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The mystery and meaning of the name Antonina

The mystery and meaning of the name Antonina

Between a man and his name there is an inextricable link, having comprehended that, one can become happier and more fortunate. The secret of the name of Antonina, being in the hands of the owner of this name, will open all the ways and roads before her.

Meaning and origin of the name

The name Antonina is derived from the male Roman name Anthony. This is a generic name, that is, it means «belonging to the genus Anthony.» However, some scholars believe that this name goes back to the Greek root, meaning «competition.» Then Antonina is «entering the battle.»

There is another meaning of it — “acquiring in exchange.”

Such a name endows its owner with great inner strength. It is based on comparison, opposition. It is believed that this name was one of the names of the god Dionysus.

However, the female hypostasis of the name is somewhat more smoothed compared to the male one. Nowadays, this name is considered rare, but not ancient or forgotten. Meet the owner of the name Antonin among his entourage is quite realistic.

The fate and character of Antonina

The setting of Antonina often knows two incarnations of this woman. At home, she is a caring mistress, eager for her family, a great mother and a faithful wife, always interested in her husband’s affairs. But at the same time, Antonina is very firm in matters of career.

She is not one of those people who are prevented from building personal relationships. The head from Antonina turns out to be quite correct and calm, but without a hint of crony conversations until the end of the working day.

Antonina values ​​her family. As a rule, blood ties are important to her. Tying the fate of her husband, she is very reluctant to go for a divorce in case of problems and will try to solve them. Marriage means more to her than a career.

She oppose the raging passions tenderness and understanding.

Antonina is a pleasant conversationalist, as she knows how to listen. She is a delicate friend, she can often turn to for advice or with a request — whereas she keeps to herself her requests, complaints or troubles. Often this is good for her, because in this way she creates the image of a successful person who starts working for her good.

For Antonina characterized punctuality and sense of duty. She is loved by others, especially children. It is with them that she often associates the business of her life, becoming a teacher or educator, volunteer, pediatrician or writer. However, Antonina’s mission is not limited to all the professions listed, since her qualities can be useful anywhere: for example, it’s hard to imagine an inattentive, scattered secretary, stewardess or translator.

She is a good organizer, a conscientious performer and leader who will always be in good standing.

Possible weaknesses in the character of Antonina are the belief in authority. She may not notice much, turn a blind eye to shortcomings, succumb to someone else’s influence. So she needs to look at her environment, forming her own ideals.

She also tends to evaluate many things from a position of profit for herself: this can lead people to use her influence or abilities in their own interests.

The value of the name Antonina for the child

Little Antonina is an open, sociable and trustful child. She is not capricious, although she may be stupid. It is important to clearly negotiate with her, not too pressing, but not conceding time after time.

Tonya is not conflicted, she is interested in chores, she loves to help and care for pets. His pet will help Tone to develop discipline, but it will need to be prepared for responsibility.

As a child, Tonya does not like to lose. She can fall into tears, getting a bad mark. Losing in chess or in a singing competition becomes a real drama for her, it is important for parents to support her daughter’s undertakings and try to explain to her that defeat follows victory.

Otherwise, the girl will eventually lose self-confidence and begin to fear the competitive elements of life.

Name feature

Nameday: In January, Antonina celebrates the birthday three times — on the 10, 22 and 30 numbers. She also notes them in the spring — March 1 and 14, April 29, May 4. Three times she will be a birthday girl in June — the 12th, 23rd and 26th, then she will celebrate her day on August 10th, and will finish this series on October 27th.

What patronymic the name Antonina fits: Ivanovna, Yuryevna, Mikhaylovna, Olegovna, Efimovna, Semenovna.

Energy Name: smooth and calm

Lucky number: three.

Element: Antonine is patronized by Water. But there is a connection with the Earth, so it is important to maintain a balance in life priorities.

Zodiacal: the name Antonina is considered the name of Pisces. In this (as in some other talismans), Antonina’s connection with the water element is traced. Cancer and Scorpio, also associated with the water element, can also be well combined with the energy of the name Antonina.

Stone Charm: sapphire, a symbol of chastity and hope. This talisman protects family happiness, well-being and marital fidelity.

Metal: soft lead.

Colour: Antonina brings good luck red, blue and white colors, while they can be combined in various combinations.

Patron Planet: Jupiter.

Totem animal: The patrons of Tony are duck and herring. It is easy to see the connection with the element of Water. Talismans in the form of fish or birds will bring Tone luck.

Ornaments with matching ornaments or decorative elements can also become good amulets.

Charm Plant: coastal willow or water lily.

Famous representatives: The name Antonin in history had other forms. So, Anthony the Younger (daughter of Marc Anthony) or Marie Antoinette (Queen of France) are also on the list of the famous namesakes of Antonina. This series is continued by Antonina Seredina (Olympic champion and master of sports of the USSR), Anthony Fraiser (Nobel Prize winner, English writer) and Antoaneta Stefanova (chess player from Bulgaria).

As you can see, the name Antonina has different forms and variations. However, Antonida, Antonete, Antoinette and Tonya are simply united by a common secret — the secret of the name, having learned that, its owner will be happy.

Numerology of the female name of Antonin

The number of the name Antonin three is a strong number that has a huge impact on the person. Three can be compared with the pyramid, and Antonina is always at its top. Readability, intelligence, charm, self-development and a small proportion of explicable vanity are its distinguishing features.

There are always people around who come for advice or just to raise their morale, because the optimism of the troika infects. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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