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Mystery and meaning of the name Alina

Mystery and meaning of the name Alina

Today, there are a lot of not only various names, but also their forms. In order to better understand not only the character of Alina, but also her fate, learn all the secrets of this name.

Meaning and origin of the name

The name Alina has many variants of meaning and origin, and they all complement and reveal each other. According to one version, it came to us from Latin and means “other”, “alien”. There is also an assumption that Alina is a variant of the name Albina, and in this case it means “light”, “white”.

Being common in Scandinavia, it turns out to be related to the name Adelaide and derived from it, thereby acquiring new meanings to the already existing interpretations: “noble”, “generous”.

Among other things, this name can have very pleasant associations with dreams, faith in a better and optimistic future. After all, in it you can hear the word “scarlet”, which will certainly remind of the scarlet flower or Assol, waiting for a ship with scarlet sails.

It turns out that it is the bearer of this beautiful name who chooses how to understand him and with which to associate the features of his character.

The fate and character of Alina

Despite the softness of the sound of the name Alina, Fate gives these women capricious character and stubbornness. Of the positive qualities, they are characterized by an excellent memory and a multitude of talents, to the realization of which you can direct all your heat and emotions. If Alina is gifted in some way, her natural inclination can become her strong point.

Usually, about Alyn, one can say “what’s on his mind, then on his tongue,” since they express all their thoughts quite openly. This Alina bribes the same open people, and also causes sympathy of strong personalities prone to straightness. Nevertheless, such a character of Alina can go sideways, since with vulnerable people Alina is often difficult.

Often Alina are somewhat introverted representatives of the fair sex. Sometimes they even show the features of melancholic. It is important not to eradicate these traits, which can be easily turned into a highlight, and also to pay attention to the developed intuition of Alin.

For the bearers of this name, the recommendation “listen to your inner voice more often” works one hundred percent.

Perseverance helps the owners of the name Alina to achieve success in their careers, but in love can play a cruel joke. However, a strong and confident man is unlikely to be scared away by Alina’s persistent character and her ability to persevere and insist on her.

It is worth saying a few words about the shortcomings of women with this name. Very often, they are difficult to converge with others, for example, with fellow students, with colleagues or even with neighbors. Sometimes it affects a career: colleagues and bosses may find Alina intractable and notice the lack of flexibility in decision making.

Yes, these girls and women are selfish enough and have a tendency to rule. But it is worth learning to keep yourself within the framework — and a good position will be provided to them soon after the start of a career.

The value of the name Alina for the child: we select the name of the children

Since childhood in Alina, a conflict and uncompromising character is noticeable, so the first thing parents should show their daughter is that the ability to control oneself is commendable. Being already a child, Alina does not like to interfere in her affairs and personal life, and with age this quality only progresses. Therefore, parents will need to be patient and help Alina to develop her numerous talents, as well as allow the girl to have a personal space, for example, to teach her to keep a personal diary, which, of course, should be exclusively her thing.

Alina know her worth and, of course, will select such a bridegroom to match her idea of ​​the ideal man. Perhaps everything will be very difficult, and parents may worry that the daughter does not create his family. Just do not rush Alina: her pickyness will allow her to find, if not the first time, but precisely the person who will spend her whole life hand in hand.

Energetics name

The name Alina shows a highly unstable energy industry. To fix it, you need not so much: just learn to keep emotions under control and get rid of negativity, for example, through meditation. Also, all the energy can be directed to the mainstream of work and creativity.

Name day Alina: March 23, April 26, May 29, June 14. In saints, this name is not indicated, therefore, at baptism, girls are usually given the name Angelina.

Saint Angelina was the wife of the ruler of Serbia, and herself by birth had Albanian roots. The couple lived in love and harmony, but there was a Turkish attack, and the family had to flee. Angelina survived the death of her husband and her four children, constantly contributed to the erection of churches. She died in the monastic cell of the temple, which she built together with the Russian ruler Basil the Third.

Throughout her life, Angelina was glorified as a righteous woman who helped the poor and strengthened the Christian faith.

To which patronymic the name Alina fits: Arkadyevna, Vadimovna, Viktorovna, Igorevna, Markovna, Stanislavovna, Timurovna.

Characteristics of the name Alina: Often the carriers of this name have an unstable type of nervous system, being choleric in temperament, or have the qualities of a melancholic. But still the name Alina is quite multifaceted, and talismans are able to enhance its best characteristics.

Patron Animal: a butterfly, a symbol of grace and at the same time a connection with different worlds.

Element name: temperamental fire, will be the way for energy melancholic Alin.

Stone Charm: Amber or aquamarine, depends on personal preferences.

Metal: iron.

Colour: mauve and violet shades responsible for intuition and 6th sense.

Planet: Venus.

Plant: linen.

Number: four.

Famous representatives: Alina Kabaeva (artistic gymnast), Alina Dunaevskaya (singer and songwriter), Alina Kukushkina (voiced by Masha in the cartoon “Masha and the Bear”).

Numerology of the female name Alina

This is a person who seeks harmony with his inner world and with those around him, which is promoted by the number of the name four. Impressiveness and emotionality distinguish it from the rest, giving a certain detachment, dreaminess, but at the same time Alina remains an excellent interlocutor. She has something to talk about, she has her own point of view on any question.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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