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The mystery and meaning of the name Ern

The mystery and meaning of the name Ern

Erna is a Scandinavian, North European-born name that is more than 2,000 years old. Many linguists believe that this name came from the name of Ernestine. One way or another, but now it is an independent name, which means “strong”, “serious”, “fighting”.

At the moment this name is not very common, but in the 19th century the situation was exactly the opposite. In Russia, this name is one of the rarest.

The fate of a girl named Erna

Since childhood, Erna likes to be in the thick of things and surround himself with friends. Adult Erna also loves noisy events and prefers to be the center of attention. Solitude — the enemy for the owner of such a name.

Erna has a powerful energy that attracts men like a magnet. Adds fuel to the fire of her sexuality and character of the leader. She is a great leader for any groups of people.

Erna achieves a high position due to his ability to “read” people. She can unmistakably determine who is in front of her. For this, she needs only 5 minutes of communication. Erna’s profession can be almost any.

The main thing that the work took place surrounded by people.

Erna is beckoned by mysterious strangers and men, who cannot be «read». Just like work, a man Erna chooses extremely pretentious and cautious. The owner of this name falls in love very sharply and unexpectedly, but not immediately. This may seem strange, but she may fall in love with a man later, for example, a year of intercourse.

If for all this is nonsense, then for her it is the norm.

Despite his inner strength, Erna does not like raising children. The reason is not in laziness and not in the absence of love. Simply, she is almost always sure that she will fail, that she will not be able to cope with such responsibility.

This is another unsolved mystery of this name — why Erna is a leader in life who can give advice and admonition to everyone, but at the same time he is so afraid of motherhood.

Erna is incredibly easy to adapt to changes in his life. This is her main skill. She likes the change of scenery — this is her character.

Character name

The character of little Erna is very unusual, because it combines many non-standard features. Erna to herself is very demanding. This is not typical of children, but from the earliest years she always tries to run ahead of the engine, trying to be better than others. She rarely asks for help and dreams of doing the lessons herself from the first minutes of school.

Of course, Erna cannot be left without parental control: she is essentially a “discoverer”, so she can do something bad because of childish rashness.

A little girl with such a rare name cannot stand loneliness. She always needs a lot of friends, a lot of attention. She is not selfish — just very, very dynamic. She wants everything to be as she wants, but a conversation in a normal tone can quickly calm her down.

She understands everything from the first time.

Erne has almost no equal in energy, so many parents decide that the girl should be sent to the sports section as early as possible. So it is, because it is the best way to realize unrelenting energy. She needs to do something in such a way that could enthrall her as much as possible. You should not choose monotonous and quiet hobbies, because Erna will not be able to sit still for a long time.

In primary school, Erna is incredibly hard to learn, because the energy is in full swing, there are many children around. Such an abundance of children and such a huge temptation to communicate with everyone at once does its job — it is difficult to concentrate on the girl’s studies. Because of this, the behavior is lame.

Erne is hyperactive, but you can cope with it.

Numerology of the female name Erna

Two in the name Erna symbolizes flexibility and perseverance. There are few such people and all because of the qualities that are present, alas, not many. This is kindness, responsiveness, understanding. At the same time, she can, when required, show firmness and inflexibility.

Erna is able to reasonably defend his point of view, not reducing the dispute to a quarrel and insults. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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