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The mystery and meaning of the name of Alexander

The mystery and meaning of the name of Alexander

The name of Alexander carries a special energy and strength. Despite the fact that initially it has a male origin, the owners of such a name manage to combine femininity and the inner core, which allows to achieve the desired.

Meaning and origin of the name

Alexander’s name has several roots. From history it is known that it appeared in Greece and almost immediately spread to other nations. In Russia, this name was especially popular under the rule of Alexander Nevsky — first in his “male” role, and then in the female one.

Translated from the Greek, it means “protector”, “preserving”, “giving hope and help”. There are also short forms of this name: Alexania, Sanya, Aleksasha, Sasha, Sashulya, Shura, Shuren, Alex, Aleksyusha.

The fate and character of the name of Alexander

The character of Sasha’s girl will be strong-willed, and how much this feature will manifest will depend on the color of the carrier’s name. However, Alexandra will retain her features at a conscious age, since in childhood she will not be denied anything.

On the one hand, dedication and even harshness in character will help Alexandra achieve her goals and successfully build a career in any field. But it is precisely these traits that can play a negative role in her life, since, bearing in mind the origin of her name, many Sasha consider themselves to be not sufficiently attractive and feminine.

The owner of this name is independent, loves solitude, prone to reflection and analysis. In the character of Alexandra, there is also caution: before taking certain actions, she will think several times and figure out all possible options.

In the life of Alexander is a big optimist. She boldly takes on any business that seems interesting to her, and will definitely bring it to the end. She does not like to hesitate and tries to do everything in the shortest possible time.

Such speed and speed of decision making does not prevent her from calculating all possible options and making the right choice. Therefore, it is often women with such a name who become leaders and are able to achieve leadership positions.

However, the position of the boss can quickly bore Alexandra, and despite everything, first of all, the expectations of others, she is able to choose work related to communication and travel. Her range of interests is so large that she can choose any profession that pleases and achieve the best result in her. Therefore, one cannot say about Sasha that only leadership positions are suitable for her.

She is a talented and versatile person.

Alexandra’s chosen one will be very lucky, because if she meets with someone, let alone start a family, then only with great love. Alexandra’s feelings know no boundaries, she is a passionate lover, a good friend and a great housewife. Of course, not everyone can get used to her saturated rhythm of life, but after the cessation of communication with such kind of men it will be difficult to return to a measured pace.

Therefore, linking their fate with Alexandra will not be able to complain about everyday life or a boring marriage.

The value of the name of Alexander for the child

At school, Sasha loves to attend additional circles and sports clubs, so she does not have enough time for gossip and various tricks. But to get out of the house and keep house does not like and does it only when absolutely necessary. Alexandra grows up with inventive and creative kind, but she is not compliant — it is necessary to bear in mind the girl’s parents when they choose the name of Alexandr for the child.

If Sasha is one child in the family, then she can grow up to be a rather spoiled girl, so it is important for her parents to track this moment as well. At first, Sasha has few friends, because she is rather secretive and does not trust everyone he meets, but this same circumstance will save young Alexander from many troubles and help her find faithful and reliable friends.

Characteristics of the name of Alexander

Energy Name: Alexander’s name is associated with independence, a strong-willed character and purposefulness.

Name Day Alexandra: 2.04, 6.05, 18.05, 31.05, 9.11, 19.11, 12.12.

To which patronymic the name of Alexandra fits: Yuryevna, Naumovna, Mironovna, Adamova, Oskarovna.

Patron Animal: dog breed

Element name: Air

Stone Charm: Aventurine

Patron metals: aluminum, silver

Colour: Orange

Planet: Jupiter

Plant: oak

Lucky number: one

Famous representatives: Alexandra Fedorovna Romanova — Russian empress, Alexandra Pakhmutova — composer, Alexandra Goncharova — Russian actress, Alexandra Zabelina — athlete and Olympic fencing champion, Alexandra Glagolieva-Arkadieva — physicist, Alexandra Pivovarova — Russian top model, Alexandra Timoshenko — athletic on artistic gymnastics .

Numerology of the female name of Alexander

One, the number of the name of Alexander, says a lot. Alexandra is a born leader, capable of leading people. Nature has endowed her with such rare qualities as purposefulness, straightforwardness and perseverance. She can handle any task that at first glance may seem impossible.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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