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The mystery and meaning of the name Denis

The mystery and meaning of the name Denis

Often, the fate of a person is determined in many respects even before entering adulthood or even childhood. Our name gives us individuality, special energy, and is the best guide to help us find our own special path to happiness.

Meaning and origin of the name

Denis is the Russian version of the name Dionysius. In ancient times, the Greeks worshiped the god Dionysus. This god knew winemaking and the forces of nature, in his honor they organized noisy celebrations. Over time, this name spread throughout the world, coming to Russia in the form of Denis.

Thus, originally Denis is a Dionysus dedicated himself.

In the west, Denis’s counterparts are Denis, Denesh or the original version — Dionysus. And in Russia, this name became Orthodox, but did not receive much popularity. Only recently, in the 20th and 21st centuries, children were more often called by this name.

The fate and character of Denis

Denis is a man of action, while not devoid of adventurism. He masterfully knows how to get out of difficult situations, and his mind, language and charisma help him in this. These men masterfully lie, but resort to it only as a last resort — or for the love of art. By the way, because of this property of character, Denis is easy to work in the field of sales.

If you buy something expensive, but did not understand why you did it, then, most likely, a sales consultant named Denis sold it to you.

In adulthood, Denis gradually gets rid of the craving for an easy life. His life will not necessarily be calm and measured, but in his mature years he becomes more diligent, acquires the ability to work hard and persistently. By his nature, Denis is a good leader; he knows how to organize people, find a business for everyone, so if Denis is in a high position, subordinates usually value him.

Marriage at an early age is almost always for Denis ends in divorce. The real reason is that Denis is simply not ready to start a family in his youth. He can add to himself the victory, which he did not commit, and then it is ridiculous to get caught on it, causing the partner’s distrust.

Therefore, in adulthood, when Denis descends from heaven to earth, the marriage will be much more durable and successful.

Denis’s destiny in love and relationships is a strong family with children who love him. He is a good father, because he can give children an important lesson in how not to act in life. In addition, he knows how to play with his heirs.

Often, Denis is the same father to whom the children come for stories and for inventions, and he does not let them get bored.

His usual life can be compared with the choice of a life partner: he does not choose simple women, but loves to play like a roulette. So the wife of Denis is an interesting woman, a mystery woman, which he himself is not ready to solve.

Denis needs prudence and patience. Having these two trump cards in the sleeves, he can be a brilliant leader, and childishness and risk appetite remain for the family and for the hobby.

The value of the name Denis for the child: we choose the name of the children

As a child, Denis hates sitting still. He likes to explore the world and explore all possible emotions, so he is often restless. It almost never comes to serious problems, but at school teachers often complain that Denis is not behaving badly.

In many ways, the reason is that he has many friends who are much older than him.

Despite the fact that he is fidget, Denis remembers the information, perhaps, better than anyone. He is very attentive, so rarely at school slips into threes. When he finds something to his liking, he will surprisingly stop wasting time on unnecessary things, having gone headlong into the topic of interest to him.

That is why Denis, from his childhood, needs to be accustomed to the sport or trying to get interested in something special.

The only really serious problem for this child is his habit of dropping things halfway through to the finish line. Denis must be weaned off, because in the future, such a trait will destroy his plans and interfere with implementation. Calling a child named Denis, consider his strengths and help where Denis can not cope.

Characteristic name Denis

Energy Name: Denis is very energetic, and his dynamic biofield is felt per kilometer. This property of Denis is very contagious, therefore, next to him, many people feel craving for action and the need to change their lives.

Name day Denis: January 17, March 23, May 4, May 31, July 9, September 12, October 18, December 2, December 30.

To which patronymic suited the name of Denis: Olegovich, Antonovich, Artemovich, Dmitrievich, Sergeevich, Vadimovich, Danilovich, Viktorovich.

Patron Animal: calf. This is a symbol of the fact that Denis needs constant maturity and help.

Element name: the element of Denis is air. He is only good at will, so he always needs independence and strives for freedom and lack of boundaries.

Zodiac sign: Denis is a typical Gemini or Aquarius. The knowledge of truth is very important for both.

Stone Charm: malachite and sapphire. Sapphire protects Denis from anger, evil eye, helps him to control himself. Malachite is a universal in its effect stone, which gives harmony.

Metal: gold. This metal is a symbol of wealth and power — the thing that almost every Denis aspires to.

Colour: green, blue, black. Black is needed so that the feelings do not run forward thoughts. Blue calms nervous and impulsive Denis.

Green will give vitality.

Planet: fast and dynamic Mercury.

Favorable day of the week: friday

Plant: chestnut. Like a chestnut, Denis has an outer shell that he needs to throw off in order to bare the best that is in him. It often takes time.

Lucky number: one.

Famous representatives: Denis Fonvizin (writer), Denis Matsuev (pianist), Denis Pankratov (athlete), Denis Evstigneev (director).

Denis is difficult in life, but life turns out to be rich and interesting. This man always needs support in the form of a close friend who can give important advice or help Denis to find the brake pedal. Even a small drop of caution in this man can drastically change his life.

Numerology of the male name Denis

One, the number of the name Denis, says a lot. Denis is a born leader who can lead people. Nature has endowed him with such rare qualities as purposefulness, straightforwardness and perseverance. He is capable of any task that at first glance may seem impossible.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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