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The mystery and meaning of the name Yasmina

The mystery and meaning of the name Yasmina

A name is a universal code of a person who accompanies his whole life. Knowing what secrets hides the name of Yasmin, his owner will certainly become happy.

Meaning and origin of the name

This name has Persian roots and is related to the name Jasmine, which many of us are familiar with, for example, from cartoons about this oriental beauty. In interpreting the name, the specialists are unanimous: “jasmine flower” and “paradise flower” — such is its meaning. It turns out that the owner of the name Yasmina is a refined and sublime nature.

Sometimes girls are called Jasmine. Therefore, the forms of the name can vary greatly in the East and in the West. So, in England, Yasmina will be called Jasmin, and in Tajikistan — Yesuman, but both of them will be namesakes, since their names are connected by common origin and history.

The fate and character of the name

As a rule, Yasmina is a bright, able to charm girl and woman. Such representatives of the fair sex are remembered by men for a long time, and rivals can only bite their elbows from annoyance. She is no stranger to competition and the desire to have only the best, so it will be difficult to contend with her.

But do not think that Yasmina’s whole life becomes an arena of fighting for a place under the sun. At home prefers comfort and tranquility. She respects and appreciates loved ones and relatives, and conflicts are not typical for her.

She is prone to compromise, and to dialogue, when the interlocutor has her to her.

Yasmina is very ambitious, so she prefers to work in such areas so that it brings her not only pleasure, but also material stability. The circle of interests is very wide: she can make a career in the field of medicine, open her own beauty salon, become a popular psychologist or associate her fate with the lawyer’s business. It is important to her that the work kindled interest and was in demand.

Yasmina is attractive, has internal attraction and is able to break more than one male heart. Jasmina chooses his life mate, guided, first of all, by the arguments of his heart, but by no means through clever calculations. Despite the practicality in everyday life and the desire to live securely, Yasmina strives to do a lot herself.

She is ready to become her husband and business partner, and the keeper of the hearth, so that the future family life depends largely on what her man chooses.

Yasmina’s character often reflects her home well. Exotic plants, a collection of unusual photos, sophisticated minimalism or flashy souvenirs from different countries of the world — her apartment can be very different, but she always gives the impression of a bright person who is ready to discover new things in the world and never ceases to amaze his charm.

The meaning of the name for the child: choose the name of the girl

Being a small child, Yasmina surprises parents with obedience, but not assiduity: the girl is carried away by everything around. She can often change hobbies, be willing to enroll in all developing circles at once, and even order the most unpredictable pets to parents.

Already in early childhood, Yasmina formed a strong character, so it is important not to indulge her daughter’s whims, but at the same time show that her opinion is listened to. Then Yasmina quickly learns to negotiate with others, and it will be much easier for her to build relationships in the future. In the case of authoritarian pressure, the girl can grow up, losing many of the qualities of her name.

As for school success, Yasmina tries to please with her grades, and she succeeds. Unsuccessfulness can be connected only with a lack of interest, but usually girls with this name are interested in everything in the world, from a small bug to a huge universe.

You can shorten the name Yasmina to the forms Yasya or Mina or Yasmin — in the oriental manner.

Name feature

Energy Name: as bright as its owner, but very unstable. Outbreaks of activity and enthusiasm at Yasmina can be replaced by expectation and long breaks. It is very important to rest in time and alternate activities in order not to “burn out” ahead of time.

To which patronymic Jasmin’s name fits: ideally, if the name of the girl’s father Yasmina is of Eastern origin. But the Greek or Roman name can also highlight the best qualities of Yasmina. For example, the names Alexander and Victor, strong in their energy, are perfectly combined with the name Yasmin.

Lucky number and numerological mascot: deuce.

Zodiacal: suitable for changeable zodiac signs like Gemini, Cancer or Libra.

Element: the water is just as changeable and turbulent when it overflows.

Stone Charm: Yasmina is considered the stone of Yasmina.

Patron Planet: the name Yasmin corresponds to the Moon; she gives Yasmina the enchanting female energy.

Metal Yasmina and the Moon: Silver.

Totem animal: sea ​​Horse.

Charm Plant: The best flower for Yasmina will, of course, be jasmine. It is very favorable for Yasmina to acquire a jasmine bush in front of the house or on the backyard. Another decoration of her garden will be lilies.

Colour: white — a symbol of purity, the color of the moon and jasmine petals.

Famous representatives: Jasmina Reza — Frenchwoman, actress, writer, playwright, Jasmina Mikhailovich — literary critic and critic in Serbia, Jasmin Wöhr is an athlete from Germany. An unusual fact about the name of Yasmin — just such a pseudonym (Yasmina Khadra) was taken by the Algerian writer Mohammed Mulesula, a nominee and winner of literary awards, in order to circumvent strict military censorship.

For representatives of the name can not create a strict classification and drive them into narrow confines. She may be the hostess of the house, in her free time making custom-made culinary masterpieces, and a business woman, who can handle male competitors. One thing will surely remain common — when meeting Yasmina, it’s hard not to remember not only her name, but her name as well!

Numerology of the female name Yasmina

The two in the name of Yasmin symbolize flexibility and perseverance. There are few such people and all because of the qualities that are present, alas, not many. This is kindness, responsiveness, understanding.

At the same time, she can, when required, show firmness and inflexibility. Yasmina is able to reasonably defend his point of view, without reducing the dispute to a quarrel and insults. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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