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The secret and meaning of the name Gevor

The secret and meaning of the name Gevor

Gevor translated from Hebrew — conquering.

Gevor is an extraordinary person. He lives according to the laws understood by him alone, ignores public opinion, is indifferent to the judgment of outsiders. The generally accepted standards of morality is not for him, he does not need logic. He can calmly relate to global problems, and any trifle brings him out of balance and is able to turn into a real tragedy, which is often an obstacle to achieving this goal.

However, nature has endowed him with extraordinary intuition. He can foresee the outcome of the case and is able to take the necessary measures in time. He is patient and very picky about himself, especially when he follows his interests.

It has a phenomenal memory, a clear analytical mind. A good worker, his colleagues appreciate and respect him.

Gevor is thorough in everything he undertakes. He is fond of politics, well versed in financial matters. He is interested in everything that surrounds him.

An ardent opponent of injustice, but can not interfere in the affairs of others, if it does not concern him in any way. Friends in trouble does not throw, boldly rushes to their defense, so he has many friends, but not all of them are truly betrayed. Gevor knows each of them the price, but without communication with them can not exist.

He is very proud that it does not prevent him from easily adapting to different people, if circumstances so require.

In his personal life, Gevor is not too lucky, his difficult character does not allow him to find complete understanding with his wife. He is demanding, picky, grumbling. He does not know how to hide his irritation, if something does not go well at work, his bad mood strongly affects family relations.

But Gevor himself values ​​peace in life most of all, so his wife will have to silently demolish all the nagging of Gevor, calm him down and be tolerant. If Gevoru does not contradict, he quickly calms down. But with children, Gevor behaves completely differently, they never irritate him, he educates them in severity, but always gives them the opportunity to feel loved and desired.

Gevor is stubborn, but kind, stubborn and capricious and at the same time does not tolerate conflicts. Does not make reproaches, jealousy scenes. Himself quite jealous, although it hides it carefully, considering it as its weak point. Eternal contradictions and difficulties in communication haunt him in his family life.

All of the above applies to the family, with friends and acquaintances, he does not allow himself to do so. Gevor is a merry fellow and a humorist, he knows many funny stories.

Numerology of the male name Gevor

The two in the name of Gevor symbolize flexibility and perseverance. There are few such people and all because of the qualities that are present, alas, not many. This is kindness, responsiveness, understanding. At the same time, he can, when required, show hardness and inflexibility.

Gevor is able to reasonably defend his point of view, without reducing the dispute to a quarrel and insults. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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