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The mystery and meaning of the name Dana

The mystery and meaning of the name Dana

In childhood restless, sleeps poorly. While learning to walk, he often falls, but he is stubborn and never cries: he rises and walks again. Among the children — the leader, comes up with new games, peers with her interesting.

Unfortunate and very surprised when someone is sorry to give her a favorite toy. Can take it away and give cuffs if the rebellious resists. Emotionally reacts to every kind of punishment: if the mother hits her, she can respond with the same or bite her. Brave girl, prefers to be friends with boys.

It is located to the development of scoliosis, so it is good to do swimming.

Growing up, becomes the owner, but will not tolerate it in relation to itself. Jealous, jealous girlfriends, a loved one, should always be the only girlfriend and lover. For myself, requires absolute freedom, can not be from someone dependent.

Dana is an idealist and tends to imitate her ideal. Often, the belief in the perfection of human nature is broken on the reality of life. Dana will not allow neglect.

If someone dares to read the newspaper during the dinner she prepared, or forgets to praise him, he risks losing her benevolent disposition.

Dana does not forgive inattention, resentment, but she does not even notice how she offends loved ones. He doesn’t pick the right words to communicate with friends and wonders when someone is offended. Not suspicious, does not believe in prejudice.

Unceremonious in conversation, can interrupt the interlocutor, if the conversation does not interest her, will translate the speech into something more attractive, without even trying to keep propriety. However, Dana will show maximum participation if one of her friends is ill, will visit him, prepare food, run off to the pharmacy, find out and call a good doctor. Dana is completely unsophisticated, devoid of the gift of high diplomacy.

Her failure is easily recognized by her appearance and mood. But you can rarely see Dana in a bad mood. She is unable to despond a long time.

The disadvantage of her character is that she considers herself the undisputed leader; she is convinced that no one can better lead her team and cope with the task.

Prefers to keep the initiative in their hands, even in a relationship with a man does not release it. She herself can make a favorite offer, make a date, kiss her first. Painfully suffers defeat, does not allow the thought that her feelings can be unresponsive. Does not tolerate criticism, but rarely criticizes anyone herself.

Very loyal to the family, ready for any sacrifice for the sake of her husband and children.

Does not succumb to difficulties, never loses faith in himself. Dana is able to commit an immoral act, the excuse for this in her eyes is the explanation that there was no other way out.

Numerology of the female name of Dan

This is a person who seeks harmony with his inner world and with those around him, which is promoted by the number of the name four. Impression and emotion distinguish it from the rest, giving a certain detachment, dreaminess, but at the same time Dana remains an excellent conversationalist. She has something to talk about, she has her own point of view on any question.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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