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The mystery and meaning of the name Yesenia

The mystery and meaning of the name Yesenia

Female names have secrets that women use with success. The name Esenia, which won its popularity due to the melodrama of the same name, is no exception, since many mysteries and secrets are associated with it.

Meaning and origin of the name Yesenia

This name became popular in the USSR after the release of the Mexican film “Yesenia” (dir. Alfredo B. Krevenna). However, his origin is most likely Slavic.

Scientists put forward a variety of versions, and until they come to a common opinion, you can choose the one that you like the most.

First point of view: Yesenia goes back to the word “Esen” — this is how our ancestors called autumn. It turns out that the name of Yesenia is “autumn”, in other words, a girl who was born in the fall.

It is curious, but another point of view is completely opposite to it: it is assumed that the name Esenia was formed from the word “spring”, and then it means “spring” — that is, born in spring.

It is widely believed that Yesenia was formed in the Soviet years on behalf of the poet Sergei Yesenin, but, despite external evidence, this version is not the main one.

The fourth hypothesis proposes to correlate the names of Yesenia and Xenia. If they really come from the same root, Esenia can be interpreted as a “foreigner”.

Finally, the latest version of the origin of this name — from the Arabic name Hassan — then it means «good» or «beautiful.» And along with the «seasonal» (spring-autumn) hypotheses, this version is still considered by scientists as one of the main ones. It is also elevated to the meaning “jasmine flower”.

Despite such conflicting versions and various meanings attributed to the name, it is still considered rare and exotic in its beauty.

The fate and character of the name Yesenia

Yesenia belongs to the type of people who immediately want to trust and open up. She knows how to have an interlocutor with her, usually she has a wide circle of communication, but she has few friends — all of them are time-tested and reliable.

Nature has not cheated Esenia with kindness and gentleness, the ability to reconcile opponents and find compromises: even in an argument she tries to listen to the opposite point of view. At the same time, in the character of Yesenia there is a place for both quick temper and obstinacy. But these features appear, for example, when Yesenia protects her dear person.

This is a whole nature in which different qualities get along without contradiction, complementing each other.

Sanity and the propensity to weigh the pros and cons help Yesenia to build his career. She becomes an executive officer and a soul soul for her business manager. Often, Yesenia finds his calling in charity, is engaged in philanthropy, can be carried away by volunteering.

In the team, it is easy for her to find both comrades-in-arms and detractors: with the first, Yesenia can later make friends, and the second bypasses, without stirring up conflicts, but preparing to defend her interests, if necessary.

In marriage, Yesenia usually enters immediately, having convinced of the reliability of the partner and having managed to get on her feet financially. She appreciates independence and, despite seeming humility, is a very freedom-loving girl. She will not tolerate pressure on her own nature and, with an authoritarian husband, is likely to be unhappy.

She needs a person who will support and understand her.

The meaning of the name Esenia for the child: choose the name of the girl

Yesenia grows up as an obedient girl who pleases parents, caregivers and teachers. She loves animals and will surely ask for a pet for her. It is important to explain to the girl that this is a crucial step, and then little Yesenia will approach the matter seriously. But if you regularly clean the parrot’s cage instead of it or wash the fish tank, the girl may grow capricious.

The joint work that adults will perform with her, on the contrary, will give Yesenia confidence.

The name Yesenia can be shortened in different ways: this is Esya, and Senya, and Sonya. Like the full name, its abbreviated forms sound quite soft, so that a daughter with that name will grow elegant, perhaps even resemble a doll, a real decoration and joy of the parents.

In order for Yesenia to be comfortable in the children’s team (and later simply in life), it is important for her to instill not only independence, but also sufficient confidence in herself. Then the softness and poetry of Esi will not be turned against her by complexes, and she will not let herself be offended.

Characteristic name Esenia

Energy: fluid, unhurried, like water and air at the same time. Sometimes Jesenia needs rest from the whole outside world in order to restore her energy defense. But do not climb into the shell and grow hostility to the world.

Nameday: You cannot find such a name in the church calendar. But this does not mean that Yesenia will lose his birthday: at baptism, you can choose a suitable name (for example, Ksenia) and mark names on the days corresponding to this name of your choice.

What patronymic is suitable for: this name is well matched by a strong male energy, so if the father of Hesenia is Alexander, Victor, Nikita, Nikolay, Igor, Martin, the combination will be good. The names of Slavic origin are also suitable, for example, Yaroslav, Bogdan, Svyatoslav, Vladimir. With them, the power of the name Yesenia will also find a balance.

Lucky number: eight.

Zodiacal: This name is suitable Taurus Zodiac; if you pick up the name of your daughter, and she was born under the Sign of Taurus, the name of Yesenia will suit her like no other. Also a good option would be an earthly, Virgo standing firmly on her feet or airy, autumn Scales.

Element: Air.

Stone Charm: agate, which helps to strengthen physical health and awakens female attractiveness. Emerald will also have a beneficial effect.

Metal: iron is not as refined as expensive metals, but it gives firmness and strength of mind.

Colour: better to show their qualities Yesenia help energetically charged, even hard colors, like black or red. The same effect has a motley combination that helps to strengthen all the qualities of Jesenia. Pastel and dull shades, on the contrary, give softness and mystery, but can strongly «pay off» the person.

Patron Planet: Jesenia has two heavenly patrons — Saturn and Mercury.

Totem animal: lark

Charm Plant: Yesenia is good to eat celery; This plant is considered a talisman at the physical level — it awakens the vital forces of Yeseniya to action.

Famous representatives: athlete from Latvia Yesenia Volzhankina (athletics), actress Yesenia Adame and, of course, Gypsy Yesenia, the heroine of the melodrama of the same name, thanks to whom this name became known.

Recognizing the secrets of your name, you can unravel other secrets — for example, pick up the key to close people or strengthen your strengths, bringing them to perfection.

Numerology of the female name Yesenia

Eight, the number of the name of Yeseni, speaks of decisiveness in actions and incredible receptivity, the ability to grasp everything on the fly. She likes everything to go smoothly, according to the schedule, although she knows that improvisation is sometimes useful. If we talk about the qualities, then this name gives out a strong nature, which is able to achieve all the goals, if there is a person nearby who is able to support.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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