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Test: how much do you use the potential of your name

Test: how much do you use the potential of your name

Any name has its own meaning. Giving each of us a name, parents not only determined our fate, but also endowed us with special energy and potential.

Each name has different energy strength, but what is important is not only what is incorporated, but how the name and its features are used. This test will show you how fully you have revealed the energy of your name, and what to do if its potential is not enough.

1. Did you have a nickname associated with the name?

And — it was a nickname, but not on behalf of.
In — yes, I had a nickname associated with the name.
C — no, there was no such nickname.

2. How many letters are in your full name?

A — short, up to 4.
B — average, 5-6.
C — from 7 and more.

3. Are you more often called by short or full name?

A — called a gentle word.
In — called abbreviated version of the name.
C — called the full name.

4. Would you like to change your name?

And — the name has already changed.
B — there is such a desire.
S — my name suits me.

5. Have you been named after someone?

And — yes, the name is given in honor of another person.
B — there are doubts on this issue.
C — no, the name is chosen without reference to someone else.

6. Have you often been called by another name by mistake?

And — yes, confusion happened.
In — it was, but rarely.
C — I hardly remember such cases.

7. If you are a believer, do you have an icon with your nominal patron saint?

A — I am a weak believer / atheist.
B — I am a believer, but there is no such icon yet.
S — yes, there is such an icon.

8. Do you use stones and amulets that are associated with your name?

And — I do not know which talismans fit my name.
B — there is an object (key chain, bracelet, etc.) on which the name is written.
C — there are charms associated with energy and the value of the name.

9. What is the origin of your name?

And — the name is an abbreviation (as Vladlena).
In Latino / Judean / Arabic.
C — Slavic / Greek.

10 Which syllable in your name is stressed?

A — stress in the middle of the name.
B — emphasis at the end of the name.
C — stress on the first syllable.

11 What consonant sounds are present in your name?

A — deaf (for example, s, w, f), soft consonants.
B — equally voiced and deaf, soft and hard.
С — voiced or sonorous consonants (l, mn. N. p), solid sounds.

12 How many famous personalities, your namesakes, can you name without straining your memory?

And — no more than three.
B — from three to five.
C — more than five.

13 Remember the character from the book with your name. Do you like her?

But no, I don’t like this character.
B — I do not know a single character with my name.
S — yes, I like this hero.

14 Do you love your name?

And — no.
In — I am neutral.
S — yes, I like my name.

15 Do you think the name reflects your character?

A — does not reflect.
B — partially reflects.
C — fully reflects.

For each answer A you do not get any points, answers B give 1 point, answers C — 2 points. The maximum you can get 30 points.

Energy test results on behalf of

25-30 points: Your name is perfect for you. You take everything you can from him, and his potential is clearly revealed. However, you can improve further, knowing your shortcomings and weaknesses.

You can also learn how to protect the energy that you receive on your behalf.

10-25 points: before you open space for development. Perhaps you still do not know much about your name and what energy it carries. To enhance its positive impact and fully utilize the power of your name, you can use amulets.

For everyone there is a stone that enhances the energy of the name.

Less than 10 points: maybe you don’t like your name or it makes you uncomfortable. However, think about it: have you become worse from having such a name? Maybe you should pick up some nice short form of the name so that its sound satisfies you.

The name almost does not give you energy, and yet you have the opportunity to strengthen your very best features. You can, for example, put a flower in the house corresponding to your name. Good to help the image of your totem animal.

Whatever your name, you probably have nice features in it. You can find out in more detail the meaning of your name and the secrets that it holds. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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