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The mystery and meaning of the name Agapit

The mystery and meaning of the name Agapit

Agapit is a derivative form in the name of Agapius, which is derived from the Greek “agape”, which means “love”. Therefore, the name Agapit is often translated as «beloved.» The female version is Agapia.

Agapit is often a rather authoritarian, direct and frank person. It can look impressive and gives off a certain magnetism. In general, he is incredulous, he needs proof of the commission in full.

Nevertheless, Agapit is curious, loves to take risks and willingly do something new, he likes the path of novelty and change.

There are two contradictory tendencies in the character of Agapit. The first leads him to seek security, protection, and preference for stability. As for the second, this leads him to desire to transcend himself: he will have to search for an answer until he finds it. And these two trends will alternate in his attitude towards life.

Agapit will show unremitting efforts, perseverance and follow the path until the moment when monotony becomes unbearable and the desire for novelty prevails. It should be noted, this is alternation with money: they can accumulate, the place of their economy grows for months, for all expenses, at the time when you least expect it.

Agapit sociable, charming, open. At the same time, thoughtful, courageous and warlike, knows his worth. He is usually a materialist.

The owner of this name should work for self-affirmation and do something so as not to remain inactive. Agapit is stubborn, inclined to think that what he is doing, others can also do it. This may cause a conflict with his family and friends.

In the childhood of the boy, Agapit is not easy and difficult to accept as he is. Agapit can show the spirit of controversy, but he can definitely be trusted because he is direct and sincere.

He is ambitious, sensitive to power and money. For him, business and practical sense are very important concepts in life. He believes that his friends should fulfill his wishes.

In professional terms, Agapit most often chooses professions where it is required to achieve results. Most often it is a sport, work in the police, army, profession in the field of finance, management, on the stock exchange, in the bank. Another aspect of applying his skills and talents is the work of a scientific specialty or technically complex (mineral resources, oil, space projects).

Agapit is emotional, but it also attracts him. He can be jealous. Agapit will not be able to understand the subtleties of the female soul. For him, life is simple, there are few complications.

The owner of this name is direct, not at all romantic, not sentimental.

Numerology of the male name Agapit

Eight, the number of the name Agapit, speaks of decisiveness in actions and incredible receptivity, the ability to grasp everything on the fly. He likes everything to go smoothly, according to his routine, although he knows that improvisation is sometimes useful. If we talk about the qualities, then this name gives out a strong nature, which is able to achieve all the goals, if there is a person nearby who is able to support.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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