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Mystery and meaning of the name Agafya

Mystery and meaning of the name Agafya

Agatha (Greek) — good, wise.

Agatha grows up calm, obedient, even an agreeable child. She is always ready to come to the aid of her mother, willingly tinkering with younger sisters and little brothers, the benefit is that there are many of them in the family. Where there is grief, there is Agafya: everyone will be comforted with a kind word, dispel sadness with participation and care, calm, sympathize, reassure.

Agatha is a virtue itself. If someone has joy, she rejoices with these people. Agatha is not envious, attentive, pleasant in communication.

We can say that she is sincerely overwhelmed with love for people.

In addition, Agafya adores animals, always saves one of them from starvation, nurses, feeds.

Agatha is a diligent student, although not everything is easy for her. It is very obligatory and accurate, it does not need to be controlled or customized. Her only drawback is that she herself loves to teach everyone — in childhood she is the moral mentor of her girlfriends, and in adulthood she assumes the responsibility to monitor the moral character of her colleagues, spouse, children.

Because of this, Agafya may seem too boring, but her sincere kindness, a desire to help her close ones, brightens her up.

Agafya never hurt anyone. She thinks a hundred times before saying something. A woman with this name is very vulnerable, although she is able to quickly forget even dishonorable acts of those close to her.

We can say that Agafya is prone to forgiveness, knows how to understand everyone, put himself in his place.

She loves all kinds of jewelery, although she never has much prosperity and does not have enough jewels. She has a good taste, can literally make an unusual outfit from nothing.

Agatha is economical, thorough in affairs, unusually clean. She is reliable and disinterested than loved ones. In addition, Agafya is also flawless.

She helps everyone who asks for her help.

Agatha is very receptive and sensitive, she rejoices at any manifestation of attention to herself. She is an unusually grateful person who will never forget about the service rendered to her. She finds an excuse for everyone, is indulgent to other people’s weaknesses, shortcomings of loved ones.

It is easy to live with her, so she has the best husband and extraordinary children. She warms everyone with her warmth, unites into a single family. All the neighbors of Agafya are friends with each other, she has an extraordinary gift to rally people into a single friendly team.

And there is no gossip around her, and the gossipers turn alongside her into benevolent people.

Agafya has a strong sense of kinship. She is very close to her parents. All holidays are celebrated in her house; all relatives, even the most distant ones, gather, who can only be seen by Agathia.

She is a devoted wife and loving mother.

Numerology of the female name Agafya

One, the number of the name Agafya, says a lot. Agatha is a born leader who can lead people. Nature has endowed her with such rare qualities as purposefulness, straightforwardness and perseverance. She can handle any task that at first glance may seem impossible.

A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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