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Wrong wife: the main causes and signs of treason

7 signs of female infidelity

Women often blame men for polygamy, and argue that most of them cheat on their other halves. But if you delve into this issue, it becomes clear that the fair sex is also prone to adultery. According to statistics, about 35-40% of married women had “on the side” sexual contact.

Stumbling upon this information, I thought about the loyalty of my wife, especially since recently her behavior has somewhat changed. In this article, I will tell you how to understand what a wife is cheating on and why women go for it.

Wrong wife: the main causes and signs of treason

Why do women change?

Justify adultery is impossible. Such a move is regarded as a betrayal, for by agreeing to a marriage, the couple gives each other an oath of loyalty and eternal love.

But, nevertheless, it is still possible to explain such an act. If men change mainly because of the lack of sex with his wife or because of the desire to diversify the intimate life, then women may have slightly different motives.

  1. Dissatisfaction. If a woman is not satisfied with her intimate relationship with her husband, then there can be no question of divorce, most likely she will find a way to enjoy «on the side».
  2. Emotional burnout. It is important for a woman to feel and see her husband’s love, but life gradually kills love. A reverent attitude disappears, compliments are made less and less often, and kisses and embraces have sunk into oblivion. But if someone else starts to give the girl signs of attention and show her feelings, then sooner or later she will reciprocate, because her heart longs for romance.
  3. Revenge. Having learned about her husband’s betrayal, some women decide to forgive him, but at the same time they can’t get rid of serious thoughts. Negative is gradually accumulated in their soul, and ultimately translates into revenge. Such actions are often demonstrative in nature, so they either inform their faithful themselves about the adultery, or they adjust the situation in such a way that they are “caught”.
  4. Thirst for entertainment. It is believed that this is a male prerogative, but in fact women sometimes also like to have some fun. For some women, betrayal turns into a kind of game, which they simply cannot stop.
    Wrong wife: the main causes and signs of treason
  5. Catching up on missed. Girls who married early, or their choice was the first and only man sexually, are decided by adultery out of interest. Once they are visited by the idea that life passes by while they are busy with household chores, while others have the opportunity at this time to have fun, and with different guys. In addition, to treason a woman can push the desire to learn, and what it feels like to be with another guy in bed.
  6. Self-affirmation. It is important for girls to know that she is attractive and desirable, and if they do not hear confirmation of this from her husband, they will start looking around. But it should be noted that it rarely comes to intima, most often they are limited to flirting.
  7. Chance Spontaneous sex happens most often at a party or in a club, with a completely unfamiliar guy. New acquaintance, fun communication, hot dances and alcohol do their work. Changes that have occurred in such a situation are often perceived by women as an accident, and they usually do not feel much remorse for minute weakness.

The listed causes of female infidelity are the most common. The list can be supplemented with several more points, but they will most likely be based on the individual characteristics of character, character and temperament, taken separately by the representatives of the weaker sex.

Wrong wife: the main causes and signs of treason

Signs of spouse infidelity

To find out if a wife is cheating, you don’t need to hire a detective and arrange for surveillance, everything is much easier. It is enough just to look closely at the spouse. Changes in her character, appearance, behavior, communication, etc. can indicate her infidelity.

Not infrequently, men «wear» horns for many years, completely unaware of this, but the whole thing is banal carelessness or naivety. But no matter how a woman tries to conceal the fact of adultery from her husband, sooner or later he will know everything.

If a married lady has a relationship “on the side”, then she will make every effort to hide them not only from her husband, but also from close people. With the development of attitudes in the behavior, character and appearance of the girl, various changes will undoubtedly begin to occur, which should become an alarming signal for the man. That’s just not worth it to rush to indict the wife, because they may be completely baseless.

But knowing the main signs of female treason, you can avoid misunderstanding by confirming or disproving your suspicions.

  1. Excessive employment. There are constant delays at work, late return from guests, the sudden emergence of urgent matters, frequent absences from home under various pretexts, weekly business trips. This behavior should especially alarm the man if the wife was previously an avid homebody.
  2. External transformation. With the advent of the lover, the woman will begin to more closely monitor her appearance in order to maintain his interest. She will go in for sports, go on a diet, change her hairstyle, will often do makeup and manicure.
  3. The emergence of new things. Expensive dresses, jewelry, cosmetics, watches and other new clothes will certainly cause a spouse a lot of questions. Often, the cheating women say that this or that thing was supposedly presented by the mother or given to the borrowed friend. But if this has never happened before, then most likely the gifts were bought by a lover.
    Wrong wife: the main causes and signs of treason
  4. Suspicious calls and SMS. If the wife periodically receives calls, more often in the evening, and she goes to talk to another room or drops them, then this is a clear sign that she is hiding something. Having noticed such behavior, it is not necessary to arrange an interrogation; instead, it is better to check the phone of the spouse, but this should be done very carefully and imperceptibly.
  5. Changes in intimate relationships. With the advent of a lover, girls, as a rule, are increasingly beginning to deny their husbands sex. And in those rare cases where they still agree to have sex, they behave passively, without emotionally and even irritably. It should be noted that in some cases the opposite situation can be observed, i.e. wife suddenly becomes more active and initiative in bed. As a rule, this is due to remorse for betraying his beloved.
  6. Changes in behavior. With the advent of the novel, a woman begins to pay less attention to her husband, and focus more on herself and her needs. Kisses, hugs, conversations and joint pastime are gradually disappearing from the relationship. Communication becomes formal, sometimes rude and aggression. Sometimes girls, on the contrary, become more helpful and affectionate, which is usually explained by the desire to make amends for treason. But if the behavior of the faithful can be traced to the play and demonstrativeness, then, most likely, in this way she tries to “blur” the eyes of her husband.
  7. Frequent quarrels. To have sex with a man, a woman must have an emotional bond with him. Consequently, starting a novel, she begins to have strong feelings for her lover, while indifference arises towards her husband, which eventually develops into hostility. Any words and actions of the legal spouse will annoy the woman. Constant reproaches and criticism will cause daily disputes and scandals.

If the majority of the listed items correspond to the behavior of the wife, then it is very likely that it changes. To finally verify this, it is recommended to examine her personal belongings, but this should be done secretly, for example, when she is in the bathroom or asleep.

Confirming facts can be condoms in a purse, the smell of men’s perfume on clothes, used tickets from the cinema and other unusual finds.

Short summary

  • Approximately 35-40% of women cheat on their husbands, and half of them do not even know about it.
  • Most often, the betrayal of his wife is due to sexual dissatisfaction or lack of attention from her husband.
  • The wife’s infidelity is indicated by changes in her behavior, character and appearance.

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