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The mystery and meaning of the name Jeremy

The mystery and meaning of the name Jeremy

The name Jeremy is the English version of the Hebrew name Jeremiah (Yirmiyahu), which translates as «the Lord will magnify.» Russian form of the name Jeremiah — Eremey.

Jeremy is very reasonable and patient. He is able to convince. From the side it may seem tedious.

At the same time, a man with this name is never amenable to public opinion, is objective and can be vindictive. In many matters, Jeremy is too self-confident. Under the calm exterior hides a storm of emotions.

He has excellent intuition, good response and high performance. Expressing his emotions, Jeremy can cause anxiety of his colleagues with his activity and aggressiveness. In his work, he is great at embodying long-term projects. He is able to manipulate people, which is very helpful in his life.

No one can argue with the intellectual abilities of this man. Loves to learn everything new. People of such a warehouse make excellent politicians, intelligence officers, police officers and missionaries.

They strive for moral freedom and deny any moral norms.

In family life, they have many problems. They do not want and can not wait. Sex for them is, above all, an instinct than a manifestation of love.

Jeremy is very sociable, loves communication. To win his respect, such a person must constantly be resisted and resisted.

In life, Jeremy strives for stability, values ​​traditions, always shows himself to be a calm and sensible person. The immediate benefit he will never put above his reputation. To solve the problems Jeremy goes the liberal way.

He does not use radical measures to achieve the goals. Among his colleagues, Jeremy does not stand out leadership qualities. He is a diligent and capable employee.

Some owners of this name can be complacent and arrogant towards others.

The main life value for Jeremy is his family and close friends. He is a good father and loyal friend.

Jeremy’s soft and romantic soul is hidden from the outside world behind the screen of practicality. He needs to constantly express himself, share ideas with like-minded people. He is peace-loving and sensitive to any external factors.

Depending on the situation, he can be talkative and resolve any issue as a mediator. This man is almost never deceived by appearance, but is able to understand the true essence of things.

He has a strong sense of dignity. Among those around him, Jeremy is always seeking love and respect. Jeremy is always ready to come to the rescue in a difficult moment, to provide support and care if necessary.

Sometimes he can be shy. But at the same time, the predatory nature of the owner of this name takes its own.

Numerology of the male name Jeremy

This is a person who seeks harmony with his inner world and with those around him, which is promoted by the number of the name four. Impression and emotion distinguish him from the rest, giving a certain detachment, dreaminess, but at the same time Jeremy remains an excellent conversationalist. He has something to talk about, he has his own point of view on any question.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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