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The mystery and meaning of the name Alla

The mystery and meaning of the name Alla

Origin of name

Until now, there is no consensus about where this unusual name came from. There are versions of Arabic, Caucasian, Jewish, and even Celtic origin.

In Celtic culture there was a similar name, the root of which translates as “everything”. This could mean that the owner of such a name is able to do everything: she is an excellent hostess, wife, friend.

In the Caucasus, the name Alla was borrowed and was associated with the pre-Islamic goddess Allah. This goddess guided human destinies. Then this name sharply lost its relevance during the change of religion from pagan to Muslim.

In the primordially Islamic countries, the name was Allat, which translates as “deity”, “holy”, “goddess”. Because of the closeness of cultures in the geographical location, the ancient Jews also had a similar name, which also meant “goddess”. In Russia, the name Alla appeared closer to the end of the first millennium, but it was extremely rare.

It spread only by the end of the 19th century.

The fate of a girl named Alla

Alla’s life path is full of difficulties with which she copes always and under any circumstances. It is hard for her, but she never turns away from her dream. She always succeeds in work and in her personal life, although she often has to be tough, which is why the problems begin.

The owner of this name does not like to obey and adapt to others, so she chooses the kind of work that she likes in terms of schedule and independence.

Alla’s married life can be happy, but not without difficulties. The fact is that with her will be very difficult uncompromising man. If Alla wants something, she will get it in any way. However, she does not suppress the other person — Alla is diplomatic and obstinate only occasionally, she just likes to control the situation on her own.

If she finds someone who can share a palm with her, then such a marriage will be very strong.

Alla likes to be a mother, but because of her hard nature, her children are more likely to be respected than loved. The older the child becomes, the stronger his relationship with his mother, Alla. The fact is that Alla does not grow old with her soul — she is always young and capable of a confidential conversation with her child. She can understand both her son and daughter.

Closer to her, of course, son, since her character is hard and strong-willed.

Girl character

In childhood, Alla is very dynamic and restless. She does not forgive indifference to herself, therefore she often remains alone. This egoism passes with time, but part of it remains with her always, because Alla loves attention, although she pretends that she doesn’t care.

Alla since childhood, loves to dress up, look not like other children. Her leadership qualities are expressed in almost everything. Thanks to Alla’s strong character, all peers walk on her heels and do everything she says.

It turns out by itself, because it is a bright personality.

Not in her favor plays impulsiveness and rudeness. Because of these qualities, she can often have problems in relationships with people. If young Alla listens to the advice of elders about her manners, the situation will be corrected.

Alla never changes her path just like that. She always strives for what she has planned. This quality reveals a real leader in her, but even more than she commands, she likes to be independent.

This is her goal in life, which she has set for herself already at 16.

Name Compatibility

Alla has quite good compatibility with almost all names, but the strongest love can arise with Sergey, Boris, Semyon, Timur, Fyodor, Timofey, George.

Numerology of the female name Alla

One, the number of the name Alla, says a lot. Alla is a born leader who can lead people. Nature has endowed her with such rare qualities as purposefulness, straightforwardness and perseverance. She can handle any task that at first glance may seem impossible.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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