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The mystery and meaning of the name Armen

The mystery and meaning of the name Armen

The name Armen has several versions of origin. Since the name is extremely popular among Armenians, it is often translated as “Armenian man”, “Armenian”. The name Armen is derived from the name of Armenia.

According to the second version, the name Armen is one of the forms of the name Herman (Herman), which means “warrior”. It is also possible that Armen is a variant of the name Arminius. It came from the Latin name Arminius, which is formed from the German Irmin — «great».

There is also a variant of the pronunciation of the name Armen — Armand. Among the eastern peoples, most often among the Tajik and Uzbeks, it is the name Arman that means “cherished desire”, “dream”.

Armen is a purposeful and talented man. In the team, he has credibility. Virtually every owner of such a name is a leader by nature.

In affairs Armen tries to be guided by justice. People respect him for these qualities. In order not to lose the gained recognition, he should adhere to such a line of conduct. Depending on the circumstances in Armenia, egoism and arrogance can wake up.

He becomes demanding of close people and ceases to notice his shortcomings. Armen must suppress these qualities in itself and learn to respect others.

In life, Armen strives to achieve moral and material well-being. He brings to the end any started business. Such a man does not judge superficially about the actions of other people, always delves into the essence of the matter.

He is brave and confident. Armen is always ready to help family and friends in a difficult situation. Sometimes it shows a bit of shyness.

Armen always strive for self-expression. His actions are often reckless and risky. The owner of this name is sociable, may be overly talkative.

He is very good at mediating the resolution of issues.

His nature is prone to protest. Thanks to an inquiring mind, he is inclined to analyze the situation. In work, he manifests himself as a zealous and responsible employee. He wants to see the result of their activities.

A waste of time is not for him.

Thanks to his charisma, Armen draws people to him. He is sociable, positive and confident man. His life develops happily.

In any team, he quickly converges with people and establishes friendly relations with them. A lively mind, talkativeness and the ability to convince are combined in this person with observation and insight. Shows curiosity. Usually he relies only on his own strength.

At the same time, Armen is not inclined to show effort in one direction for long.

Armen is a funny person. He can often be seen smiling. The feeling of advantage over someone not infrequently gives him pleasure.

Armen is able to use his time wisely. He is not afraid to make mistakes. In childhood, the boy enjoys the reputation of a bouncer. He is a merry fellow.

Loves to play with friends. Devotes a lot of time to dreams. His studies attract little.

Often, he pushes the lessons into the background. Armen is a loyal companion. As a child, he has a violent fantasy.

Not always able to organize your day, much does not have time.

Armen likes to have fun in companies. The need for self-expression is realized through communication with people. Often he is sensitive to the manifestation of public opinion.

Performing a common cause with the team brings him pleasure.

The owner of this name can be characterized as a gentle and sentimental personality. He often emotionally manifests his feelings. Never greedy, trying to help.

The main disadvantage of Armen is the manifestation of his unfounded jealousy.

As a specialty, it is suitable professions related to commercial activities and communication with people. He is able to achieve success in the fields of jurisprudence and medicine.

Numerology of the male name Armen

The number of the name Armen is nine, almost infinity, carrying at the same time thoroughness. He stands firmly on his feet, relying on his strength. His judgments are somewhat categorical, but always sincere.

In general, honesty for him is not an empty sound, it is a life principle, a vector that directs. Armen expects sincerity from others, but does not always receive it. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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