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Energy name: how does the patronymic affect the fate and tribal program

Energy name: how does the patronymic affect the fate and tribal program

The name of a person is his talisman, which must be able to use. It is very important not only that, but also the middle name, because the energy of two people with the same name can have a huge difference due to the fact that their fathers were called differently.

Scientists believe that it is not without reason that in almost all cultures of the world people have a piece of a father, mother, or both parents in the name. In Russia, only the father’s name plays an important role. It also affects the fate and sets some kind of generic program for his children.

To program a person’s energy can be done in various ways, and the middle name makes it very strong.

Energy of the middle name

The patronymic forms the full name, therefore it cannot be rejected in any way. The patronymic is a kind of talisman for each of us. It can also set some problem points that can be overcome.

The rest of his task is only protection.

For comparison, the name of a person shapes his fate by about 90 percent. The middle name plays a much smaller role, but if the middle name with the name is chosen successfully, then their positive characteristics and influence on the fate increases. And then the middle name becomes an amulet that accompanies you throughout your life.

Choosing a name for the child by patronymic

If you are planning to have children or are already waiting for the baby, then remember that the same name and patronymic is not the best choice. The energy specialists of the name have found out that the options like Vladimir Vladimirovich, Aleksey Alekseevich, Viktoria Viktorovna or Evgenia Evgenievna do not enhance the effect of each individual name. Roughly speaking, you will make the child lose the possibility of additional generic protection. Those same 10 percent will have to be filled with individual amulets or amulets.

It’s simple — when two talismans with the same action work together, they do not enhance the effect. They do not add up their strength, but work in one direction as one source. The same thing happens with the name.

Another way to fix this is to give a child or take a middle name yourself. This is common among Christians, because at baptism a name is given that may differ from a worldly name. If they are the same, then think up a name for yourself that I will call you only the closest people.

To choose the right name of the child, you must start from the middle name. The middle name reflects the strongest features of the name. For example, father’s name is Vladimir. Vladimir is by nature a diplomat.

He knows how to solve problems and make them avoid him. This is a wise man. The child will pass this character trait.

Here you can pick up almost any other name. For example, you can call a child Victor, so that he would strive for victories and be diplomatic at the same time. This will help him avoid problems with other people while moving towards his dream. The girl can also be called Victoria.

You can give her the name of Eugene, which means «noble.» This combination will also be quite strong.

In general, any combination of different names will be successful, but it is better to direct your attention towards your own activity. If there is no binding to the generic profession, then the choice is unlimited. If you want your child to meet your expectations in the future, you need to look at the meaning of the name.

Businessmen will find the combinations described above, but, for example, for people whose life goes on in the creative direction, it’s better to choose more unusual names for the child: Albert, Matthew, Leo, Uliana, Cyrus, Angelina. Make sure that the middle name is in harmony with the name of the future child.

A win-win when choosing a name for a boy will be the choice of one of the 10 most powerful male names. It’s better for girls to choose a name according to your goals and expectations. Female energy is more flexible and brighter, so the name for girls in childhood and for women in adulthood plays a very important role. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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