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The mystery and meaning of the name Gohar

The mystery and meaning of the name Gohar

The name Gohar is an Armenian female name. It comes from the Persian word “gokhar” (“gavkhar”, “gauhar”), meaning “precious stone”, “gem”, in Arabic it sounds like “javhar”. The name Gohar is translated as “jewel”, “pearl”, “diamond”, it can also be interpreted as “sparkling”, “brilliant”, “sparkling”, “sparkling”.

The Persian word “gavhar” (“Javhar”) formed not only the name Gohar, but also the Indian name Jawaharlal (male), the Chechen name Johar (male), the Azerbaijani name Govhar. And the name Gohar can also sound like Goarin.

The girl Gohar always says what she thinks. Enough authoritarian, likes to lead. At the same time very charming, refined and elegant.

You will often meet her in high spirits, smiling, rather than sad. Closely monitor their appearance, prefers to follow the fashion.

Gohar has great willpower, capable of long and purposefully achieve the desired. Not afraid of work, disciplined, bold in making decisions, a reliable employee and comrade. Gohar is not devoid of ambition, she likes to hear praise for the results achieved by her.

He perceives criticism very painfully, even if it concerns not her own, but the work done, the result obtained. Gohar is inclined to egocentrate everything on herself, seeks to prove to the whole world what it is worth. But in general, this girl herself is in great control, prefers to live in peace and harmony with others.

Gohar has such traits as responsibility, perseverance, and patience. For men in her arsenal, there are such qualities as meekness, sexuality, devotion. Gohar is the personification of the true female image in the male sense.

Gohar becomes arrogant, assertive, when she is angry, when she has to “defend” her point of view “in battle”. She is attentive and careful in words, in acquaintances, she will deliberately not do evil and meanness to anyone.

Gohar-conscious girl, committed to order, accuracy, stability and security. Her family reigns harmony, home comfort. She is very attached to traditions and moral values.

He likes to host, raise children. But still, his main vocation is seen not at the family hearth, but in work.

Gohar prefers active work related to the achievement of certain results. Therefore, often the owners of this name choose administrative, managerial positions (state employees, managers), are interested in politics, real estate, global projects. Gohar has well-developed organizational skills, she is able to talk to people, and she is well versed in negotiation skills.

Always seeking to improve their knowledge and skills.

Numerology of the female name Gohar

The number of the name Gohar three is a strong number that has a huge impact on the person. Three can be compared with the pyramid, and Gohar is always at its top. Readability, intelligence, charm, self-development and a small proportion of explicable vanity are its distinguishing features. There are always people around who come for advice or just to raise their morale, because the optimism of the troika infects.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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