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The mystery and meaning of the name Anastasia

The mystery and meaning of the name Anastasia

Names are our secret key to knowledge of our own power. Picking up the name of the child or thinking about their own talents, look into the interpreter of names. He will tell you everything about Anastasia and about any other name.

Meaning and origin of the name

Anastasia — the name of ancient Greek origin. His translation is “resurrection,” but experts, the full interpretation is much broader, is both “rebirth” and “second life.” Therefore, Anastasia can be interpreted as being revived, rebelled, and also resurrecting.

Few people know that the name Anastasia is derived from the male Greek name Anastas, which has fallen into disuse. Some people bring the origin of the name Anastasia to kinship with the word «anesthesia», which means «insensitivity», but this interpretation is rather erroneous, since these two words have different ancient Greek roots.

The fate and character of Anastasia

History knows a lot of Anastasias, which influenced its course in the most direct way. For example, according to the legend, Anastasia was called Hurem, first a captive slave, and then a wife of the Turkish Sultan. Nevertheless, Anastasia, even being vain, does not often rush to control or demonstrate her leadership skills. Rather, sometimes fate itself develops in such a way that life circumstances allow Anastasia to show ambitions.

At such moments, the choleric nature of her temperament and other character traits that Anastasia herself does not notice and does not see come to the surface.

And this is not surprising, because in normal circumstances, Anastasia is a gentle and non-conflicting person. She knows how to sympathize and empathize, it is difficult for her to remain indifferent both to global incidents and to everyday troubles that happened to her relatives. Anastasia is characterized by a desire for coziness, comfort and convenience, therefore, she tries to surround her people in the same way.

Not every Anastasia wants to prove herself in the business sphere. But the high post of the owner of this name can hold: it can bring confidence to the people, but not an intuitive sense, so Anastasia will distinguish enemies from allies. She knows how to endear herself and please, but the scope of her activity will inevitably leave her mark in the character of Anastasia, as the owner of this name adapts to the circumstances.

This means that the artist Nastya will be very different from the business woman Anastasia.

However, more often Anastasia finds herself in the family. This is the keeper of the hearth, loving mother and faithful wife. Strives to be with one partner for life, selects strong and confident men.

Quite often, she gets married before her friends. Believes in his life partner and is capable of becoming a reliable rear.

The value of the name Anastasia for the child: choose the name of the girl

Choosing the name Anastasia’s daughter, parents are unlikely to regret their choice: the girl will have a rich imagination, diverse interests, creative taste, and besides, Nastya, as a rule, has diligence and perseverance. This is a prudent child who is unlikely to get into trouble himself. Look carefully when Nastya goes to school: she needs to be taught to stand up for herself, since she is trusting and defenseless by nature.

As a girl, Anastasia loves elegant things, so parents can give her in a creative circle or section, trying to develop these skills. However, an analytical mindset is not at all uncommon for Anastasia. By choosing this name for a girl, you will give her an excellent memory, developed intuition, curiosity and spontaneity.

The most common diminutive forms in the Russian language — Nastya, are also quite often used by Nastassja and Nastyusha. Asya or Stasya can also be derived from Anastasia. The further the abbreviated name from the generally accepted «Nastya», the more its owner will have their individual traits.

Characteristics of the name Anastasia

This name was popular in all circles, both among ordinary people and among members of princely and then royal families. Today, it remains one of the most common female names in the CIS.

By the nature of Anastasia, as a rule, choleric. Her psyche is mobile, but it is characterized by inconsistency of mood: Anastasia is rather quick-tempered and can not always keep herself in her hands. Anastasia has a strongly developed sixth sense, but the nervous system is not very strong.

Therefore, Nastya can be hot-tempered and nervous.

Energy Name: strong but not stable. Nastya can be like a fairy tale heroine, and can resemble the Snow Queen. Talismans and patrons of the name of the forces to harmonize this contradiction.

Name days from Anastasia: March 23 — St. Patrician of Alexandria, January 4 — Great Martyr Anastasia the Pattern Lady, April 28 — the martyr Anastasia of Rome. There are many Christian legends associated with the patroness of Anastasia. For example, the legends say that Anastasia As the legends say, the emperor Justinian wanted to make Patricia his wife. To avoid this fate, Anastasia changed into men’s clothes, pretending to be a monk, and then retired to the desert.

She settled alone and spent in strict fasting for a total of 28 years, all the while being called the male name Anastasius.

To which patronymic does the name Anastasia fit: rare male names, especially Slavic, the name Anastasia will perfectly complement its energy. Without thinking, you can call the girl Nastya, if her middle name is quite “courageous”, for example, Aleksandrovna (“protector”) or Viktorovna (“winner”).

Animal totem: representative of the cat family or the mail bird. Traveling and traveling the bird mascot will help to cope with stress and ward off trouble.

Stone Charm: malachite, stone of the Siberian Mistress of the copper mountain. Jewelry made of malachite make Anastasia mysterious and attractive.

Element name: water. Calm and cold, «boils» in a critical situation.

Patron Color: the whole range of green tones, closer to the dark, will suit Anastasia. It is preferable to make notes of these colors in the design of the bedroom and work space.

Suitable metals: silver and copper.

Patron Planet: remote Pluto.

Anastasia plant: graceful orchids, fine jasmine and flowering tobacco.

Good day of the week: anyone is sufficiently neutral, and indecisive Nastya should pay attention to Tuesday under the auspices of Mars and plan on him those matters in which strenght and persistence are required.

Numerological number: two. It is better not to reveal the opposition of opposites, but their union and complementarity.

Famous representatives: Anastasia Tsvetaeva (writer, Marina Tsvetaeva’s sister), Anastasia Ermakova (champion in synchronized swimming), Anastasia Volochkova (world-famous ballerina).

This name will be for its owner code of good luck and happiness. A numerology name will tell you more about the hidden features of Anastasia.

Numerology of the female name Anastasia

Two in the name of Anastasia symbolizes flexibility and perseverance. There are few such people and all because of the qualities that are present, alas, not many. This is kindness, responsiveness, understanding.

At the same time, she can, when required, show firmness and inflexibility. Anastasia is able to reasonably defend his point of view, not reducing the dispute to a quarrel and insults. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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