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The mystery and meaning of the name Trifon

The mystery and meaning of the name Trifon

In luxury living life (Greek)

It is difficult to cope with an early childhood with a boy bearing such a name — he is stubborn from the first days of birth: naughty, if he doesn’t like something, refuses to eat, if he has a bad mood, and it is impossible to force him to do something. Even after a year, you need to persuade him to eat if he refuses to do so. He may be hungry, but if he is offended by his mother, he will not touch the food until he sees that they have apologized to him. Yielding to such a child is fraught with consequences, it absorbs well all the information and will come up with more sophisticated ways to annoy your loved ones.

It is possible to change such superiority of a baby only in one way — let him starve. And maybe this is not only in early childhood.

When Trifon is brought up by patient and reasonable parents, such a period in his life quickly passes, and the boy becomes balanced; whims disappear without a trace. At school, he is a good student, although it is difficult for him to be attentive in class. He does not want to upset his parents, respects their opinion, values ​​their good attitude towards himself and gets good grades. But Tryphon’s behavior is always a problem.

Parents are often summoned to school, the entire diary is freaked out with remarks. Trifon is restless, but he is a staunch fighter for justice. Parents need to try to distract him from such problems through sports or in various circles.

He is not indifferent to technology, is fond of modeling aircraft, ships. Let him do what he likes! Often after graduation, Triphon goes to the Institute of Shipbuilding, to the Institute of Physical Education. This is his vocation.

And the strength and ingenuity he does not hold.

Trifon is easy to communicate, but never throws words to the wind. Mandatory and punctual, does not allow others to be negligent and disrespectful to anyone. Trifon has a good memory, developed intuition, analytical mindset. He does not consider it shameful to consult with more experienced comrades.

He cannot be called shy or withdrawn — he is open to communication. He willingly shares his ideas with colleagues, trusts them, is not afraid that he will stand aside when they will reap laurels. Colleagues pay him gratitude and considerable respect, his authority is undeniable.

Trifon marries unexpectedly, and not only for loved ones, but also for himself. In one day, decides that he has found his ideal, and informs everyone. Never hides his true feelings, truthful and frank with his beloved. In his personal life is happy, his choice is usually successful.

Both boys and girls are often born to him, but he pays more attention to his son, although he treats his daughter more carefully and warmerly: he considers it his duty to raise a real man from his son, and you can be pampered.

Numerology of the male name Trifon

Two in the name Trifon symbolizes flexibility and perseverance. There are few such people and all because of the qualities that are present, alas, not many. This is kindness, responsiveness, understanding.

At the same time, he can, when required, show hardness and inflexibility. Trifon is able to reasonably defend his point of view, not reducing the dispute to a quarrel and insults. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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