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The mystery and meaning of the name Esmeralda

The mystery and meaning of the name Esmeralda

Emerald, precious. «Emerald» (isp.) Emotional, energetic, persistent. The nervous system is unstable. Esmeralda is unstable in decisions, her mood is changeable, she is capricious and uncompromising, it is difficult to educate. It is impossible to predict how she will react to this or that action of her relatives.

With age, Esmeralda’s character almost does not change, she is proud, independent, obstinate. Despite this, like men, has many friends. Many love and respect her. Esmeralda is fair, honest, and it attracts others to her.

She is cheerful, has a subtle sense of humor, an interesting, knowledgeable companion.

In achieving the goal Esmeralda persistently. If she conceived something, she persistently gets her way, without turning from the chosen path and not paying attention to the insults and disappointments inflicted on her. She will deal with offenders afterwards, first you need to achieve what you want.

While others, in search of shorter and easier achievement of success, go astray, deviating now to the right, then to the left, Esmeralda stubbornly moves forward.

«Summer» Esmeralda, especially the «July», — more compliant, capable of forgiveness, does not know how to hold onto evil for a long time. However, too, is stubborn when it comes to its interests. Can give in, but with a distant sight.

Esmeralda reluctantly gives advice, but if any of her friends bothered with such an honor, then just let her try not to follow her advice. She herself will make sure that everything is done as she said.

«Winter» Esmeralda does not tolerate lies; reacting to it becomes aggressive, its actions in such cases are unpredictable. Does not like praise, flattery: just does not believe in the sincerity of what was said.

«Autumn» Esmeralda needs to have a purpose in life, she cannot live in peace, she needs to fight with something or someone, to strive for something, to overcome something. If a lull happens in her life, she will use the problems of her neighbors. And few people can sustain its rhythm of life.

Knowing her character, her friends try to take her something, distract her, throw ideas to her, if only she would take less active part in their life.

«Spring» Esmeralda is like a hurricane. Her energy is inexhaustible. She is a very talented, bright personality.

She is interested in her, she is a keen nature, she is able to captivate others. Good organizer. However, such Esmeralda is very vulnerable and capricious.

Can not stand resistance, bickering. She is always right, and arguing with her is not only useless, but also unsafe. Esmeralda is hot-tempered, can in a hurry to say a lot of unpleasant words.

But he never regrets what happened, he quickly forgets everything and wonders why someone is offended at her.

Esmeralda can not be happy, completely, if it does not have a reliable family rear. And she is able to build a happy, friendly family. Loves spending time with children.

But when they grow up, it takes too active part in their personal life, leaving no chance for independent actions.

Numerology of the female name Esmeralda

The number named Esmeralda three — is a strong number that has a huge impact on the person. Three can be compared with the pyramid, and Esmeralda is always at its top. Readability, intelligence, charm, self-development and a small proportion of explicable vanity are its distinguishing features.

There are always people around who come for advice or just to raise their morale, because the optimism of the troika infects. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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