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The mystery and meaning of the name Elizabeth

The mystery and meaning of the name Elizabeth

Initially the name is Hebrew. The translation sounds like “one who swears by God” or “one who gives an oath to God”. Previously, names like Eliza or Louise were abbreviated versions of the name Elizabeth.

Now they are independent.

In medieval Europe, this name was incredibly popular among noble families in all countries. Since the families were large, almost each had a daughter named Elizabeth. A little more provincial and simple name was Isabella — a kind of «Elizabeth», having the same meaning.

In Russia, this name was also loved by noble houses, but in the 20th century it became popular among all segments of the population. Recently, there has been a very low popularity of this name and the rising popularity of its foreign abbreviations — for example, the name of Louise.

The fate of a girl named Elizabeth

From the capricious girl Lisa grows up a girl with a very high self-esteem. Often it hurts Elizabeth in adult life. On the one hand, she always strives for more, therefore she easily achieves success, on the other hand, Elizabeth’s ambition often provokes problems in relations. Especially difficult is the wife of Liza: demanding and jealous girls lead to differences and conflicts.

Here from the man will require incredible endurance and patience.

Despite the difficult nature of Lisa, her friends are not so few. Many wonder why such a complex person is surrounded by attention. The fact is that Liza’s friendship is very easily tested for durability: in a critical situation, she is able to quickly orient herself and take the solution to the problem for herself.

Thanks to this, everyone around us cherishes relations with Elizabeth. It is in difficult moments that Elizabeth shows her true love.

Adult Elizabeth is often closed and does not talk about their feelings. People who are not familiar with her will never understand her to the end. When it comes to work, then everything is also ambiguous. With people, Lisa works well, but can break at the most inopportune moment because of some little things.

Choosing a profession for Lisa is not the most important thing in life. The main thing is that it was possible to work in solitude and no one interfered. In her youth, Lisa is an extremely capable student, so she always improves her skills.

If, however, Lisa had to work in a team, then she would have problems with female colleagues, as she wants to always be a leader. It’s easier for men because she recognizes their strength. That is why she has a lot of boyfriends and friends.

Lisa may get married early, but if her husband can cope with all the difficulties of such a marriage, this will be her only marriage in life.

In family life, she manifests herself as a good and hospitable hostess. She is faithful to her husband, so her jealousy can be forgiven. As a rule, Elizabeth prefers quiet men, and it depends on her choice how the relationship will develop.

Character name

At a young age, Elizabeth is very restless. At school, there are problems with her — she often behaves badly, but explains these offenses quite lucidly. Since childhood, she is eloquent, so that the word in her pocket does not fit.

Already in childhood, Lisa is able to abstract from problems, so she does not worry about what is happening around her. On the other hand, even a small trifle can upset her.

Despite the difficult nature, Liza has quite a lot of girlfriends, although she does not mind making friends with the boys. She likes the noisy company in childhood, because she manages to be in the center of attention due to her extraordinary actions. Many girls try to be like her.

It is useless to ask who she wants to become when she grows up, because she rarely sets serious goals for herself in her youth. Only over time, Lisa is determined with her vocation and begins to develop in the chosen direction. She can do any kind of work well, so that at any place she can rise to the top.

Compatibility Name Elizabeth

Elizabeth suits men with short names with powerful energy: Kirill, Igor, Vladimir, Yuri, Anton, Dmitry, Sergey, Ivan.

Numerology of the female name Elizabeth

Six is ​​an ambiguous number named Elizabeth. And it so happened that it is this that determines the life of this person, directs, gives strength and sets new goals. Elizabeth can achieve anything she wants.

With one “but” — if not lazy. Laziness for her is like a stop for a shark — there is no movement, it means there is no life either. And not only self-development is important to her, but also the desire to win.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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