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The mystery and meaning of the name Cyrus

The mystery and meaning of the name Cyrus

The knowledge of the world begins with the knowledge of ourselves. You can find yourself only by finding out the secret of your name. Kira is a special name that occurs quite rarely, so its owners are also unique in their kind.

Meaning and origin of the name

There are quite a few versions of the origin of this name. First, the name Cyrus is an abbreviated form of very many foreign names. There are ancient, however, very rare spellings with two letters «P».

This name was popular with Catholics and Orthodoxy, but today in Russia it is considered rare and rather exotic.

Scientists say the following about the origins of the name: the ancient Greeks had the male name Kyros in high esteem, so Kira may be an option derived from “Kiriya”, the female equivalent of the name Kyros. Both of these names are translated as «Mrs.» and «Mister.»

There is also another version, which states that Cyrus comes from the more «eastern» Persian name Kurush, associated with the image of the Sun. If this theory is correct, Cyrus means «sunny» or «bright.»

Kira’s fate and character

Kira has a lot of individualism in her character: she is often almost incapable of putting herself in the place of another person. At first glance, this may even repel fans or acquaintances from Kira: it seems as if nature does not contain anything in it that would help to understand the feelings of others. But this is not so: it’s just that the owner of this name will simply demonstrate his participation in deed, and not in words, promises or intentions.

Girls and women named by this name are very demanding in adulthood. They have no exceptions in their attitude towards people, so their fate often does not develop as smoothly as they expect.

On the other hand, Kira is strict with herself, which proves that she is not hypocritical. Such self-discipline helps her to achieve great success in work, hobbies, business and other important matters. The characteristics of Kira’s character are a good help in building a career for a person dealing with numbers and calculations, whether it is an accountant or a mathematician.

Kira’s fate in love is a happy family life. Despite the peculiarities of her character, girls and women who own this name successfully marry and are quite happy in family life. They do not tolerate adultery, so they need a loyal and discreet man.

For Kira characterized by directness, a sufficiently developed willpower and endurance. All this allows her to become wiser with every step. As a result, when the age passes for 30, Kira has answers to almost all life questions, therefore she is often asked for advice.

The meaning of the name Kira for the child: we select the name of the children

Already in childhood, Kira is quite strict with herself. If she does not get something, then the child is very worried. Because of this, the girl risks growing a little nervous and unrestrained.

It is important for parents to explain to Kira that mistakes happen to everyone, and not put pressure on her daughter. At school, remarks in a diary about bad behavior are rare, but if you lose it, it will be almost impossible to stop it.

Already in primary school, Kira is interested in mathematics and is not afraid of the exact sciences. Already at a young age, Kira lacks friends, but she is not burdened. For her, the top priority in life is well-being. True friends appear in the life of Kira always themselves.

Kira’s best friend almost always stays with her, not only in her childhood, but also in her adult life. You can’t be too strict with this child, because a girl can withdraw to herself. With Kira, you need to communicate on equal terms, as if she is already an adult.

Then she will love you with all her heart and respect. She dreams of a true friend, so you can always give her friendly participation, and it will make Kira softer with others.

Kira is an unpretentious child. She does not require special attention from parents, gifts and encouragement. She needs to be treated like an adult, then she will be a truly happy girl.

Kira’s life path largely depends on how she starts it. Childhood for her — the basis of happiness.

Characteristic name Kira

Energy Name: Kira’s energy grows in proportion to her age, so it’s impossible to say how strong this or that child will be. In childhood, a girl is vulnerable, but by the age of 20 you simply cannot break the energy barrier of many Cyrus. She is surprisingly strong and independent, and her energy helps her in this.

Namedoms at Kira: March 13, December 17.

To which patronymic the name Kira comes up: Matveevna, Mikhaylovna, Vladimirovna, Vladislavovna, Denisovna, Konstantinovna.

Patron Animal: whale, elephant, lobster and turtle. Interesting fact, all these animals are aging very slowly, so Kira’s totem promises her longevity.

Element name: land. She gives Kira wisdom and helps to accumulate life experience, analyze it and use it in achieving her goals.

Zodiac sign: Cyrus is a typical Cancer and Capricorn, so the name Cyrus is born under this Zodiac sign.

Stone Charm: amber. This is the stone that is able to give Kira unprecedented endurance, not only physical, but also psychological. Yantar gives Kira the very missing element of power that she sometimes needs in difficult situations.

Metal: iron.

Colour: The most auspicious color for Kira is yellow and orange. Yellow helps Kira to quickly replenish her vitality, and orange softens a bit of her character.

Planet: wise and unlike all Uranus.

Auspicious day of the week: Friday.

Plant: the symbol of fulfilling desires is clover; especially good if it is a talisman with four leaves.

Lucky number: five.

Famous representatives: Kira Muratova (film director), Kira Golovko (actress), Kira Knightley (American actress in Hollywood).

Of course, Kira is a vivid example of the power of a female character and shows to the whole world that women are capable of achieving success in the intellectual sphere of life. These are great moms, great friends and just amazing personalities.

Numerology of the female name Cyrus

Five — the number under the sign of which is the name of Cyrus. The five are not only privileges, but also obligations. Mind, hard work, perseverance, responsibility, pedantry, punctuality, accuracy. In addition to these advantages, it is distinguished by high moral qualities, which few can boast.

At the same time, Kira is not arrogant and can soberly assess her merits. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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