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The mystery and meaning of the name Dinara

The mystery and meaning of the name Dinara

Dinara — from the word Dinar — Arab. gold coin; apparently here in the value of precious.

In childhood is very sensitive. It is located to infectious diseases, especially those associated with kidney and bladder disease. With a bad appetite, sluggish, weak girl.

«Summer» is also a disease of laryngitis and pharyngitis. Due to the frequent indisposition, Dinara grows up nervous and capricious, but very capable child: all subjects at school are given to her without difficulty. She willingly helps mom with the housework, cooks food with her.

In her free time, she likes to look at photos of her favorite artists that she has been collecting for years. Finishing school, it becomes too independent, she chooses a profession, does not need the advice of parents. He prefers to be friends with boys, it is easier to find a common language with them than with girls.

However, he enjoys prestige among those and others. Dinara has a developed intuition, but does not know how to use it at all. Reserved in communication and too principled.

Always speaks the truth in the eye, can not lie or flatter. Poorly adapts to the circumstances, with difficulty changing the place of work or apartment. It has a good memory, sharp mind.

«Winter» Dinara — realistic and materialistic. She is curious, but she has little faith in her until she is convinced of everything herself. Fidget by nature, does not tolerate loneliness, especially the «December».

He likes a pleasant society, willingly attends parties. «Autumn» Dinara has good organizational skills, can lead the team, is the initiator of many innovations. He avoids frequent communication with his superiors, but does not go into conflict.

«Summer» — somewhat indecisive, closed. Long does not get married, carefully selects friends. Very afraid of disappointments, long experiencing failure, does not forgive betrayal and betrayal. Demanding of others, because of what often does not find understanding on their part.

Dinara does not like superficiality, negligence in work. Very clean, disgusting. In the team leader.

He relies only on himself, rarely resorts to the help of outsiders, even her friends do not always know about her problems. Dinara does not tolerate idle talk, can not talk for a long time on the phone. Her talker men annoy her.

In the «spring» Dinara unbalanced psyche, the mood is changing rapidly. She needs to be attentive to her health, not overwork, how to get enough sleep. Prone to nervous breakdowns and depressions. Very sensitive to failures, she has a painful vanity.

But because of her character, Dinara can be a wonderful actress, she understands music and works of art. It has good taste. Someone bad taste annoys her.

She marries a long-standing friend, making sure that this is the man with whom she would like to be always close.

Numerology of the female name Dinara

Five — the number under the sign of which is the name of the Dinar. The five are not only privileges, but also obligations. Mind, hard work, perseverance, responsibility, pedantry, punctuality, accuracy.

In addition to these advantages, it is distinguished by high moral qualities, which few can boast. In this case, the Dinara is not arrogant and can soberly assess their merits. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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