become a blogger, a florist, a designer, a journalist or a flight attendant — that is, she chooses those professions where she can independently control the course of affairs.

The owner of the name will be the most successful in administrative activities, trade or in the service sector, also held in the role of a teacher and actress. Successfully organizes events and parties, coordinates presentations and social events.

Angelina’s decision to open her own business will be balanced and deliberate. A woman is given to the whole process, which allows to achieve significant success, multiply the initial financial investments and improve her financial situation.

The owners of this name are heavy personalities, so the partners are men who have an unlimited supply of patience. A union created with a man who is similar in temperament to Angelina herself is doomed to failure.

The table shows male names that are compatible with the name Angelina:

Man’s nameExplanation
AlexeyA man with that name will be able to gently suppress the partner’s ambitiousness, which contributes to a calm and peaceful relationship
IvanThe partner will push the woman to self-development, eliminating unnecessary thoughts. The best choice for Angelina
VladimirThe chosen one will provide the woman with the desired comfort. The stumbling block will be the categoricalness inherent in a man with this name. Angelina’s task is to learn not to notice it, then the union will be strong and stable.
VyacheslavThe partner will raise the woman on a pedestal, fully satisfying her inner ambitions. Relationship will reign harmony, which will bring pleasure to both partners.

Characteristics that most fully and accurately reflect the secret of the name of Angelina and the essence of its owner:

CharacteristicCharacteristic valueDescription
Stone MascotLapis lazuli, turquoise, chrysolite
  • Lazurite — has a general tonic effect on the body, calms the nervous system, has a positive effect on the body and mind. Symbolizes success and prosperity.
  • Turquoise — symbolizes the sky, longevity and sincerity. Brings success and good fortune, protects from damage and evil eye.
  • Chrysolite — attracts luck and material wealth. Protects against bad people and unpleasant events. Promotes relief from insomnia and stress.
Plant mascotWater Lily, Apple Tree, Cornflower
  • The water lily is a symbol of purity and innocence, it helps to clean the energy field of negative energy, protects from evil people.
  • Apple tree — symbolizes the divine gift and joy. The tree will protect the woman from the bad, and the power of protection will grow with the plant itself.
  • Cornflower — a symbol of life and abundance, power and grandeur
Totem animalToad, Owl, Trout
  • Toad is an ambiguous symbol that has diametrically opposed characteristics in different cultures, but usually symbolizes wealth.
  • Owl — a symbol of wisdom.
  • Trout — a symbol of independence, purity, abundance and well-being in all spheres of life
ColourBlue, green, whiteColors that bring good luck
NumerologyTwoInfluences the fate of the owner of the name, determining the flexibility and friendliness of Angelina. The number attracts luck, wealth and prosperity
MetalSilverIt embodies the well-being, purity, nobility and worldly wisdom. It accumulates and reflects the owner’s emotions — it gets dark if negative thoughts prevail
Day of the weekMonday
Heavenly bodyVenus, Moon
Elementthe fire

Diminutive derivatives of the name:

For women named Angelina, the patronymic Aleksandrovna is most suitable, it will develop peace and diligence in the owner of the name. Patronymic Evgenievna strengthen in a woman such qualities as perseverance and vindictiveness.

Patronyms that increase the positive energy of the name:

  • Yuryevna;
  • Vladislavovna;
  • Valerievna;
  • Bogdanovna;
  • Ivanovna;
  • Arkadyevna.

Angelina who were born under the sign of Leo are the most fortunate: such women are able to attract decent people, love and protect their loved ones. The owner of the name, born under the sign of Libra, will become a calm and reasonable person.

Angelina-Aquarius will be open and sociable.

Name in combination with each of the signs of the zodiac:

Zodiac signInterpretation
AriesCheerful, sociable and friendly. Does not tolerate loneliness and headlong into a relationship. Gives the chosen one love and sincere devotion
TaurusOpen, sympathetic and compassionate. Always give advice and help case. Does not tolerate gossip. Become a reliable wife for a partner
TwinsIt has a difficult character, hardworking and executive. It makes high demands on a potential man. Marriage is possible at a later age.
CrayfishRestrained, feminine and shy, has incredible charm. It attracts the attention of many men, but rarely lets them close.
a lionIt has a special magnetism, easily attracts and attracts people to itself. He knows about her inherent charm and uses it, manipulating others. Selfish, but not ashamed of this quality.
VirgoA versatile person, very demanding of others and himself. Vigorously experiencing their own mistakes and failures. Can not relax and be distracted from pressing problems
LibraExcellent listener, able to formulate good advice. Very erudite, so easily supports any topic of conversation. Congenital tact and diplomacy have others around, allow you to communicate with Angelina and share revelations with her.
ScorpioThe closed and reserved woman, avoids the noisy companies, preferring loneliness. Demanding of others and does not forgive mistakes. Men are wary of authority and detachment, so it is difficult for Angelina to create a harmonious union.
SagittariusCheerful and optimistic. Loves noisy companies and fun parties. Too light-minded about life, which is a consequence of long loneliness
CapricornPractical and pragmatic, spends a considerable amount of time at work and achieves success in professional terms. All goals are realistic and doable, have a clear plan for achieving them.
AquariusSociable and open woman. Excellent companion and listener, ready to help. Family and children are in priority, ready to sacrifice career and professional realization for their sake
FishCreative person, lives in the world of beauty, theater and painting. Angelina is attracted by intelligent and intelligent men, in a relationship caring, compliant and faithful

Among the famous people are often found the owner of the name Angelina. Below are the brightest:

  • Angelina Osipovna Stepanova (1905–2000) — People’s Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor. Theater and film actress, talented teacher.
  • Angelina Konstantinovna Guskova (1924–2015) is a Soviet and Russian doctor, a specialist in radiology. Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor.
  • Angelina Vovk (born in 1942) — TV presenter, theater and film actress, central television announcer. People’s Artist of the Russian Federation. Order Holder "Friendship key".
  • Angelina Jolie (born in 1975) — American fashion model, actress, film director and screenwriter, UN Goodwill Ambassador. Award winner "Oscar" and many other film industry awards. The mother of six children, three of whom are biological.
  • Angelina (Angelic) Madeleine Poisson de Gomez (1684–1770) is a writer from France. Had a wide range of readers in Russia at the end of the XVIII century.

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