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The mystery and meaning of the name Avaz

The mystery and meaning of the name Avaz

The name Avaz from Arabic translates as “change” or “worthy replacement” — probably the parents of a strong and healthy baby born, who promised to become a glorious successor to the clan.

Since childhood, Avaz has a rather calm character, with the exception of boys born in December who are less balanced and have an explosive character. These boys are quite sensitive to everything, his nervous system should be protected. With peers, he easily makes friends and friendships, so he likes to go to kindergarten, where he has lots of friends. This kind and calm baby can stand up for itself.

From an early age shows stubbornness in achieving their goals. He wants everything at once and he can throw tantrums to his parents if he does not get what he wants. He usually achieves what he wants.

During school years, she has a good academic performance and likes to attend various circles with a technical bias, where you need to design something. It is inclined to go in for sports, especially those types where physical endurance and strong will is required. Winter representatives achieve great results in various types of struggle.

Avaz is notable for its independence from adolescence. In choosing a profession is guided by their desires and inclinations. It can make a good designer, teacher.

She may have several specialties, but with the right choice of profession, she devotes her life to her beloved work. Avaz is inclined to realistically assess the situation and does not build illusions, but he necessarily believes that he will be lucky and looks to the future with optimism. The work is always hardworking and full of enthusiasm. Does not like to entrust anything to others.

Always tries to check or do it personally. In colleagues, she values ​​initiative, likes to learn something new, especially taking up a new business. In professional activities, everything always brings to the end and is not afraid of difficulties.

Do not tolerate red tape and not binding among colleagues.

In family life, such men require cheerful and active companions who are ready to become faithful allies in work and leisure. Avaz is a very generous man and brings all the money to the family. How a good owner can repair something in the house on his own.

Sometimes he repairs the car himself. Often starts a dog at home. Avaz usually provides assistance to their parents, often visits them and makes pleasant surprises.

Avaz is very reliable in communication, he treats his friends seriously and attentively. Therefore, it maintains relations with many people: classmates, childhood friends and fellow students. Avaz likes to have fun in small companies, travel, meet new people. In communicating with new friends very quickly establishes a friendship with those who liked him.

He does not tolerate in people talkativeness, slander and gossip.

Numerology of the male name Avaz

Five — the number under the sign of which the name Avaz passes. The five are not only privileges, but also obligations. Mind, hard work, perseverance, responsibility, pedantry, punctuality, accuracy. In addition to these advantages, it is distinguished by high moral qualities, which few can boast.

At the same time, Avaz is not arrogant and can soberly assess its merits. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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