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Angelina’s Name Day according to the church calendar — patron saint

Angel Day (name day) of Angelina according to the church calendar — which saint need to pray

Some people believe that this name in the church tradition applies to all angels at once (including archangels). But this is not at all the case. He has several specific days of an angel, as well as a personal patron saint.

We will tell about it in this article.

Angelina's Name Day according to the church calendar - patron saint

So when to raise a glass for the health of this girl (woman)?

  • the 14 th of July. On this day, revered holy Angelina Serbian.
  • 12th of August. On this day, they remember not only Angelina, but all Serbian saints.
  • December 23rd. The “angels” of this date are not only Angelina Serbian, but also her spouse, as well as her son (you can read more about this honorable family below).

Important: all dates presented above are indicated in the Orthodox Church calendar.

As for the Catholic birthday, they can be noted:

  • 4 January. On this day, all believers remember Angela from Foligno, an Italian Franciscan nun. Known for the book, written in the style of mysticism, about the love of Jesus Christ and communion with him.

Angelina's Name Day according to the church calendar - patron saint

  • January 27th. Memorial Day of St. Angela Merici, Ursuline nuns (founded this female congregation). Raised girls in a Christian way.

Church form of name and origin

In the case of this name, church and secular forms do not differ. Angelina (in some countries it may sound like Angela, Angel, Angelica) translated from Greek means “herald” or “angel”.

What fate and character can boast of the carrier of the given name?

It seems to many that the owner of this heavenly name must be a real angel in the flesh. But (as with most «obvious» names) everything turns out exactly the opposite.

The character of most of the Angels is strong, stubborn.

Interestingly, winter Angela is the most stubborn, it is extremely difficult to negotiate with her; she is very mercantile, for the sake of her own benefit can deceive even a loved one. While the summer Angela is extremely trusting.

For example, right after school, she might fall in love with the gigolo, marry him and ruin all her youth.

  1. Childhood. From an early age, the baby begins to conflict with her mother, not wanting to obey her unquestioningly. She loves to command, and if she doesn’t like something, she immediately gets angry. Can easily fight with the boys.
  2. School. She does not like to study. However, in preparing for release, she herself takes up the books she needs, without asking anyone for help.
  3. Youth. This is a homebody, not particularly eager to go to visit her friends. However, if they run to her, very happy. She seems cute, but not for long. In fact, this is a terrible jealous woman who considers a guy (and sometimes also a friend) to be her property. Sometimes a girl tries to be good, and hides deeply from others, and from herself, too, her own self-esteem — but everything translates into a penchant for intrigue and gossip.
  4. Mature years. This is a great hostess. Such women are sometimes called «horses» (in a good way), as they constantly work, never get tired, do not get sick, they are not «knocked down» even permanent lack of sleep and malnutrition.

If you believe in good luck, You will be interested to know that the lazurite, chrysolite and turquoise are considered to be the talisman of the bearer of this name, and the light green color is the color of the name. An ideal sign of the zodiac: Aquarius, Libra.

Concerning name compatibility, Alexey, Vladimir, Valentin, Igor, Kirill, and also Yury are considered the best companions of life of this girl. Such male names as: Anatoly, Vladislav, Veniamin, Grigory, Gennady, Dmitry, Daniil, Oleg have poor compatibility.

«Personal Angel»: the life of St. Angelina

Angelina's Name Day according to the church calendar - patron saint

Angelina Serbian, also known as the mother of Angelina or Angelina Srpska (this is how her name is recorded in her homeland) is a noble woman, the daughter of Albanian Prince George of the Arianity family. Information about her mother has not been preserved, it is only known that she raised a good and pious girl.

Her husband was Stefan Brankovic, a Serbian ruler. In marriage with him, Angelina gave birth to four children, two boys and two girls.

However, their happiness was short-lived: the family had to spend about ten years in exile, hiding from the Turks in one of the Italian regions.

After the death of her husband, Angelina moved to the Srem region, where the estate was allocated to her family. The body of her husband was reburied in the same land.

Almost immediately after the move, the woman took monastic vows. With the help of the Russian prince Vasily the Third (Ivan the Terrible’s father), who gave her money, and his son Maxim, she began to build a church in which she placed the remains of her spouse (people already worshiped them as miraculous).

Nearby were built cells for the nuns. The church has grown to the size of a monastery called Krushedol.

Angelina became his first Mother Superior.

Although at the beginning of the 18th century, it was burned by the Turks, but later the Serbs carefully restored it, and Manastir Krushedol still exists, and besides, it is considered one of the most significant cultural monuments of his country.

You can learn more about Saint Angelina and her revered family from this video:

After viewing, you could have only one logical question left — what does the prefix «despotissa» assigned to the name of the holy mean? Is this the female version of the word «despot», that is, «tyrant»? The answer is: indeed, this word came from the «despot», but it means that it is not at all what you thought!

In Serbia there was a title that came to this country from Byzantium. He designated the highest court position granted by the ruler for special merit, and in the case of Serbia was an analogy of the princely title.

That is, Despotis Angelina means «ruler.»

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