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The mystery and significance of the name Dionysius

The mystery and significance of the name Dionysius

Dionysius — patroness of winemaking, see Dionysius. «Dedicated to Dionysus» (Greek)

In childhood, calm, obedient, but very sensitive. Charming, friendly to others. In games with children, docile, peaceful. A dreamy girl, has a developed imagination, with her questions puts adults in a difficult position.

She prefers to be friends with older children, her peers are not interested. You should not upset her: she has a weak nervous system, she is too impressionable, and she endures quarrels and quarrels with her parents. It should be protected from colds, it has weak lungs. It is undesirable for her to watch scary movies before going to bed, read scary tales.

The situation in the girl’s house should be calm, the way of life should be measured, it is desirable that she should follow the regime.

Dionysius avoids noisy and unbalanced children, prefers to play with calm. «July» Dionysius is extremely shy and indecisive. In all like father. Unfortunately, she is completely indifferent to the sport, but she likes to dance, draw, sculpt from plasticine.

With her, you often need to play outdoor games, make more to be in motion. If quarrels arise between the girl’s parents, Dionysius takes this to heart and may not fall asleep for a long time in the evening. At school she studies well in those subjects that her teacher likes: she will know this subject better than others.

Having matured, Dionysius becomes a sociable, benevolent girl, is the soul of the company. Parents can not worry about her, she is very strict in behavior, she spends most of her time at home, can go with her friend to the theater, museum, concert, does not like noisy companies. She is purposeful, reads serious literature, enjoys history.

She does not like being urged on, does not tolerate someone’s power over herself. It is difficult to rise in the morning, but it also goes to bed very late. By nature «owl».

Hard to fit with people, parting with pain in the soul. He has few friends, but if he makes friends with someone, then for the rest of his life. Dionysius is not too self-confident, constantly asks herself whether she is doing the right thing, whether she’s fair with others, sincerely so that she disarms her ill-wishers.

She is smart and unsophisticated.

Constant in their affections. She does not like to change jobs, but if she has to change her profession, she easily masters another: thanks to perseverance, she succeeds and becomes a worthwhile specialist. Successfully can work as a stewardess, guide, translator, pediatrician, journalist, children’s clothing designer, teacher, artist, laboratory assistant, biologist, make-up artist. The team is respected colleagues, non-contentious, reliable employee.

Mandatory, punctual. Perfectly cooks, has good taste. Hospitable, able to entertain guests.

It is preferable to marry her to marry a «summer» man.

Numerology of the female name of Dionysius

One, the number of the name of Dionysius, says a lot. Dionysius is a born leader who can lead people. Nature has endowed her with such rare qualities as purposefulness, straightforwardness and perseverance. She can handle any task that at first glance may seem impossible.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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