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The mystery and meaning of the name Alexander

The mystery and meaning of the name Alexander

The name is a kind of code that is given to a person at birth. Like the date of birth, the influence of which is studied by numerology and astrology, the name of a person also gives a person certain character traits. And the name Alexander will certainly give his owner the best qualities and characteristics.

Meaning and origin of the name

This name is of Greek origin, but extremely common throughout the world. Therefore, it has many forms and options. From the Greek name Alexander is interpreted as a «protector» and «man.»

In this case, sometimes different theories about the origin of the name and its interpretation are unanimous.

The most common abbreviations for this name are Sasha, Shura, and Alex. There are close Belarusian and Ukrainian variants that sound like Oleksandr, Aliaksandr or Alexander. The western versions of this name are also consonant: Alekzander, Alessandro, Alejandro.

The fate and character of Alexander

The very first quality that stands out among men and young men with this name is inner greatness and courage. They are self-confident, able to show perseverance, due to which they easily lead people. Often they are even imperious by nature.

Such a set of qualities helps them not to stop in front of obstacles to achieving the goal. Sometimes Alexandra, even as a wife, deliberately chooses those women who support their undertakings and striving for their chosen goal and will always be near, but not ahead.

Alexander’s sense of purpose can be an example to follow and cause envy. It seems he is seeking absolutely everything he wants. Basically, the carriers of this name are honest and fair, but this does not prevent them from applying cunning on their way to the goal.

At the same time, few people will understand that Alexander used a cunning move: the “crime” would be perfect. We can say, whatever the desire of Alexander, he is more likely to achieve it. After all, who, if not the bearers of this name, are capable of so diligently striving for anything else.

It is remarkable that Alexander has an acute mind and a developed intuition. This pronounced volitional qualities help him to be a leader and leader. Alexander copes with the coordination of other people and leads the attempts made to success.

The difficulty may be that Alexander’s praise can be achieved only when, in his opinion, they deserve it.

Will such a magnificent name help to achieve material well-being in life? Definitely yes. Alexander has a highly developed desire for primacy and he will not tolerate if he lags behind someone, including with regard to funds in the bank. It is enough to motivate for this.

However, such a character can be a slight hindrance in relations with the opposite sex. Alexander will strive to choose such a woman so that she will support him in absolutely any undertakings and plans.

The meaning of the name Alexander for the child: we select the name of the children

Often, as a child, Alexander is literally out of control. He does not tolerate interference in personal space and does something that does not fit into his plans, only when there is no way out. Nevertheless, he loves his family very much and respects his parents. Quite often they have a sense of duty to their family.

But this does not mean that for the sake of his loved ones, he will make at least some exceptions to the rules. In this case, the carrier of this name is absolutely relentless and cold-blooded.

That is why, when choosing the name Sasha for the child, the profession is subsequently also worth looking for the appropriate one. Growing up, the boy Sasha can succeed in business or make a career in the military, but it’s very careful to limit his choice, otherwise Alexander, who has grown up, will do everything in defiance.

Energetics name

Given all the strong-willed characteristics of Alexander, it becomes obvious that his energy is extremely strong. But the danger may be that when Alexandra are blinded by their goal, they may not notice how they are bending the stick. It is very good to teach Alexander to discipline and playing sports.

It is great if the person around him is a pleasant person who, with his balance, will give Alexander an example.

Alexander’s Name Day

Alexander celebrates his birthday frequently: January 8, February 7, March 6, April 9, May 3, June 1, July 10, August 14, September 22, October 11, November 20 and December 25.

What patronymic name is Alexander

Combinations of this name with such patronymic names are considered to be the best options: Mikhailovich, Sergeevich, Efimovich, Ilich, Ignatievich, Vladimirovich, Petrovich or Viktorovich.

Characteristic name of Alexander

By its properties and parameters, the name is very strong. Talismans will strengthen all the best features that are characteristic of this name.

Patron Animal: crab with strong claws and durable shell.

Element name: land. It is she who empowers Alexander with diligence and helps to be constantly focused on the result.

Stone Charm: alexandrite. Thanks to the peculiarities and magical properties of this stone, Alexander can not only see the changes in his mood, but also maintain the constancy of his circulatory system. Depending on the mood of the host, the stone may change shade to almost red.

Metal: calm platinum.

Colour: red color is best suited to Alexander as the winner. This is the color of the leaders, so it can positively stimulate the carriers of a given name to succeed.

Plant: chestnut. There are many beliefs that link his magical power to achieving success.

Number: 6 and 9. Six personifies hard work aimed at the benefit of mankind. Nine allows carriers of this name to acquire new talents and spiritual heights.

Planet: Saturn, because it has tremendous and powerful energy. Patronizing Alexander, she allows you to focus on achieving the goal. Also Saturn, makes feelings a little more restrained.

Famous representatives: Alexander of Macedon (commander and conqueror), Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin (poet), Alexander Stepanovich Popov (physicist, inventor of radio)

Characteristics of the name Alexander promise his owner great prospects. And the interpreter of the names and tips of numerology will help to implement them.

Numerology of the male name Alexander

The number of the name Alexander is nine, almost infinity, bearing at the same time thoroughness. He stands firmly on his feet, relying on his strength. His judgments are somewhat categorical, but always sincere.

In general, honesty for him is not an empty sound, it is a life principle, a vector that directs. Alexander expects sincerity from others, but does not always receive it. A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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