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The mystery and meaning of the name Alsou

The mystery and meaning of the name Alsou

The name Alsou is of Tatar origin and means «pink color». But there are more free interpretations of the name Alsou, close to the original — “pink-cheeked”, “rose water”. In a figurative sense, this name means «beautiful.»

Her plans are impermanent, as they depend only on curiosity and interests, which can quickly change. People themselves and their lives are interested in it. Alsou loves to analyze, explain and prove what is interesting to her.

Alsou is the leader in any dispute, which is explained by her ability to interest the subject of the dispute and give strong arguments to prove her rightness. Such a belief in one’s own righteousness and the correctness of one’s own arguments can cause serious problems, since Alsou’s arguments may turn out to be just a fantasy and a beautiful dream. For the same reason, Alsou’s advice can be of little use, although she likes to give them.

Alsou often has an attractive appearance, she is kind, modest and tolerant. Alsou avoids conflicts, she is unchaste and not prone to envy and revenge. Her actions are hard to predict, she is impulsive and can suddenly pack up for a trip that she hasn’t planned at all. Alsou always sets goals for herself, on the achievement of which her self-esteem depends.

Praise and approval is very important to her, but not an end in itself. Her life is determined by what is interesting to her.

Since Alsou is a born leader, a dreamer and a fan of giving advice, she will be able to work in such a way, where it is possible to show her interest and achieve leadership. She loves working with people and will be a good administrator, educator, politician and leader.

Usually at school these girls are very talented, have good academic performance, but are often inattentive and scattered. Very mobile, love sports. From an early age there is a tendency towards creativity, especially vocal.

Having a wonderful memory, they are able to master several languages ​​at once.

Girls with this name, born in the winter, love power and can provoke disagreements among their peers while not participating in conflicts personally. Their actions are rash. Bold girls in childhood, at a mature age they very carefully consider their decisions and actions. They are not shy, in a dispute they are always calm and they know how to act.

The only thing that should be avoided when talking to them is to raise the tone — this can easily make them angry.

Alsou, born in the fall, is distinguished by composure, attentiveness and perseverance in striving for a goal. She is very punctual and expects this from others. Congenital shyness does not prevent her from having many friends, as she is always ready to help out in difficult times.

Sometimes Alsou can be very emotional. Justice is very important to them. Such women are acutely experiencing their failures.

In their work, they behave thoroughly, they always have their own opinions about everything and are calm about long-distance business trips.

Alsou treats family, life and money as a normal life — without much enthusiasm, so her friends and work can replace her family. Temperament Alsou can dramatically change to the exact opposite — it is cold as ice, then in the power of unrestrained passion. This may cause problems in finding a husband, since the spiritual world of a person is very important to her, but not everyone is able to calmly regard her inconstancy.

Numerology of the female name Alsou

The number of the name Alsou is nine, almost infinite, carrying with it thoroughness. She stands firmly on her feet, relying on her strength. Her judgments are somewhat categorical, but always sincere.

In general, honesty for her is not an empty sound, it is a life principle, a vector that directs. Alsou expects sincerity from others, but does not always receive it. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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