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The mystery and meaning of the name Alexey

The mystery and meaning of the name Alexey

Alexey is a very strong name in terms of energy. The main direction of this name is to protect and guard against trouble, but it also has other strong features.

Meaning and origin of the name

The name Alexey is of Greek origin. The meaning of the name is simple and excludes any misinterpretation, because in translation it means “protector”. Since ancient times, this name has been popular in Russia, and now some forms are common in European and Spanish-speaking countries.

This is a primordially Christian Orthodox name, which originated at the dawn of the development and formation of the Russian state.

The fate and character of Alexei

The fate of Alexei depends on how much he trusts the call of his heart. His sixth sense is developed so strongly that any lady can envy him. Not only does he have this weighty advantage, he is also intelligent and likes to connect logic in the process of solving problems.

This is a strong-willed and prudent person who always feels where the truth is hidden.

His calm and peaceful nature allows you to have a happy marriage. Alexey is a wonderful father who prefers not to punish his children, but to teach that they always do the right thing. The woman who linked the fate of Alexei, usually does not regret her choice.

In his work, Alexey is extremely scrupulous about what he does, so sometimes he has a hard time. He is creatively developed, but he is either afraid or does not know how to implement his ideas, therefore he needs help.

Alexei usually does not seek to become the ruler of the world or prove to everyone that he is the best. This man is very calm and prefers a measured lifestyle. Serious problems are dangerous for him, because they can knock Alexey out of a rut.

The main thing for the owner of this name is to have an incentive and emotional support. In this case, Alexei is able to achieve great success in any job, business or even sports. In general, this man is universal in terms of the choice of profession, because he can be a creative person as well as fall in love with the exact sciences from childhood.

In the character of Alexei there are vulnerabilities. He badly perceives criticism, and when failures overtake him, he more often looks for an excuse for justification, and not for a solution. If he fails, he refuses to conceive.

His oddities and weaknesses, however, often look attractive to women of the opposite sex, so they adore Alexei and his shortcomings. Despite the success of women, Alexei prefers not to change his darling.

Value of the name Alexey for the child: we select the name for children

As a child, Alexei rarely fights, misbehaves, or does anything for evil, but sometimes he still can “give a beating” to his parents. Little Lesha dreams of being the best in absolutely everything, but this is manifested only when his wishes are fueled by his parents. If he has the opportunity to be lazy, he will never miss it.

The main advantage of this child is stability and relative accuracy. Choosing the name Alexey for a child, parents, most likely, will not find a problematic and extremely emotional son. Lesha will please them with a calm disposition and prudence.

Characteristic name Alexey

Energy Name: Alexey is energetically strong, but the strength of this name is manifested only in critical situations. He will stop at nothing to protect his loved ones from harm. He fiercely guards all that belongs to him.

Instability is justified by these bright bursts.

Name Day Alexei: August 22 — the day of memory of Alexei of Constantinople. October 11 — the day of memory of Alexei Pechersky.

To which patronymic does the name Alexey fit: Ilyich, Vladimirovich, Nikolaevich, Mikhailovich, Vladislavovich.

Patron Animal: crab, the shell of which protects Alexey from problems.

Element name: Alexei belongs to the element of water, because he is always looking for an easy way to victory.

Zodiac sign: energetically Alexei fit Pisces and Virgo. Pisces value art as much, and Virgos have a good intuition.

Stone Charm: jasper that protects Alexis from failures and any bad influence.

Metal: copper that protects Alexis from the misfortunes and unkind thoughts of his enemies.

Colour: blue and dark shades of red. Blue is needed in order to stimulate intellectual activity, which allows Alexei to bypass any difficulties. Dark red is the color of true love and romance.

Planet: Alexei’s patron saint is Neptune.

Auspicious day of the week: Saturday.

Plant: poplar and lilac. These are symbols of good and responsiveness.

Lucky number: five.

Famous representatives: Alexey Zharkov (USSR actor), Alexey Tolstoy (writer), Alexey Stakhanov (hero of labor), Alexey Smertin (football player).

The desire to overcome oneself is what Alexey needs. He needs to find himself as early as possible in this life, and this will relieve him of the need to constantly battle with circumstances and temptations. Each of us wants to do what he likes, and Alexey truly needs to know his vocation.

Very often, wisdom and intuition help him find luck.

Numerology of a male name Alexey

Five — the number under the sign of which is the name of Alex. The five are not only privileges, but also obligations. Mind, hard work, perseverance, responsibility, pedantry, punctuality, accuracy.

In addition to these advantages, it is distinguished by high moral qualities, which few can boast. At the same time, Alexey is not conceited and can soberly assess his merits. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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