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The mystery and meaning of the name Alibek

The mystery and meaning of the name Alibek

This is one of the most ancient Muslim names. It appeared, according to historical sources, at about the end of the 7th century, because in the second half of this century, one of the greatest figures of the Islamic world died — a close relative of the prophet Muhammad himself, Ali ibn Abu Talib. He was the first among all men who converted to Islam.

In honor of this great person for the Muslim world, the name Alibek is given. The particle “Bek” means literally “great”. The origin of this name is truly high.

Previously, many boys were named for them, and now only children from especially religious families are called that, in honor of the memory of one of the most famous and respected men in Islam.

Alibek’s fate

A man with the same name goes through life with his head held high, he does not forgive offenders and does not grovel before those who stand above him. Of course, because of this, he sometimes finds it difficult, but he has nothing to regret. Previously, men with such a name always owned both lands and wealth, therefore honor was prized above all else. Now it is not so easy to conquer the world with honor and dignity, therefore Alibek is unlikely to be immensely rich.

He does not need luxury, but Alibek can achieve a high financial situation, because he wants only the best for his relatives.

Alibek always takes care of his parents, as befits a true Muslim. He always remembers those who helped him get up on his feet and did everything possible for him. Most of all he honors his father and mother, but when his wife and children appear in his life, he does not switch to someone alone. Alibek always distributes his time and attention equally.

He adores his children and can make huge sacrifices for them. In most cases, the man is not limited to one child. He wants a big and strong family.

He dreams of raising men as strong as he is.

As for business, work and hobbies, Alibek has a tendency to learn the skills of his father or mother. He chooses the same profession, or continues the family business. Often, he chooses the path of an athlete, and a fighter, because he loves to prove his superiority in battle — whether it is a fight for the heart of a woman, for gold in competitions or for money in business.

He does not just like to be first in life — it is important for him to maintain leadership in everything and everywhere.

Due to the conflict nature of Alibek there are many enemies, but there are true friends who respect him and are ready to cover his back. Alibek is ambitious and always strives for more, therefore he achieves good results in everything.

The fate of Alibek is not easy, but bright. His life leaves a mark on the fate of many people, because that is his goal. He wants his grandchildren and great-grandchildren to remember him, so that his children speak well of him.

The nature of the boy with this name

As a child, Alibek shows his uneasy character to everyone without exception. He is a warrior to the bone marrow, so he has a hard time. He does not understand why it is so important for everyone to impose his opinion on him.

The boy very negatively perceives the instructions of other people to him, in particular, teachers in school and teachers in other educational institutions.

With parents he is calm and compliant. If the father is strict with little Alibek, then the boy’s life will go only on the right path, because the owners of such a name have a tendency at an early age to build their own rules and world views. Naturally, they may be wrong, and therefore require adjustment. He needs a good mentor and besides his father.

This may be a grandfather, older brother or martial arts coach. The boy needs to inculcate a love of rules so that he understands that not everything can always be just the way he wants.

Alibek has many friends as a child, because hardly anyone will want to fight with him. There are many reasons — here is fear and respect. Alibek is a born leader, but by the age of majority or 14-16 years old he simply loses interest in managing people.

He can share the experience, but only with people close to him. He likes to be in solitude or with close friends more than in noisy companies.

Numerology of the male name Alibek

Eight, the number of the name Alibek, speaks of decisiveness in actions and incredible receptivity, the ability to grasp everything on the fly. He likes everything to go smoothly, according to his routine, although he knows that improvisation is sometimes useful. If we talk about the qualities, then this name gives out a strong nature, which is able to achieve all the goals, if there is a person nearby who is able to support.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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