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The mystery and meaning of the name Lyalya

The mystery and meaning of the name Lyalya

The name Lyalya has several versions of the origin. According to the first version, the name Lyalya is a Persian name, which is translated from Arabic as “tulip”. Some Muslim nations call this name their children.

It has different variants of pronunciation — among the Tajik and Uzbeks — Lola, among the Turks — Lale, and among the Arabs — Lyalya. In the Azerbaijani language there is the name of Lal, which also means «tulip».

According to the second version, the name Lyalya has Slavic roots, so the Slavs called the goddess of spring, who was the daughter of the goddess Lada, the goddess of beauty, love and fertility. Young maiden Lyalya appears in dresses of flowers and greenery with a wreath of primroses on her head. Lyala conquers Winter and carries everywhere her kingdom of warmth and love.

Also the name Lyalya is a fairly common name among Gypsies.

Lala is a very bright, playful, sociable girl. She is charming and elegant, seeks to please and delight. The owners of this name are focused on the outside world and it is very important for them that they are noticed by others.

Lala is always full of ideas, likes to lead the process in order to achieve the goal.

Lyalya is a born artistic gift, she perfectly adapts to any changes, knows how to imitate various emotions. Lala has a critical mind and a keen sense of observation. She is curious and interested in everything that can lead to some instability.

But the owner of this name does nothing to the detriment of someone, this instability is needed in order to generate new ideas, find new ways to achieve the goal.

Lala loves to travel. She is rarely melancholic, loves games and fun, ready to play anything and anytime, especially in the company.

Lala should listen to the advice of her friends, because, oddly enough, she can behave very selfishly, concentrate only on her personal motives and only her own interests, completely ignoring others. For the harmonious development of Lyali, it would be very desirable that she grow up among brothers or sisters. To the owner of this name has learned to participate in the activities of groups, collectivism and a sense of solidarity.

The girl named Lyalya is refined, sensitive to harmony or art, it will be difficult for her to please. For her, sentimental life is of paramount importance. Lala is married only for love.

She will look for her husband for herself almost perfect, but definitely loved.

Some of the positive qualities Lyala possesses are the ability to resolve disputes, diplomacy, and the ability to convince. She has a sense of tact, ability to cooperate, peacefulness, courtesy. Lyalya is sincere, modest, sensitive and at the same time meticulously meticulous, loves facts, seldom included in controversy.

To some extent, the negative features of Lyali can be called the advantages of her character. She is very conscientious, shy, shy and timid. Her excessive scrupulousness, pedantry can prevent quickly reaching the goal, and slyness, excessive femininity distract from the essence, the true purpose.

For Lyali it is very important to achieve respect and love of others.

In family life, Lyalya will try to please her parents, both her husband’s and her husband’s parents. Lala feels a constant need to feel loved, so her husband should not forget to pay attention to her betrothed.

Owners of the name Lyalya choose for themselves a very versatile areas of activity. Lala prefers to choose what to become. When choosing a profession, Lyalya focuses on her preferences, so she can work in areas where support is needed for other professions and accuracy and attention to detail (medicine, law, education), or the need for communication or contact with other people (speaker, singer, professor, leader, writer, journalist).

Also often finds his vocation in creative professions (designer, sculptor).

Numerology of the female name Lyalya

Two in the name Lyala symbolizes flexibility and perseverance. There are few such people and all because of the qualities that are present, alas, not many. This is kindness, responsiveness, understanding.

At the same time, she can, when required, show firmness and inflexibility. Lala is able to reasonably defend his point of view, not reducing the dispute to quarrel and insults. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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