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A simple algorithm for how to recognize your saint by date of birth

How to know your saint, using the date of birth

All people in one degree or another hope to receive support from the Higher Forces. And you probably know that we all have our own sacred patron, who is puzzled by our fate during the whole life and provides us with our help.

In this article I want to give an answer, how to recognize my saint by the date of his birth, and how to properly contact him.

A simple algorithm for how to recognize your saint by date of birth

The role of the saint in human life

Sacred defenders in the lives of believers began to emerge in the fourth century. Then people, striving to attain the goodness and custody of the saints, often gave their children their names.

We all have our own guardian angel, as we all have names. We gain our patron from the first beats of our heart when we are born, and he accompanies us until death.

The main task of the intercessor angel is to protect his ward from various sorrows, terrible events and the negative impact of bad forces. If you want to know which of the saints patronizes you by the date of his birth, as well as his name — then read on this material.

Under the protection of which patron saint you are?

Perhaps you have heard from someone from your environment that he (or she) has good intuition or developed supernatural abilities. In reality, such individuals simply use the prompts of their heavenly patron, sent from above.

In situations where we need to make some important choice or just at critical moments in life, our angel defender begins to send us a variety of clues that we interpret as our intuition. And in a number of situations, all that is required of you is to simply turn to the patron saint for help and wait for a sign from him, because angels do not like to exert their interference in human life.

There is also a category of people who believe in a Higher power, but are accustomed to perceive these forces as if it were a magic instrument. So, when they ask for something, they expect that all their requests will instantly become a reality.

It is worth remembering that such an outcome is relevant in very infrequent cases, the receipt of assistance is always delayed for some time.

In fact, no one can truthfully answer the question of what guides our patrons in determining the timing of intervention in our lives. And the only thing we can do in such a situation is to keep faith and hope and wait for divine help to come to us.

And, of course, always remember the need for the gratitude of your heavenly defenders. This does not mean at all that it is necessary to perform some out of the ordinary activities — sacrifices or something like that, quite enough if you express your sincere gratitude in your thoughts.

Note! Do not be afraid of your inner voice and do not consider that something is wrong with you.

Through mental communication with your heavenly protector, you can get a lot of useful information that will help you improve your life.

At the same time, Orthodox Christians should remember that their angel-protector is the patron saint by date of birth. Our heavenly helpers will not help a person if his heart is overcome by negative emotions, filthiness, violence to violence, cruelty and other bad feelings.

In no case can you take your guardian angel as an all-powerful servant — show enough respect for him and value the goodness received from above.

A simple algorithm for how to recognize your saint by date of birth

How to set your patron saint by date of birth

Today we come to the most interesting — the method of determining our patron by the number of births. What do you need?

Exactly nothing but their date of birth.

  1. So, for all who saw the light of God in the interval from the twenty-second of December to the twentieth of January — Rev. Seraphim of Sarovsky with the Blessed Sylvester act as heavenly defenders.

They are encouraged to pronounce the prayers to heaven in front of the face of Our Lady «Sovereign», then all their secret requests will most likely become a reality (provided, of course, that they come from a pure soul).

  1. Persons whose birth numbers fall in the time interval from January twenty-first to February twentieth are under the guardianship of Saints Cyril and Athanasius. They were recommended the pronunciation of prayers in the face of the Virgin «Burning Bush».
  2. If you were born from the twenty-first of February to the twentieth of March, it means that Saint Alexei and Rev. Mentus of Antioch will protect you all your life. For protection, express your prayers to the image of the Iberian Mother of God.
  3. Those who were born from the twenty-first of March to the twentieth of April, are patronized by the angelic beings of George the Confessor, Innokentiy of Irkutsk and St. Sophronius. In the form of a charm it is recommended to use the image of the Kazan Mother of God.
  4. People whose birth falls on the dates from the twenty-first of April to the twentieth of May are guarded by the apostle John the Theologian, as well as by the saints Tamara and Stepan. Their icon-intercessor is the face of the «Handcuffs of Sinners.»
  5. And if you saw the world in the time interval from the twenty-first of May to the twenty-first of June, it means that you can count on more help from St. Constantine and Alexei of Moscow.

You should say the prayers in front of the faces of “The Search for the Perished”, “Burning Bush”, and also — the icons of the Virgin “Vladimirskaya”.

  1. Birthdays, who were born from the twenty-second of June to the twenty-second of July — patronized by St. Cyril. If any problems arise in which they dream of seeking patronage, they must turn to the intercessor of «all who grieve the joy» and Our Lady of Kazan.
  2. Possess supreme advocates and personalities who have seen the world from the twenty-third of July to the twenty-third of August. They are the prophets Elijah and Saint Nicholas.

Also, such persons must pronounce their petitions at the face of the “Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God”.

  1. If the number of your birth falls from the twenty-fourth of August to the twenty-third of September — you can expect intercession from John, Paul and St. Alexandra. And it was recommended to seek divine energy from the faces of the Burning Bush and the Passion.
  2. You were born from the twenty-fourth of September to the twenty-third of October — in this situation you are under the care of the sacred Sergey Radonezhsky. And your face-mascot will make the face of Pochaev Mother of God.
  3. All those whose date of birth is within the framework from October twenty-fourth to November twenty-second are patronized by Saint Paul. For the grace of God, these people should turn to the faces of the Hearing Riser and Jerusalem.
  4. If you saw the light of God from the twenty-third of November to the twenty-first of December — it means that you can call the sacred Varvara and the blessed Nicholas the Convenient as your heavenly guardians. Proclaim your pleadings to heaven in front of the images of the Sign and Tikhvin.

Patron saint by name

Traditionally, the Christian Church highly appreciates the Day of the Angel, as it is the festival of the supreme protector of the individual, that saint whose name was given to the lay person.

How can you determine who is your supreme protector? The traditions of the day of supreme patron are the following days of the celebration of the saint whose name you have.

This custom is due to the fact that the dates of the parts of the saints are celebrated more than once in three hundred and sixty-five calendar days.

Consider a specific example to make it more clear. Suppose there is a girl, Anna, who was born on the twentieth of November.

Then the day of her Angel of the Intercession will be the third of December — that is, the next date, in which they remember the sacred Anna of Persia.

In order to facilitate the determination of the name of the supreme defender, it is necessary to apply the Orthodox calendar, in which the birth numbers of absolutely all saints are entered.

A simple algorithm for how to recognize your saint by date of birth

When the scenario is, if you did not find your name in the calendar, in the process of performing the ordinance of baptism, select the name that is most consonant.

  • for Joan, John would be a similar analogy;
  • for Dina, Evdokia;
  • Angelica — it is permissible to associate with Angelina;
  • Lily — with Leah;
  • Milan — with Milica and further by analogy.

In addition, there are traditional variants of the pronunciation of names. For example, for the name Victoria — Nick, Svetlana — Photinia and so on.

The simplest, but no less effective, option is a prayer with which you can ask for support from your personal supreme guardian:

“Pray to God for me, holy saint of God (name), as I diligently appeal to you, to my helper and prayer book about my soul”

Relationship with a personal defender

Of course, the establishment of a personal supreme protector is clearly not enough. A very important aspect is that you also make contact with him.

It is mandatory to purchase icons with the image of his saint. Speak with him, ask for recommendations in difficult life situations and under no circumstances be angry with him if the circumstances of your life are not quite as you would like.

It will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the Life of your patron in order to get maximum information about him. Also pay attention to the fact that if you have already chosen him as your Personal Advocate, observe his postulates, which he adhered to in life.

Due to this, you will be able to approach him spiritually.

Remember how, according to the traditions of the ancestors, it was customary to read the Patrons with the help of a tribute offering. Today, of course, it is worth refusing to create a sacrificial altar, but to organize a table with goodies on the date of the birthday just will not be superfluous.

Pay attention to the fact that the described concept has long been perceived not quite as it should be. Name days are not a celebration in honor of your birth.

This holiday is held on the date of your patron and is an act of reverence for his name.

Now it is no longer a secret to you how to establish your own saint and build a relationship with him correctly. Always treat the Higher Forces with respect, be sure to thank sincerely for the help you receive and then in the future you will get more.

On this positive note, I recommend that you watch an interesting thematic video at the end of the article:

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