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The mystery and meaning of the name Yana

The mystery and meaning of the name Yana

Any name has its own special energy. The name Yana gives women many qualities that help them in love affairs, and in self-realization, and in finding themselves.

Meaning and origin of the name

Yana is a truly multinational name that is popular both in Russia and far beyond its borders. He knows both Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

But the origin of the name of Jan is fanned by mystery and mystery. Scientists argue about Yana to this day, defending two different theories. The first one says that Yana is the female version of the male name Yang, which, in turn, comes from the name of John.

The second camp of scientists says that the name is much older, since it appeared in ancient Rome. At that time, the Romans had the god Janus, who was in charge of time and the intertwining of fates. The name is translated as «door».

Yana is a name found even in the most unexpected places of our world. In view of this, it has a huge number of meanings, but the most important value, which is preferred in Europe and Russia, is either the Hebrew translation “God’s mercy” or its ancient Roman counterpart — “the beginning,” “the door.”

The fate and character of Yana

Yana is intelligent, and her mind is usually developed not in one, but in many directions. A strongly developed sixth sense, which tells them the right path, helps these girls to achieve success in life. The fate of Yana depends very much on how she was raised. The choice of profession and life goals also depends on the parents.

The yans are in many ways independent, but senior family members are helping them to choose the mainstream.

Usually, the fate of Yana is built in a favorable way. In the life of these women there are few problems and misfortunes, because they are careful, prudent and do not like to risk in vain. The character of Yang is balanced, if not to say reinforced concrete.

They can get out of the most unpleasant situations, maintaining calm and prudence. Difficult decisions and dilemmas also resolve once or twice, without any problems.

Cute and fluffy, she is rare and only with those who have passed the «test of time» — with her husband and their children. Mom from Yana turns out very good, but strict and demanding.

With men, Yana behaves cautiously, because he knows almost everything about them. She usually begins to study men from her father, remembering everything from childhood, because genetically these women have a craving for knowledge and caution.

Yana is better not to swear. It is so explosive that any person can get out of a collision by a loser and recover for a very long time. Despite her often difficult nature, Jana gets along easily with people. Her children respect her and love her husband, despite her severity.

She often sees this and tries to become different, and sometimes she does it, for which she is respected even more.

The meaning of the name Yang for the child: we select the name of the children

In childhood, Jan is very submissive. If you want an intelligent and independent child who will not offend you with his carelessness and irresponsibility, then call your daughter Yana. This girl will love you with all her heart and respect.

From childhood, she will live according to the principle of “like you, me, and I will tell you,” so you should not educate her in excessive severity.

From a small hardworking Yana can get both an athlete and a good actress. Yana can become a doctor, a teacher, in a word, by anyone. The main thing is to show her the way.

The route the child can build himself.

Characteristic name of Jan

Energy Name: This name is incredibly strong. Power Yana can suffer any attacks. To break this woman will not work in the usual ways, since any problems make her only stronger.

In order for her to weaken her defense, she must make her life more calm and measured. When she becomes a mother, her thick armor falls a little, and the world sees her inner light.

Name day Yana July 10 and December 28.

To which patronymic Yana’s name fits: Andreevna, Mikhailovna, Olegovna, Antonovna, Denisovna, Igorevna, Dmitrievna.

Patron Animal: an ant, because Yana is not afraid of work and responsibilities. She will never leave the case unfinished.

Element name: Yana is a mixture of fire and air. It is difficult to attribute to a certain element, but many experts insist more on fire.

Zodiac sign: The most appropriate signs for Yana are Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn.

Stone Charm: ruby or jade. Jade will give Yana health and keep her from the evil eye or curse, and a ruby ​​will help to melt the icy heart and open her soul to the right person.

Metal: despite the fact that Yana is strong and independent, gold will suit her as a metal-decoration.

Colour: yellow or green. Yana needs to avoid red color and its shades, because it will help light the wick from the bomb. But yellow and green will calm and protect Yana from overwork.

Planet: courageous and warlike Mars, as well as calm and cold Pluto.

Auspicious day of the week: Tuesday.

Plant: pion. This flower is the personification of the strength of character and the desire for wealth, luck and prosperity.

Lucky number: four.

Famous representatives: Yana Romanova (USSR athlete), Yana Poplavskaya (USSR actress), Yana Rudkovskaya (music producer), Yana Churikova (TV presenter).

Jan is hard as a stone, and this “male” trait is very much for her. Yana is strong, intelligent and irresistible. This cocktail can turn the head of any man who will meet on her way.

For Yana, there are simply no barriers in life — they always know what they want.

Numerology of the female name of Jan

This is a person who seeks harmony with his inner world and with those around him, which is promoted by the number of the name four. Impression and emotion distinguish it from the rest, giving a certain detachment, dreaminess, but at the same time Yana remains an excellent interlocutor. She has something to talk about, she has her own point of view on any question.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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