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Which stone talisman matches your name

Which stone talisman matches your name

We all need more than luck. We need a talisman that could provide support in all undertakings and personal affairs. Each name has a unique energy that will help in this.

Numerology can help you in choosing a stone talisman. According to this ancient science, each person belongs to one of 9 groups. Each group is characterized by certain character traits and energy.

Based on this, you can correctly pick up a talisman for good luck, from debts, from financial losses, and so on.

Numerological calculation by name

You will need a list of matching letters and numbers. Here it is: A-1, B-2, B-3, G-4, D-5, E-6, E-7, Z-8, Z-9, I-10, J-11, K-12 , L-13, M-14, N-15, O-16, P-17, R-18, C-19, T-20, U-21, F-22, X-23, C-24, H -25, Sh-26, Shch-27, b-28, Y-29, L-30, E-31, S-32, I-33. As you can see, each letter corresponds to a number.

Let us consider the calculation on the example of the name of Eugene.

We add the numbers of each letter of the name: 6 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 15 + 10 + 33 = 77. The resulting number is not the final desired fate number, because it must lie in the range from 1 to 9 — these are the rules of numerology. To get this number, you need to add the numbers again and again until you get a number from the specified range from 1 to 9. 7 + 7 = 14, 1 + 4 = 5.

So, for Evgenia, the number describing the energy sector is the Five.

Deciphering numbers

Unit. Your talisman stones are citrine and tourmaline. Citrine helps to focus on the most pressing issues.

The fact is that your concentration may deteriorate due to the fact that you are often among a large number of people, talking to strangers. Citrine helps to work for those who are constantly distracted by minor problems. You may like communication, but do not forget about caution. Tourmaline is a love stone charm for very active individuals.

It helps to understand people, read them and feel their energy. Under the influence of tourmaline, you will react much more sharply to changes in the mood of others.

Two. Chrysolite and agate are best for you. Chrysolite will help you better cope with loneliness and to communicate with others.

Also this stone is a great helper for those who are in the process of finding the second half. If you have relationship problems, then chrysolite can fix them. Agate can awaken in you softness and kindness.

If sometimes you go too far in disputes and quarrels, offending people with a word, agate will help you to control yourself.

Troika. The number 3 is the patron saint of creative and spiritually rich people. The best stone for those whose name has the power of a given number is sapphire. This stone helps to find the line between the world of illusions and reality.

If your number of destiny by name is Troika, then it may be difficult for you to lead a measured life. Try as often as possible to wear jewelry or amulet with sapphire. If you are a member of the weaker sex, the moonstone can also help you.

This mineral protects women from problems in the most difficult moments.

Four. Your weaknesses are mistrust and slowness. In order for luck to visit you more often, you need to make decisions faster. Aquamarine helps to increase the speed of thinking.

He gives his master lightness, clears the mind of unnecessary thoughts. People under the influence of aquamarine become more trusting and open. With this stone you can feel the freedom of action.

Five. The names with which the Five conforms give their owners a low level of responsibility and a desire to give up things that are not obtained. Danburite is a stone that will strengthen your position in life and will help you not to turn off your chosen path. To increase perseverance and a strong desire to win, use the emerald.

This green stone not only develops your thinking abilities, but also helps to remain true to your goals. If you want to achieve your goal, then emerald will help you find additional motivation at a difficult time.

Six. If your name corresponds to the number 6, then your negative qualities can be hidden pride and selfishness. Selenite helps you become more sensitive and responsive. He will save his owner from the negative attitude, help to learn diplomacy and tolerance.

Rhodonite can do the same thing — this stone has similar properties, but also helps to cope with difficulties on the way to difficult goals in life.

Seven. Your problem, most likely, is that you are trying to find a secret meaning in everything. A cat’s eye will help you to set the right goals. Amethyst is your second stone mascot.

This stone helps to learn, generates a craving for knowledge and makes people throw more energy to get an interesting life experience. This stone will make your life more interesting and brighter.

Eight. Your problem is that you are shy of yourself and therefore strive to put dust in the eyes of others. Eight makes you be more critical and sometimes jealous of other people’s success. You like to feel superior to others.

The tiger’s eye will help you to change your character for the better. This stone can deprive a person of negative energy and transform it into positive flows. Since you may have envious people and enemies, you need protection.

From the evil eye and damage to protect you can topaz. Also, this stone will help you keep luck in the long road.

Nine. If you have problems with the nervous system, chrysolite and diamond will help to solve them. Chrysolite gives peace of mind, a sense of freedom, lightness.

Diamond complements chrysolite and gives man courage and courage. He also protects the body from diseases and ailments. Diamond improves performance and reduces fatigue. Your sixth sense with these stones will be exacerbated, so it will be much easier to predict the future and avoid impending problems.

If you wear a diamond and chrysolite, concentration will also improve.

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