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How to determine the color of your name

How to determine the color of your name

Have you guessed that the name may contain a lot of information? From the point of view of esotericism, each name carries a color impulse due to which a person has special abilities. To develop them or not is a personal matter.

Letters of our alphabet are associated with certain colors. Knowing them, you can determine which color is a reflection of the name. Write your name, and put a number in front of each letter. For example, Eugene: E (6) in (3) g (4) e (6) n (6) and (1) I (6) = 6 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 6 + 1 + 6 = 32 = 3 + 2 = 5.

So, the color of your name corresponds to the number 5, that is, blue. The predominance of the number 6 indicates that the owner of this name has 2 main predispositions, for which blue and cyan colors are responsible.

1. Red: A, And, S, b.

2. Orange: B, D, T, S, B.

3. Yellow: B, K, Y, b.

4. Green: G, L, F, E.

5. Blue: D, M, X, Y.

6. Blue: E, N, C, I.

7. Purple: Y, O, H.

8. Pink: F, R, W.

9. Golden: Z, R, Y.

Meaning of name colors

Red. This color reflects bright natures, passionate, purposeful and self-confident. Holders of the red name are extremely sociable, but quick-tempered. Authority and even dictatorship prevail in character.

Often, they are wayward people who do not agree to compromises and live to their liking. Often among such people there are successful athletes, businessmen and people in power.

Orange. Distinguishes people with creative inclinations, convivial and cheerful. They are confident in their actions, often extravagant and do not want to live according to generally accepted rules and regulations. That orange people are often the main «clowns» of the streets.

Their unusual combination of clothes often attracts the attention of others, which only feeds on the positive energy of the owners of this color. At the same time, they are sensitive and responsive people who can provide help and support in times of need.

Yellow. This color distinguishes the owners of a flexible mind. People of this color are often successful because of the possibility of grasping knowledge literally on the fly.

An optimistic attitude and endless inner struggle endow these natures with a strong willed character. They are extremely observant, and also have a tendency to keep everything under control, to manage any process or business. Everybody is charged with a positive mood, which is why they are often the soul of any company.

Green. These are people living according to the principle of «do no harm.» Life, active personalities, they zealously defend their rights to freedom, take care of their neighbors, love and protect animals. Their house is always full of guests. «Greens» have common sense and do not go too far in achieving their goals, they easily adapt to changes.

They have a practical mindset, so they can share the experience of the rational use of money and things that have become unusable. The propensity for creativity is often manifested through the desire to make something useful out of the next unnecessary thing.

Blue. These people are distinguished by wisdom and spirituality. They are engaged in a deep search for the meaning of life, contemplate and move away from the hurrying and bustling world.

Often prefer loneliness, which is carried out for the benefit of spiritual growth. People with this color in the name — passionate travelers, as well as owners of the gift of education. They make excellent guides, teachers, mentors.

Tendency to fantasies makes them wonderful friends, able to share a sense of beauty, and helps to see beauty in everyday things.

Blue. This color is distinguished by strong-willed people who seek world peace. Humanists and goal-oriented individuals, they are extremely responsible and caring. Nothing will hide from the fair gaze of blue people.

The character of a fighter and at the same time a humanist allows such people to be excellent surgeons, builders, scientists. For such people, achieving a goal through hardships is the highest reward, so in their desire to succeed, they try to make it as convenient for others as possible.

Violet. This color distinguishes people introverts. Some isolation, detachment and a special view of the world — all this about them.

People of this color have heightened intuition, they are able to predict the future, make an unconscious right choice, and also support close people. They have a good sense of tact, which is why they are valued as mid-level specialists. It is difficult for them to break the harmony and make contact with strangers, therefore the social circle of such people is small.

Pink. This color characterizes kind and sympathetic people. They have a soft supple character.

Their sensitivity allows you to take care of all those who need help. It is these people who most often choose the professions of educators in kindergartens, nurses, employees of orphanages and nursing homes. However, they can stand up for themselves, do not hover in the clouds and think financially.

Gold. This is the color of confident and motivated people. They stand firmly on their feet, are accustomed to achieve their tasks, have exceptional abilities.

Often they are leaders in their field. They are not prone to duplicity, are able to accept someone else’s opinion, responsibly treat their work. Such people are able to lead a large number of people, so they often become directors of holding companies and large international organizations.

Whatever the color of your name, remember that development and continuous learning help you achieve success in all areas of life. Look at everything with optimism, do not let the blows of fate break you and take care of your loved ones. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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