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Alice’s Name Day — Character, Meaning, Destiny, Family, and Church Uniform

Alice Name Day — Love, Character, Destiny, Meaning and Church Form

The name Alice originated in ancient Germany from the word «noble», «belonging to a higher society.» There is another version of the appearance of the name Alice — from the Hebrew name Elisha. Translated from the Greek Alice means «truth.»

In Soviet times, it became popular after the release of the film “Guest from the Future”. In some countries, the name Alice is pronounced differently: in Hungary — Elise, in Spain — Alice, in Germany — Alice, in France — Alix, in Finland — Liisa.

The diminutive form of the name: Alisochka, Alisul, Alisk.

According to the church calendar, Alice celebrates her birthday:

  • February 5 — the day of St. Alice. It was the abbess of the monastery in Willich. She died in 1015, after living 55 years.
  • June 15 — the day of St. Alice from Sharbek. In 20 years, ill leprosy. She spent the rest of her life in a monastery, leading a deep spiritual life. She died at 25 years old.

Alice's Name Day - Character, Meaning, Destiny, Family, and Church Uniform

Alice’s character depends on the time of year of birth:

  • Winter — Emotional, wayward, courageous, generous.
  • Spring — Sociable, indecisive, docile, successful.
  • Summer — Lucky, positive, effective, friendly.
  • Autumn — Reliable, clever, disinterested, sympathetic.

Little Alice grows up to be an obedient and tidy child, after playing games she will put toys in places. Alice is a very curious child, can climb into an inaccessible place to find out what is there. Parents should look after her.

Does not like to perform on stage, does not tolerate coercion. She loves talking to her as an adult, explaining the consequences of actions.

At school, she studies well, tries to do all the lessons on time, knows how to find herself another occupation and captivate friends with them. She has a bright fantasy, there are always many friends around her who are attracted by her lightness and non-conflict nature.

Stubborn, can insist on his.

The adult Alice becomes more purposeful, more responsible, but remains as mobile, optimistic and sociable. It has an excellent sense of humor, can put the insolent in place.

In companies it is often in the spotlight, no longer afraid to perform on stage, on the contrary, it enjoys the attention of society. Respected in society.

Alice grows up a sickly girl predisposed to food allergies. You need to carefully monitor what she eats, so as not to appear a rash on the skin.

Not every vaccine her body responds well.

Alice is a responsible and goal-oriented worker; she will perform her work as “excellent” and always in good standing with the authorities. Up the career ladder advances with ease. She has a good relationship with the team, she does not participate in intrigues and squabbles.

Able to earn and accumulate money. The greatest success will be achieved in the works, it will be an excellent actress, fashion designer, artist, journalist.

From an early youth, optimistic and sociable Alice attracts men, but she is picky about them and let not everyone to her.

Alice Monogamous. Often, she can be left alone if her beloved person refuses to start a family.

In this case, Alice will plunge into a career. If a man appreciates Alice, then he will not find a second caring, economic, non-conflict and economical wife.

The only thing that Alice will not forgive her husband is treason, after which a divorce will invariably follow.

Alice's Name Day - Character, Meaning, Destiny, Family, and Church Uniform

Horoscope named Alice

Aries — Noble, hardworking. Straight into communication, can easily offend a person.

Leadership is not inferior to anyone, they do not make compromises. Dresses and dazzles brightly to be noticed.

Taurus — Calm, smart. He has excellent intuition, hides his feelings and thoughts.

The family is in the first place, able to earn money and accumulate it. Loves a luxurious life.


Gemini — Sociable, restless. Burns bridges with ease behind him and spares nothing.

Loves communication and dating. Work must be associated with travel.

May change several husbands.

Cancer — Unsure, Idle. Criticism for a long time knocks her out of the rut. Lives past, often nostalgic, regrets the unfinished.

Able to save money, the hostess will be excellent.

Leo — Responsible, ambitious. He loves a luxurious life and being in the center of attention, knows how to earn big money. It can be a great leader.

Pad on flattery. My husband will never change, but will not forgive his betrayal.

Virgo — Observant, conscientious. All his life he learns something new, strives for the ideal, is strict with himself and others.

A housewife will be responsible and caring. May get a divorce if she loves her husband.

Scales — Non-conflict, benevolent. Communicates with all exactly, avoids quarrels, responsibility.

Loves comfort and luxury. Intellectual prefers physical labor.

Married once and for life.

Scorpio — Emotional, passionate. Hides these qualities behind the mask of calm. Difficulties in her life do not frighten her; her career comes first, she knows how to earn money.

For the sake of the beloved man will do anything.

Sagittarius — Sincere, rectilinear. Attracts others with optimism, chooses a job with a free schedule.

Prefers a short-term relationship, may not get married on their own.

Capricorn — Hardy, closed. The job will choose a status where you can move up the career ladder. Does not like to show emotions.

Marry a man like himself.

Aquarius — Balanced, responsive. There are always many friends around her. Sociable, kind, honest in communication.

Discipline is not for her. She loves traveling, can not consciously get married.

Pisces — Impressive, romantic. Able to bypass sharp corners, the first disappears from the place of danger.

With softness achieves what others could not achieve. From men, she needs care and attention.

Male Name Compatibility

  • Planet — Saturn.
  • The color of the name is Pink.
  • Season — Summer.
  • Happy day of the week — Saturday.
  • Lucky number is 8.
  • Metal — Aluminum.
  • Zodiac sign — Capricorn.
  • Element — Air.
  • Totem animal — Cat.
  • Plant — Crocus.
  • Tree — Elm.
  • Mineral Mascot — Alexandrite.

Famous people named Alice

  • Alisa Freindlich — Russian actress.
  • Alice Joffe — Russian artist.
  • Alice Ozie is a French actress.
  • Alisa Kolosova is a Russian opera singer.
  • Alisa Kleibanova — Russian tennis player.
  • Alice Drey is a Finnish figure skater.

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