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The mystery and meaning of the name Daria

The mystery and meaning of the name Daria

Sometimes the name can play a decisive role in the fate of a person. The name Daria carries a positive and very strong energy. So, its owner will certainly get its best qualities.

Meaning and origin of the name

This name has several interpretations that are equally popular today. According to one version, Daria is a female version of the name Darius, which came from ancient Persia. The meaning of this name was «sovereign good.» The second version assumes the Slavic origin of the name.

If we turn to M. Vasmer’s etymological dictionary, then another version of the origin of the name will appear: perhaps Daria is a short form of the name of Dorotheos.

If we consider the version of the Slavic origin of the name, then it turns out to be close to the word “gift” and may have the meaning “granted”. This name has approximately the same meaning, if we assume that it is formed in the name of Dorotheus.

Options for this name also include Odarin, Tarja, Dariana, Daria, Darin and Darion. All of them in one degree or another carry the main features of the name Daria.

The fate and character of Daria

A characteristic feature of girls named Daria is a developed intellect, which is immediately noticeable. In her thoughts and ideas about the world, as well as when making decisions, Daria relies exclusively on her own mind. Even the fact that this is a rather sensitive person does not make her rash: feelings rarely manipulate Daria’s mind. And this is right in every sense, because often the intuition is not inherent in girls with this name.

They take their intelligence. However, at times Daria can be extremely easily excitable.

Daria’s life path usually includes a couple of steep turns, but a lively mind helps her to turn any situation to her advantage. Surrounding people who do not know Daria well may suspect in her almost the absence of moral norms or generally accepted attitudes. Of course, this is not completely true.

Daria tends to be independent and fully independent, even from a beloved man. She is kind, distinguished by her courage, and at the same time, she is characterized not by a soft, cutesy behavior, but somewhat free or even rude. However, the bearers of this name, despite such a set of qualities, rarely go to treason to her husband, so the suspicions of gossipers usually have no basis and rarely affect the fate of Darya and her marriage.

The value of the name Daria for the child: we choose the name of the children

Since childhood, Daria is a totally non-conflict child, with whom it is enough just to communicate and who is well able to communicate by herself. The name Dasha is very suitable for girls who are ready to reveal talents, but for this they need a suitable environment. When picking up the name Daria for the girl, parents should be ready to start creating this atmosphere conducive to unlocking the potential of the atmosphere.

Growing up, Daria becomes an interesting, pleasant conversationalist. There is an originality in it and it always remains a child — at least a little. In order for Daria to open up as a person among her friends, time must pass, and in the classroom this will be a noticeable feature of the girl Daria.

But she finds herself in her social circle very much, so often Daria’s school friends remain friends for a long time.

Energetics name

The name Daria feels strong energy, but to stabilize it, Daria needs reliable friends and a strong family. So she understands and shows the qualities of her name and her personality better.

Characteristic name Daria

Bearing in mind that one of the variants of the origin of the name Daria — the name of the ancient Persian king, it should be noted that Daria also strives for victories, although she does not always reach them. In the description of her name, there is a desire to be in the forefront, but indecision can lead Daria astray.

Name Day at Darya: March 14, April 4, June 30, August 17 and 18. For girls with the name Daria patronizes the martyr Daria of Rome.

What patronymic is the name Daria: Alexandrovna, Alekseevna, Borisovna, Vadimovna, Dmitrievna, Egorovna, Leonidovna, Maksimovna.

Patron Animal: giraffe

Element name: the fire.

Stone Charm: bloodstone.

Metal: lead.

Colour: red, brown.

Planet: Mars.

Plant: Rowan.

Number: 6

Famous representatives: Daria Domracheva (biathlon), Daria Alekseevna Melnikova (actress), Daria Mikhailovna Leonova (opera singer).

Each name is beautiful in its essence, and it must be chosen not only by its sound. The name Daria has excellent characteristics for a single-minded woman who wants to succeed without choosing between different areas of life.

Numerology of the female name Daria

Six is ​​an ambiguous number of the name Daria. And it so happened that it is this that determines the life of this person, directs, gives strength and sets new goals. Daria can achieve anything she wants.

With one “but” — if not lazy. Laziness for her is like a stop for a shark — there is no movement, it means there is no life either. And not only self-development is important to her, but also the desire to win.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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