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What flower corresponds to your name: we define a plant mascot

What flower corresponds to your name: we define a plant mascot

Each name has a unique energy. It is this aura that determines your luck, abilities, as well as your best talismans. Numerology will help you to determine the plant-talisman.

Numerology — the oldest science, which has more than 3000 years. The figures have always been the object of research not only for scientists in white coats who are familiar to all, but also for esoterics. These studies help to connect the nature of the Universe with the luck of a man, with his destiny, karma, future and past as a whole.

Calculate the number of fate by name

It is the number of destiny that will help you determine your happy plant talisman. A lucky number by name is considered very simple. Consider this on the example of the name Dmitry.

First you need to take the total number of letters of the name. In the above will take the first number — 7.

Next you look at the first and last letters:

  • if the first and last letters are consonants, then you add one to the first number;
  • if the first letter is a consonant, and the last is a vowel, then the second digit for the calculation is a two;
  • when the first letter is a vowel, and the last is a consonant, a triple is added;
  • both letters are vowels — you add a four.

In the name of Dmitry, the first and last letters are consonants, so that we add 1 to 7. The result is a figure of eight — our number of luck. Now you just need to see what your happy plant is.

The total number of talisman flowers in numerology is 9, so in case you got a number from 10 or higher, you just need to add two numbers. For example, you got 13, it means 1 + 3 = 4. Your fate number is 4.

Deciphering the numbers of fate

Unit. If your name gave you the number 1, then your happy flowers are aster and lily. The first helps develop your talents, gives you the opportunity to turn the desire for solitude in the right direction. The unit by any means tries to break your relations with people in general, therefore you need harmony within your own biofield.

Astra gives protection and strength of mind.

Lily same envelops you with a halo of passion. This is a kind of compensation for the works of the Unit, the counterweight. Lily should be placed at home when you have problems in the field of love.

These two flowers are absolutely harmless for each other, so that you can keep them close to a comprehensive approach to the problem of lack of luck in your life.

Two. Water lilies and violets are your main helpers. Water Lily can smooth out inner experiences and help in love. This flower helps family people, because it harmonizes your consciousness, strengthens the power of the spirit.

If there is something wrong in the family, if you have constant quarrels, then it is the water lily that is missing.

Violet is a little incompatible with a water lily, because its essence is dynamic, reactionary. This flower helps more in work and business, so you can do wisely by putting the violet just at work so that the power of flowers does not overlap with each other.

Troika. This number of destiny suggests that your name is best suited rose or rosehip. In fact, this is the same plant.

The rose is able to give you the ability to understand people and at first glance to determine which person will give you happiness and which one will give you problems.

In a word, your intuition will be sharpened. Listen to the voice of the heart, you can start from the first day when this flower will appear in your life. It’s not necessary to keep it at home on the windowsill — roses can grow in your backyard.

Four. Your lucky talisman is peony. It removes stress and contributes to increased efficiency.

Also, peonies make you a little softer, more patient.

Peonies improve intuition, and also help to find non-standard solutions in different situations. It is a love flower, but not a family one. In flirting, he will help you, but in family life you will already have to rely only on yourself.

Five. The flower-mascot of your name is azalea. Very unusual flower with a very unusual action.

He will help you not to withdraw into yourself and more often avoid negative things. Azalea can quickly restore your strength, so it is better to have it in the room where you relax and spend a lot of time.

Another azalea can help you find an approach to any person. This is a flower of diplomats, as experts in bioenergy call it. If you want things to go well at work and at home, put an azalea there and there.

Six. Thistle is able to give you joy and save from despondency. It helps to change the situation and find workarounds in difficult situations. This flower will protect you from enemies, from the evil eye and from damage.

This is a flower of protection, so with it you will be fine everywhere without exception.

Thistle is your salvation from mental and physical diseases. Try to keep it both in the bedroom and in the kitchen, in the working office, in the corridor. You will feel a surge of strength, a desire to work, and not to sit still.

Seven. Your luck flowers are dahlia and lotus. Lotus will become a talisman of love for you, and dahlia will be a salvation from family troubles. These flowers work together, so they will not enter into discord.

Their power is very great, but it is growing gradually, so that you will not see and feel the desired effect immediately.

The lotus and dahlia are better to switch places more often, rearranging relative to each other about once a week. These flowers help creative people, as well as those who are used to thinking with their hearts, making decisions according to their conscience. These flowers do not like selfishness.

Eight. Your name matches jasmine and poppy. Poppy will give you a grace, a special energy, but only outside the house.

At work, he will help you become a leader, teach you to see enemies and friends much faster. Mack will save you from betrayal.

Jasmine is better to put at home, and away from the place where people sleep. It has a strong smell that will lead evil people away from your home. If you just put jasmine at home and some person stopped communicating with you, know that he was your enemy.

Jasmine deprives of problems in communication between parents and children. This is a strong family talisman, especially for you.

Nine. Your flowers are lily of the valley and daffodil. They simultaneously have a rather contradictory effect, but they can be used together.

Lily of the valley will help you to properly distribute your time and take away your negative, like a magnet.

Narcissus — the flower of beauty. It is better to put it only in the corridor or as close as possible to it. It is in this part of the house that we admire ourselves before going out, so the narcissus is the place there.

Contrary to popular belief, this flower is good for both men and women.

Remember that you can use the power of your talismans not only at home, but also outside it. To do this you need a flower of your happy plant. When you have an important day, an exam, an interview, a meeting with a loved one, be sure to take with you the flower petals or flowers entirely.

Your plants will save you from negative programs and teach you to look at the world through the lens of positive. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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