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The mystery and meaning of the name Gerasim

The mystery and meaning of the name Gerasim

The name that came from the ancient Greek language means «respectable, respected person.»

Gerasim soon becomes an independent, serious, balanced boy. He does a lot around the house, willingly helps his mother, tinkers with his father with any equipment, likes to make things. However, Gerasim is very secretive, he keeps all his feelings in himself, does not like to share intimate things even with close people.

Very vulnerable, hard to bear the offense, does not tolerate criticism.

In adolescence, his secrecy can be the cause of many troubles and even nervous illness. Gerasim is capable of rash acts, rarely hears the opinions of loved ones and takes into account anyone’s advice. For example, he can tell his parents that he will marry tomorrow, without even introducing his parents to the chosen one, without even hinting that he has taken such an important life step. However, more often than not, his choice turns out to be quite successful, the second marriage for the carriers of this name is rare.

He cherishes his family, is very attached to the house, adores children.

He achieves great success in his professional activity, he usually chooses professions related to engineering, he can successfully pursue science. He is fluent in words, pen, can be a journalist, a writer. Scrupulous in business, thorough in everything that he undertakes. It has a developed sense of humor, a critical mindset.

Interested in politics, sports. He achieves all life benefits independently, never counting on someone’s help. Generous, generous soul.

Does not tolerate the miserly, greedy people are often the object of his ridicule. Gerasim is very kind to old people, never leaves parents without care and attention. She gets along well with her parents, and maintains relations with the parents of all her friends.

He is loved and respected by all.

Gerasim is a good owner, likes to mess around at his summer cottage, willingly makes crafts, tries to do everything he needs with his own hands. Any breakage in the house is not a problem for him, he will be able to fix everything. Apartment renovation rarely trusts someone else, prefers to do it himself.

His only drawback is that he does not listen to anyone, he does everything on his own.

His work is so enthralling that he can forget about his home and family for a while, he has to finish what he has started, he goes into work and only success can bring him back to real life. However, the family for the always busy Gerasim is a safe haven, without it he would not be able to achieve such results as he would like. Gerasim is a whole person, he knows what he wants, knows how to realize himself as a person

Numerology of the male name Gerasim

The number of the name Gerasim is nine, almost infinity, bearing at the same time thoroughness. He stands firmly on his feet, relying on his strength. His judgments are somewhat categorical, but always sincere.

In general, honesty for him is not an empty sound, it is a life principle, a vector that directs. Gerasim expects sincerity from others, but does not always receive it. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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