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The mystery and meaning of the name of Eugene

The mystery and meaning of the name of Eugene

It is no secret that each name has its own characteristics and characteristics. Knowing everything about the name of Eugene, you can solve the riddle of his own personality — If you are Eugene — or learn more about the representative of this name.

Meaning and origin of the name

This name is the female form of the male name Eugene. They come from the same Greek root. The name of Eugene can be translated as «noble blood» or «highborn.»

This name is known in Russia for a long time. It gained its popularity first in the nobility circles. True, there girls in the French manner were called Eugène, from whom the diminutive form Eugene was later formed.

Often, Eugene can be reduced to Eve, which, undoubtedly, also leaves an imprint on the person.

The nature and fate of the name of Eugene

The owners of this name have to their honesty and openness. Eugene does not like gossip or empty talk, knows how to keep secrets, and others appreciate it. Eugenia can be trusted with any secret and not be afraid that in a couple of days what was said will become the property of all mutual friends. The inner nobility, characteristic of Eugenia, is manifested in other things.

She is fair in deeds and judgments, and also perfectly self-controlled.

As a rule, Eugenia loves sophisticated things, knows how to present herself, dresses with taste and takes time not only for her appearance, but also for her inner beauty. She strives to make an impression in conversation, tries to be an erudite and diversified person. Of the negative qualities of Eugenia, one can only call suspicion: the owner of this name can find a disease in herself that is not known to any doctor, or suspect that she is not much liked by the new team, although in fact there is no mention of it.

In the character of Eugene, modesty and ambition coexist, under certain conditions, it is characterized by self-sacrifice, and some selfishness, moreover, one does not contradict the other. For example, Evgenia is ready to do a lot for the sake of her loved ones or people whom she considers worthy. But she is not devoid of thirst for recognition and certainly will not tolerate insults or neglect of her person.

With due self-confidence, Evgenia is building a very impressive career, and her best qualities help her in this. For example, from Evgenia you will get an incorruptible lawyer or judge. Her good taste and a developed sense of beauty can be useful to her in various fields of art, from professional photography to modern dance.

Evgenia feels well the inner world of people, so that she can get carried away by writing a novel or psychology.

The fate of Eugene connects with a proven and reliable person — the same as what she considers herself. Before she meets her beloved and sole, Eugenia can be very strict with the claimants for a relationship, even if their intentions are quite serious. At home she is comfortable, because in life and family, she invested a lot and diligently.

She knows how to find harmony with her man so that no one in a pair feels slighted or inferior to the other half for the sake of her well-being. If Eugenia sacrifices a career herself, she does it without hesitation and internal calculation, preparing to devote herself to the children. If the spouses decide to work together, Eugene will be a supporter of a compromise.

She will not tolerate deception or betrayal, as she considers them unacceptable to herself.

The value of the name of Eugene for the child

In childhood, Eugene is calm, balanced and not a problem child. She herself can find something to do for herself, likes to draw or read, maybe from an early age get carried away with needlework or another kind of hobby that is harmless and eye-pleasing. However, if this little Eugene does not develop physically, she can often get sick.

With peers Eugene finds a common language not immediately. However, Eugene’s friends and girlfriends are, with rare exceptions, reliable people you can rely on. Very often, Eugene brings school friendship through many years and even his whole life.

At school, Zhenya is distinguished by her diligence, even if some items are not given to her. Usually she does well where she is interested. When choosing the name Zhenya for her daughter, parents should be ready to support her and help develop self-confidence.

Children’s complexes or fears can affect its future character, so it is important to support Eugene in childhood, and she will certainly respond the same when she grows up.

Reduce the name of Eugene can be different: the most popular options are Zhenya, Zheka or Eve.

Characteristic name of Eugene

Energy Name: even, harmonious, strong enough due to the relationship with a male name Eugene. But it can survive periods of recession, when Eugene is not in a mood or recovering from an illness. At such moments, Eugenia needs support and comfort.

Nameday: Eugenia celebrates birthday on January 6, the day of Eugenia of Rome. Eugenia was born in a wealthy genus professing paganism. Believing in Christ, being a representative of the nobility, she changed into a man’s dress in order to secretly leave her native land from her parents and go to the monastery.

What patronymic name is suitable: Vadimovna, Gennadievna, Sergeevna, Aleksandrovna, Andreevna, Antonovna, Valeryevna, Vladimirovna, Ivanovna.

Lucky number: Five — the number of real honors in all areas of life.

Zodiacal: the name fits girls born under the Capricorn Sign.

Element name: air.

Stone Charm: green stones — the emerald will be a good talisman.

Metal: tin.

Colour: any dark shades of blue and green will be Eugenia to face.

Patron Planet: decisive and warlike Mars will give Eugene firmness of character and strength of will.

Totem animal: mountain goat.

Charm Plant: as a defense for Eugenia, strong plants are suitable, for example, fir — a coniferous tree with a strong energy, hawthorn with powerful thorns or thistle — a famous talisman against evil forces.

Famous representatives: Saint Eugene of Rome. Eugenia Montijo, daughter of the Spanish earl and wife of Napoleon III, was considered a trendsetter in the times of the “second Rococo”. Evgenia Ginzburg, journalist and memoirist. Evgenia Simonova, actress and People’s Artist of Russia.

As a pseudonym the name of Eugene was used by the countess and writer Elizaveta Salias de Tournemire.

Numerology of the female name of Eugene

Five — the number under the sign of which is the name of Eugene. The five are not only privileges, but also obligations. Mind, hard work, perseverance, responsibility, pedantry, punctuality, accuracy.

In addition to these advantages, it is distinguished by high moral qualities, which few can boast. In this case, Eugene is not arrogant and can soberly assess their merits. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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