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The mystery and meaning of the name Eugene

The mystery and meaning of the name Eugene

The history of the name goes back to ancient Greece. It translates as «noble» or «generous.» In Russia, the name Eugene was not widespread until about the 19th century. Basically, so called children from noble families.

The fact is that at that time the nobility used mainly the French language, while the French equivalent of the name Eugene was very popular. French Eugene — Eugene, English — Owen or Eugene, Scandinavian and European — Eugen. This is one of the most common names in the world.

In Russia, his popularity has recently fallen a little.

Fate name

An innate talent for diplomacy suggests that Eugene is a man without a conflict, although he can stand up for himself or his family in any situation. Eugene becomes a great dad and a good husband. Even if the temperament of Eugene is a choleric person, they will never stop anger at his child or his beloved wife.

Eugene is always looking for girls and women with whom there is something to talk about. «Pros» he does not choose. In a woman he appreciates a bright character, high intelligence. Eugene will not even mind if his wife is smarter than he. He does not complex in this regard.

On the contrary, he is ready to grow and develop in order to correspond to the level that he has determined for himself. The only negative Eugene — he can not, without new emotions in love, so it is not always true to his soul mate. He is also very jealous.

Eugene often chooses a job that does not imply a creative approach, because he does not want to face problems. Eugene prefers to perform clear and understandable tasks. Eugene can become a programmer, soldier, builder, scientist. Sometimes Eugene chooses a teacher’s path, but he’s not really good at it, because he’s very loyal.

In the work, which implies career growth, Eugene shows himself from the best side, because he always reaches out for more and strives to become better. Equally well, Eugene can express himself both in a team and in solo work.

Eugene often becomes the soul of the company. He has a lot of friends, so he rarely feels lonely in adulthood.

When Eugene matures, he becomes hot-tempered, but he quickly cools down and asks for forgiveness for his words and deeds. He is not afraid to appear weak, therefore he is able to admit mistakes, shows responsiveness in any situation. Most importantly, an adult Eugene knows how to forgive people for their shortcomings, which is why he himself is often given a second chance.

The nature of the boy with this name

Already in childhood, little Zhenya can gather around him all the children in the yard. He loves to play in the company, so almost never alone. Even if he doesn’t try at all, he still does well at school, but because of his popularity there may be behavioral problems.

Eugene is very restless and active. He is very tired of the lessons, so he needs to be given the opportunity to rest more often. He has an innate ability to sport.

It is best to give Eugene in the section of team sports games.

Closer to the age of 14, Zhenya’s kindness is replaced by a hot temper. This is absolutely normal, so parents should not look for flaws in education. It just had to happen: it would seem as if they would replace little Eugene, but that would only mean that he was growing up.

The main thing in this period is not to undermine his self-esteem. His self-confidence should not falter.

The boy may suddenly become secretive, so communicate with him more and in no case make him remarks aimlessly. He takes everything with hostility. If you keep his children’s interest in the world around him, then a very erudite man can grow out of it.

Compatibility Name Eugene

Eugene is waiting for a happy marriage and relations with the owners of such names as Polina, Marina, Uliana, Nadezhda, Natalia, Angela, Regina, Tatyana, Karina.

Numerology of the male name Eugene

One, the number of the name Eugene, says a lot. Eugene is a born leader, able to lead people. Nature has endowed him with such rare qualities as purposefulness, straightforwardness and perseverance. He is capable of any task that at first glance may seem impossible.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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