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The mystery and meaning of the name Dorothea

The mystery and meaning of the name Dorothea

Dorothee (gr.) — the same as Dorofei, female form from Dorofey. «God-given.»

The main features: will — activity — intelligence — susceptibility. Type: women named Dorothea are able to control themselves, which allows them to extricate themselves from difficult situations. In certain circumstances, become aggressive. Raising such girls is very difficult, as they are not easy to lead.

Mind: extroverts, easily adapt to the surrounding life. At the same time objective and subjective. They feel a great need to devote themselves entirely to some work, be it concern for the welfare of their relatives, social activities or religion.

Will: from iron, but rather from steel. Do not let them sit on your neck. Excitability: very strong, but never turns into nervousness.

Reaction speed: born revolutionaries. If it is necessary to dissuade them from any project, then this can be done only by conviction, but not by force. Activity: they can be compared with the heroes.

Perhaps to live with them, you also need to be a hero?

Intuition: it is easy to understand the deeply hidden secrets of others, they can not be held, whether it concerns your thoughts or your heart. Intelligence: significant. Thin diplomats and enjoy this quality in all situations.

They have an excellent memory and a huge interest in life and the world. Susceptibility: the main engine of their lives. If they believe and love, they can turn the mountains around, if they are disappointed, they turn everything into ruins.

Parents do not enjoy authority in the eyes of these girls. Morality: it consists of rigor and concessions. The actions of specific people are evaluated very strictly, but if we are talking about events or entire nations, they allow deviations from harsh norms.

Health: tenacious, like a salamander, but still have to take care of health, in particular of the stomach. Sexuality: sex for them is all or nothing. They are able to devote themselves to serving the ideal — even their own intimate life.

But anything can happen. Consider the fact that there are many male traits in their character. Field of activity: it seems that they are born with a ready-made life plan. Everything around them should be spinning at their own pace.

This is the rare type of women for whom all doors are always open, but if they lose faith in their strength and their purpose, they can lose.

Sociability: Is it possible to talk about the friendship of these Don Quixotes in a woman’s appearance, leading an endless struggle with windmills? They are proud, their friendship is despotic, but they are true to true friends. Extras: give them the opportunity to conduct and order, and if they give you a battle cry. Take advantage of rare moments of their benevolence!

Numerology of the female name Dorothea

Six is ​​an ambiguous number of the name Dorothea. And it so happened that it is this that determines the life of this person, directs, gives strength and sets new goals. Dorothea can accomplish anything she wishes.

With one “but” — if not lazy. Laziness for her is like a stop for a shark — there is no movement, it means there is no life either. And not only self-development is important to her, but also the desire to win.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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