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The mystery and meaning of the name Ermolai

The mystery and meaning of the name Ermolai

«Messenger of the People» (Greek)

Yermolai is growing up as a calm child, in the family he is most often the second or third child. Older children adore him, so they indulge. However, this does not spoil his character.

He grows up as an independent young man, early to appreciate the good attitude of his relatives and friends. Does not tolerate loneliness. At school — public man, organizer of all events. Peers respect him, and his authority is undeniable.

Yermolai is an arrogant guy, very kind, sympathetic. Ready to help everyone than many abused. He is the same at home: he is cordial and sociable, he willingly helps his mother, tinkers with his father in the garage, helps him on the land plot.

Parents cannot do without it. And the older children are trying to push all the responsibilities on him, since it is not too difficult for him.

“December” Yermolai is not so pliable and compliant as others, does not allow him to sit on his head, he can stand up for himself and others. Quick-tempered, it is easy to annoy him, but he quickly forgets everything when it cools down. «January» and «February» Yermolai are calm, cool, restrained. Not inclined to violently show their feelings, never know what is in his heart.

Sociable and cheerful, benevolent, but not talkative: everything that relates to personal life is kept secret.

«Autumn» — has a strong will, ambitious, tends to be all over the first. If he fails to reach heights in the service, then in the family he is the undisputed leader and there he withdraws his soul. However, he is not a dictator, he is attentive to his wife, he loves children, at the same time he demands unquestioning obedience to himself in matters of principle, he likes to be consulted even on trifles.

«Spring» — too vulnerable, long remembers insults, does not know how to forgive. Makes an enviable career, he succeeds easily and quickly. It has a good memory, analytical mind.

He is well-versed in art, in a word, a comprehensively developed personality.

«Summer» is overly kind. If he gets a spouse with a strong character, he will be able to twist ropes from him. Yermolai will not resist. The wife runs everything in the house, Yermolay is even comfortable.

He is all at work, in his favorite business. Makes a career, embodying their plans into reality. Such an Ermolai has a poorly developed intuition, and his decisions are always based on accurate calculations and proven facts. He is intelligent, modest, responsive and sympathetic: he loves everyone, he is ready to help everyone.

Nefteplamyen, has many envious and detractors, but can not take revenge. Respectable in a relationship; if he rises through the career ladder, he tries to tighten up his close colleagues, like-minded people who deserve no less promotion and encouragement. A very married man who likes to spend his free time with his family.

Numerology of the male name Ermolai

Seven is the number of the name Yermolai, and this is also the number of luck. The life of such a person is ambiguous and interesting, dynamic and bright. Although, it must be admitted, sometimes he gets so used to the rapid flow of life that he ceases to see novelty.

To enjoy every moment, he should rest more often, devoting time to not doing or caring for other people, but for himself and his desires. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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