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The mystery and meaning of the name Anton

The mystery and meaning of the name Anton

Our names, to which we all become accustomed since childhood, carry mysteries and secrets. Having learned all about the name Anton, you can better understand his strengths and energy.

Meaning and origin of the name Anton

The name Anton is associated with several versions of its origin. According to one of them, this name goes back to the Roman name Anthony. The name was generic: it means that, in the Anthony clan, they could have called the boy who was born first in the new family.

The exact meaning of this generic name is not known.

There is another version. It says that the name Anton is not originally Roman, but Greek, and goes back to the root, meaning «to compete.» Adhering to this theory, we can translate the name Anton as «fighting», who entered the battle. «

The word was an epithet of the god Dionysus, and thus the owner of the name Anton is under his protection.

The third theory also refers us to ancient Greece, but this time to another root, “anthos” — “flower”.

With this name are related names Anthony and Antonin, as well as the female name Antonin.

The fate and character of Anton

Anton is characterized by a rather vivid and memorable life, full of both ups and downs. Anton is rather stubborn and has a strong will, therefore, even having failed, he does not stop. And this character trait of Anton helps him not only to go through life, but to arouse the admiration of friends and the involuntary respect of competitors.

The owners of this name are usually good friends to rely on. He knows how to please people, so easily turns colleagues into friends. But he often doesn’t trust people and has been eyeing them for a long time, although they themselves don’t notice anything like Anton and already consider themselves to be intimate friends with him.

The fate of Anton in terms of career is very dependent on his confidence. Without being one hundred percent convinced of his goals, the owner of this name can miss even the opportunities that they themselves have in hand. But when Anton knows what he wants, he will achieve the desired. He is not afraid of hard work and is able to work on the result, even enduring some time difficulties.

Usually this strategy fails Anton. In addition, he has a highly developed intuition, and therefore he can easily distinguish enemies from friends, and this property of character helps him very much in business contacts and partner deals.

But in marriage, this partnership approach does not always work. Anton prefers to connect his life with a confident woman, as she seems especially irresistible to him, but at the same time he can earn himself complexes. Therefore, happiness in love for Anton directly depends on the ability to find a compromise.

The life path of Anton can be connected with medicine, with engineering, with diplomacy — that is, those professions that require attentiveness and meticulousness, as well as a developed inner sense, characteristic of Anton, are excellent for him. The latter circumstance helps Anton to discover in himself a creative beginning.

The meaning of the name Anton for the child: choose a name for children

As a child, Anton devotes much of his time to puzzles and developmental games. Even then he finds in himself an intellectual beginning and a love for riddles. Little Anton can play detective, investigator, and parents better support him in this interest, since self-confident Anton will go far in the future. You can help the boy with developing literature, carry away suitable games or movies, and also complete the whole family with funny adventure quests like “surprise in the apartment, find him by prompting”

As a child, Anton does not like to climb into adventures and does not follow the peer tips, so parents can rest easy calling a child by that name. Nevertheless, when there is a conflict in the family, Anton loses his bearings on the successful model, and insecurity is a serious test for Anton. Therefore, it is better to give him an example on his own experience, and then the boy will only please his parents.

Brief forms of this name — Tosh, Toch and the like — usually take root only among friends. Its full form better awakens the owner’s qualities and personality traits he needs.

Characteristic name Anton

Energy Name: This name gives his master creative energy, which he can either direct to change the world around him or aim at his defense. But if Anton is not confident in his abilities, his energy potential also seems to fade. To support him, Anton should remember the victories that he has already committed.

Anton is often introverted by nature, and therefore he does not know what he is capable of until he is out of the comfort zone.

Name day with Anton: on May 2, the miracle of the attainment of faith by the holy martyr Antonin the warrior took place; he found her when he saw the execution of St. George the Victorious, and he did not deny even after torture. April 17 is the day of the boy Antonin, who was closed in a cave for 170 years and woke up from a dream, when he was released to tell about everything he had experienced.

To which patronymic suitable name Anton: Alexandrovich, Olegovich, Antonovich, Artemovich, Grigorievich, Mikhailovich.

Element name: the fire.

Zodiac name: best of all, the name Anton is suitable for those born under the sign of Leo.

Stone Charm: pomegranate, which is considered a talisman for health.

Metal: tin.

Planet: Anton’s patron is the Sun — and although we all know that this is actually a star, the Sun’s influence on the owners of this name does not become less. Indeed, in the astrological tradition, the Sun is one of a number of celestial bodies patronizing people.

Colour: those who are protected by the Sun and the zodiac Leo have a happy color — of course, yellow or gold.

Lucky number: Four — numerological mascot.

Totem animal: the lion is the patron saint of Anton.

Plant Mascot: garlic — in many countries it is believed that it protects from evil.

Famous representatives: Mark Antony (senator, supporter of Caesar.), Anton Antonovich Delvig (Russian poet, friend of Pushkin), Anton Sikharulidze (Russian figure skater, world champion in figure skating).

Having learned the secret of your name, you can truly control fate. And in a difficult moment to support the energy of the name at a high level will help happy talismans, to which you can always refer.

Numerology of the male name Anton

This is a person who seeks harmony with his inner world and with those around him, which is promoted by the number of the name four. Impression and emotionality distinguish him from the rest, giving a certain detachment, dreaminess, but at the same time Anton remains an excellent conversationalist. He has something to talk about, he has his own point of view on any question.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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